List of companies listed on the TSX Venture Exchange

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This is a list of companies listed on the TSX Venture Exchange.



Abacus Mining & Exploration Corporation AME Metals & Mining
Abcourt Mines Inc. ABI
ABE Resources Inc. ABE Metals & Mining
Aben Resources Ltd. ABN Metals & Mining
Abenteuer Resources Corp. ABU Oil & Gas - E&P
Abington Resources Ltd. ABL Oil & Gas - E&P
Abitibi Royalties Inc. RZZ
Abzu Gold Ltd. ABS Metals & Mining
Acasti Pharma Inc. APO
Acceleware Ltd. AXE Application Software
Access International Education Ltd. AOE Education
Ackroo Inc. AKR Application Software
Acme Resources Inc. ARI
Acrex Ventures Ltd. AKV Metals & Mining
ACT Aurora Control Technologies Corp. ACU Semiconductors
ACT360 Solutions Ltd. AKM Online Media
Active Control Technology Inc. ACT Communication Equipment
Active Growth Capital Inc. ACK Metals & Mining
Actus Minerals Corp. AAC Metals & Mining
Adamera Minerals Corp. ADZ Metals & Mining
Adanac Molybdenum Corporation AUA Metals & Mining
Adent Capital Corp. ANT.P Conglomerates
Adex Mining Inc. ADE Metals & Mining
Adira Energy Ltd. ADL Oil & Gas - E&P
Adriana Resources Inc. ADI Metals & Mining
Adroit Resources Inc. ADT Metals & Mining
Advance Gold Corp. AAX Metals & Mining
Advanced Explorations Inc. AXI Metals & Mining
Advanced Proteome Therapeutics Corporation APC Biotechnology
Advent Wireless Inc. AWI Retail - Apparel & Specialty
Adventure Gold Inc. AGE Metals & Mining
Aegean Metals Group Inc. AGN Metals & Mining
Afri-Can Marine Minerals Corporation AFA Metals & Mining
Africa Hydrocarbons Inc. NFK
African Gold Group, Inc. AGG Metals & Mining
African Metals Corporation AFR Metals & Mining
African Queen Mines Ltd. AQ
Aftermath Silver Ltd. AAG Metals & Mining
Agave Silver Corp. AGV Metals & Mining
Agility Health, Inc. AHI Health Care Providers
AgriMinco Corp. ANO Metals & Mining
Aguila American Gold Limited AGL Metals & Mining
Aim Explorations Ltd. AXN.P Conglomerates
AirIQ Inc. IQ Application Software
Alabama Graphite Corp. ALP Metals & Mining
Alaska Hydro Corporation AKH Utilities - Independent Power Producers
Alberta Oilsands Inc. AOS Oil & Gas - E&P
Alberta Star Development Corp. ASX Metals & Mining
Alchemist Mining Inc. AMS Metals & Mining
Alder Resources Ltd. ALR Metals & Mining
Aldershot Resources Ltd. ALZ Metals & Mining
Aldridge Minerals Inc. AGM Metals & Mining
Aldrin Resource Corp. ALN Metals & Mining
Alexander Nubia International Inc. AAN Metals & Mining
Alexandra Capital Corp. AXC.P Conglomerates
Alexandria Minerals Corporation AZX Metals & Mining
Algold Resources Ltd. ALG
Alhambra Resources Ltd. ALH Metals & Mining
Alita Resources Ltd. AL Metals & Mining
Alix Resources Corp. AIX Metals & Mining
All in West! Capital Corporation ALW Travel & Leisure
Allegiance Equity Corporation ANQ Drug Manufacturers
Alliance Mining Corp. ALM
Allied Hotel Properties Inc. AHP Travel & Leisure
Almo Capital Corp. APT Metals & Mining
Almonty Industries Inc. AII Metals & Mining
Alpha Exploration Inc. AEX
Alpha Peak Leisure Inc. AAP.P Conglomerates
Alphamin Resources Corp. AFM Metals & Mining
Alphinat Inc. NPA Online Media
ALQ Gold Corp. ALQ Metals & Mining
Alston Energy Inc. ALO Oil & Gas - E&P
Alta Natural Herbs & Supplements Ltd. AHS Drug Manufacturers
Alta Vista Ventures Ltd. AVV
Altai Resources Inc. ATI Oil & Gas - E&P
Altair Gold Inc. AVX Metals & Mining
Altan Nevada Minerals Limited ANE
Altan Rio Minerals Limited AMO Metals & Mining
Alternative Earth Resources Inc. AER
