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This is a list of commercial games for the GP32 handheld game console, which was primarily known for homebrew and emulators.

Most commercial GP32 games could be bought in two ways: boxed or downloaded through the internet through Gamepark's online JoyGP store (typically for a much lower price). Although most games were sold in both formats, there were a few exceptions: for example, Blue Angelo was (and is still being) only sold as a boxed copy made in France, and Gloop Deluxe was only sold online, but not through JoyGP.

Only 28 games were released.

This list does not include those commercial games which can be played on the console with the use of interpreters. All such interpreters may be found at the OpenHandhelds Archive.

Title Developer Publisher Genre Date
Astonishia Story R Sonnori Gamepark RPG January 21, 2002
Blue Angelo Virtual Spaghetti Shibuya Interactive Platformer/RPG December 16, 2004
Dooly Soccer 2002 Abyss Game Gamepark Sport June 18, 2002
Dungeon & Guarder Gamepark Gamepark Hack 'n Slash November 23, 2001
Dyhard - with Infinite Stairs aka. Dyhard Infinity Kookie Soft Gamepark Action November 23, 2001
Funny Soccer Metarica Gamepark Action November 2002
Gloop Deluxe Aeon Flame Aeon Flame Puzzle November 20, 2003[1]
GP Fight TeamBlaze Gamepark Action/Mini-games March 21, 2003
Hany Party Game[2] Include Gamepark Puzzle June 26, 2002
Her Knights a.k.a. Her Knights: Forcing Break-Out a.k.a. All For Princess: Deadline Byulbram Gamepark Arcade April 19, 2002
Kimchi-Man Spearhead Gamepark Platformer February 2002
Little Wizard Gamepark Gamepark Fighting November 23, 2001
Mill Article Seezak Gamepark Action RPG 2003
Oneshot Voca Damasys Gamepark Educational October 2002
Pinball Dreams Logik State Gamepark Pinball October 2002
Princess Maker 2 Ninelives Gamepark Simulation August 8, 2002
Rally Pop Gamepark Gamepark Strategy November 23, 2001
Raphael T3 Entertainment Gamepark Puzzle September 9, 2002
Story of Bug Eyed Monster Article Seezak Gamepark Visual Novel September 9, 2003[3]
Super Plusha FaMe Soft Gamepark Platformer October 17, 2002
Tanggle's Magic Square EZ Gamepark Puzzle November 23, 2001
Tears: Contact Team DTR Gamepark Visual Novel 2003
Therapy Rosa:6 Gamepark Visual Novel March 23, 2002
Tomak: Save the Earth, Again! Seed9 Gamepark Shooter February 2002
Treasure Island Gamepark Gamepark Puzzle January 21, 2002
Wanna Be Wizard A&B Soft Gamepark RPG October 27, 2004
Winter Is... Rosa:6 Gamepark Visual Novel April 4, 2003[4]
Wizard Slayer FZ Media Gamepark Shooter October 11, 2002


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