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Communities in the Province of Manitoba, Canada include incorporated municipalities, unincorporated communities and First Nations communities.

Types of incorporated municipalities include urban municipalities, rural municipalities and local government districts. Urban municipalities can be named as cities, towns, villages or simply urban municipalities.[1]

The administration of urban and rural municipalities is regulated by The Municipal Act.[1] Some municipalities have since amalgamated, making this list inaccurate.

In the 2011 Census, Manitoba's communities combined for a total provincial population of 1,208,268.[2]


Urban municipalities[edit]

Manitoba has 79 urban municipalities, which includes the sub-types of cities, towns and villages.


Manitoba has 10 cities.


Manitoba has 50 towns.


Manitoba has 19 villages.

Rural municipalities[edit]

Manitoba has 116 rural municipalities.

Local government districts[edit]

Manitoba has two local government districts.

Name Population
Mystery Lake 10 0 3,464.06 0
Pinawa 1,444 1,450 −0.4 128.47 11.2
Total local government districts 1,454 1,450 0.3 3,592.53 0.4

Unincorporated communities[edit]


Four unincorporated places in Manitoba are designated as hamlets.[4]

Northern communities[edit]

Manitoba recognizes 57 unincorporated places as northern communities.[4]


Manitoba recognizes 12 unincorporated places as settlements.[4]

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  1. ^ Dauphin is Manitoba's smallest city by area.
  2. ^ Flin Flon is Manitoba's smallest city by population. The balance of Flin Flon is located within Saskatchewan.
  3. ^ This population does not include 229 in the Saskatchewan portion of Flin Flon. The city's total population in 2011 was 5,592.
  4. ^ This area does not include 2.37 km2 (0.92 sq mi) in the Saskatchewan portion of Flin Flon. The city's total area in 2011 was 16.25 km2 (6.27 sq mi).
  5. ^ Morden is Manitoba's newest city, incorporated August 24, 2012.
  6. ^ Winnipeg is Canada's seventh-largest city and Manitoba's capital and largest city by both population and area. The Winnipeg census metropolitan area (CMA) is formed around the City of Winnipeg.


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