List of commanders in the Middle Eastern theatre of World War I

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The list of commanders in the Middle Eastern theatre of World War I gives the engagements and the respected officers during the conflicts.

Central Powers[edit]

Enver Pasha of the Ottoman Empire.



Name Conflicts
Ottoman Empire Enver Pasha Sarikamish (1914)
Ottoman Empire Djemal Pasha First Suez Offensive, Arab Revolt
Ottoman Empire Mehmed Esad Pasha
Ottoman Empire Ahmed Izzet Pasha Third Army Commander, Second Army Commander
Ottoman Empire Djevat Pasha Dardanelles Campaign
Ottoman Empire Hasan Izzet Pasha
Ottoman Empire Mahmud Kâmil Pasha Third Army Commander in 1916 Battle of Erzurum
Ottoman Empire Vehib Pasha
Ottoman Empire Mustafa Fevzi Pasha Battle of Krithia Vineyard
Ottoman Empire Nureddin Pasha
Ottoman Empire Mersinli Djemal Pasha
Ottoman Empire Yakub Shevki Pasha
Ottoman Empire Hafiz Hakki Pasha Sarikamish (1914), Third Army Commander
Ottoman Empire Halil Pasha
Ottoman Empire Nuri Pasha
Ottoman Empire Ali Ihsan Pasha
Ottoman Empire Mustafa Kemal Pasha Landing at Anzac Cove, Battle of Sari Bair, Battle of Lone Pine, Landing at Suvla Bay, Battle of Chunuk Bair, Battle of Scimitar Hill
Ottoman Empire Ali Fuad Pasha Dardanelles Campaign
Ottoman Empire Ismet Bey
Ottoman Empire Sami Bey Landing at Cape Helles Third Battle of Krithia First Battle of Krithia
Ottoman Empire Faik Pasha Battle of Gully Ravine Battle of Sari Bair
German Empire Colmar von der Goltz
German Empire Erich von Falkenhayn
German Empire Otto Liman von Sanders Dardanelles Campaign
German Empire Kress von Kressenstein
Flag of Persia (1910-1925).svg Major Ali Quli Khan Pesyan[1] Conquest of Shiraz
Flag of Persia (1910-1925).svg Captain Gholam Reza Khan Pesyan Conquest of Shiraz
German Empire Georg von Kaunitz Battle of Qasr-i-Shirin
German Empire Colonel Bup Battle of Qasr-i-Shirin
Flag of Persia (1910-1925).svg Major Mohammad Taghi Khan Pesyan Battle of Musalla, Defense of Hamadan
Flag of Persia (1910-1925).svg Major Azizollah Zarghami Battle of Musalla, Defense of Hamadan
Flag of Persia (1910-1925).svg Major Masoud Kayhan Battle of Soltanabad
Flag of Persia (1910-1925).svg Mirza Kuchik Khan Battle of Manjil, Battle of Rasht




Name Conflicts
United Kingdom Lionel Dunsterville Battle of Baku
United Kingdom Sackville Carden Naval operations
United Kingdom John de Robeck Naval operations
United Kingdom Émile Guépratte Naval operations
United Kingdom Ian Hamilton Sari Bair
United Kingdom Harold Bridgwood Walker Lone Pine
United Kingdom Frederick Stopford Suvla Bay
United Kingdom William Birdwood, 1st Baron Birdwood Anzac Cove Battle of Hill 60 (Gallipoli)
United Kingdom Aylmer Hunter-Weston Landing at Cape Helles, First Battle of Krithia, Second Battle of Krithia, Third Battle of Krithia, Battle of Gully Ravine
Russia Alexander Myshlayevsky Battle of Sarikamish
Russia Nikolai Yudenich
Armenia Andranik Ozanian Battle of Dilman, Battle of Bitlis
Armenia Tovmas Nazarbekian Battle of Dilman, Battle of Mush, Battle of Bitlis, Battle of Karakilisa, Battle of Sardarabad
Armenia Aram Manukian Siege of Van, Battle of Sardarabad
Armenia Garegin Nzhdeh Armenian battalions, Battle of Karakilisa
Armenia Drastamat Kanayan Battle of Abaran
Armenia Movses Silikyan Battle of Sardarapat
Stepan Shahumyan Battle of Baku


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