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Companies headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma include, but are not limited to, companies in the city's anchoring economic sectors of energy, aerospace, finance, technology, telecommunications, high tech, and manufacturing.[1]

Bloomberg Businessweek ranked Tulsa as having the 7th strongest metro economy, and the 38th best city to live in, in 2012.[2][3] Area Development called Oklahoma the 10th best state to do business in 2012.[4] The Brookings Institution ranked the city 73rd amongst the world's metropolitan economics for income and employment growth in 2011,[5] and 106th in economic performance worldwide in 2012.[6] It also noted the city for its rising clean (green) industry at 1.7%;[7] Tulsa has the 8th fastest green job growth rate in the country.[8] The city was ranked as being the 26th greenest in the country.[9][10][11] MetroMonitor ranked Tulsa 35th in the nation for economic recovery.[12] It was listed as 6th best city for small business and jobs by the Business Journal and Forbes in 2008.[13] In 2012, Tulsa was ranked second for young people to find a job by the Fiscal Times.[14] Engine Advocacy ranked the Tulsa metro as being one of the fastest growing high tech cities in the nation, 2010-2012,[15] and the city was expected to have continuous growth throughout 2013.[16] Tulsa was also ranked as of fifteen cities in the nation for job growth in 2013 by Forbes at 16 percent.[17]

Large companies[edit]

This is a list of large or well-known interstate or international companies headquartered in the Tulsa Metropolitan Area.

As of November 2012, Tulsa was home to one Fortune 1000 and two Fortune 500 companies: Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group, energy companies: ONEOK (#219), and The Williams Companies, Inc. (#342).[18]

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Other companies[edit]


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