Altima Resources Ltd. ARH Oil & Gas - E&P
Altiplano Minerals Ltd. APN
Altitude Resources Inc. ALI Coal
Alto Ventures Ltd. ATV Metals & Mining
Alturas Minerals Corp. ALT Metals & Mining
Alvopetro Energy Ltd. ALV
AM Gold Inc. AMG Metals & Mining
Amador Gold Corp. AGX Metals & Mining
Amanta Resources Ltd. AMH Metals & Mining
Amarc Resources Ltd. AHR Metals & Mining
Amarillo Gold Corporation AGC Metals & Mining
Amarok Energy Inc. AMR Oil & Gas - E&P
Amato Exploration Ltd AMT Metals & Mining
American Consolidated Minerals Corp. AJC Metals & Mining
American Creek Resources Ltd. AMK Metals & Mining
American Cumo Mining Corporation MLY
American Manganese Inc. AMY Metals & Mining
American Natural Energy Corp. ANR.U Oil & Gas - E&P
American Vanadium Corp. AVC Metals & Mining
Americas Petrogas Inc. BOE
Amerix Precious Metals Corporation APM Metals & Mining
Amex Exploration Inc. AMX Metals & Mining
AMG Bioenergy Resources Holdings Ltd. ABG Consumer Packaged Goods
AMI Resources Inc. AMU Metals & Mining
Amseco Exploration Ltd. AEL Metals & Mining
AnalytixInsight Inc. ALY Entertainment
Anconia Resources Corp. ARA Metals & Mining
AndeanGold Ltd. AAU Metals & Mining
Anfield Nickel Corp. ANF Metals & Mining
Anfield Resources Inc. ARY
Angel Gold Corp. ANG Metals & Mining
Angkor Gold Corp. ANK Metals & Mining
Anglo Swiss Resources Inc. ASW
Anglo-Bomarc Mines Ltd. (N.P.L.) ANB Metals & Mining
Anglo-Canadian Mining Corp. URA Metals & Mining
Angus Mining Inc. ANA
Annidis Corporation RHA
Ansell Capital Corp. ACP Metals & Mining
Anterra Energy Inc. AE.A Oil & Gas - E&P
Anthem Resources Inc. AYN Metals & Mining
Anthem United Inc. AFY Metals & Mining
Antibe Therapeutics Inc. ATEogy
Antioquia Gold Inc. AGD
Antipodes Gold Limited AXG
Antrim Energy Inc. AEN Oil & Gas - E&P
Apivio Systems Inc. APV
Apogee Silver Ltd. APE Metals & Mining
Appalaches Resources Inc. APP Metals & Mining
Appulse Corporation APL Industrial Products
AQM Copper Inc. AQM
Aqua-Pure Ventures Inc. AQE Industrial Products
Aquarius Coatings Inc. AQC Building Materials
Arcan Resources Ltd. ARN Oil & Gas - E&P
Archer Petroleum Corp. ARK Oil & Gas - E&P
Archon Minerals Limited ACS Metals & Mining
Arco Resources Corp. ARR Metals & Mining
Arctic Hunter Energy Inc. AHU Oil & Gas - E&P
Arctic Star Exploration Corp. ADD
Arcturus Ventures Inc. AZN
Arcus Development Group Inc. ADG Metals & Mining
Ardonblue Ventures Inc. ARB
Arena Minerals Inc. AN Metals & Mining
Argentex Mining Corporation ATX Metals & Mining
Argentum Silver Corp. ASL
Argonaut Exploration Inc. AGA Metals & Mining
Argus Metals Corp. AML Metals & Mining
ARHT Media Inc. ART
Arian Resources Corp. ARC Metals & Mining
Arian Silver Corporation AGQ Metals & Mining
Arianne Phosphate Inc. DAN Metals & Mining
Arkadia Capital Corp. AKC.P Conglomerates
Armada Data Corporation ARD Online Media
Aroway Energy Inc. ARW Oil & Gas - E&P
ArPetrol Ltd. RPT Oil & Gas - E&P
Arrowhead Gold Corp. AWH Metals & Mining
Arrowstar Resources Ltd. AWS Metals & Mining
Artha Resources Corporation AHC Metals & Mining
Artisan Energy Corporation AEC
Asante Gold Corporation ASE Metals & Mining
ASB Capital Inc. ASB.P Conglomerates
Ascot Resources Ltd. AOT Metals & Mining
Ashburton Ventures Inc. ABR Metals & Mining
Asher Resources Corporation ACN
Asia Now Resources Corp. NOW Metals & Mining
AsiaBaseMetals Inc. ABZ Metals & Mining
Asian Mineral Resources Limited ASN Metals & Mining
Asian Television Network International Ltd. SAT Entertainment
Astar Minerals Ltd. TAR Metals & Mining
Aston Bay Holdings Ltd. BAY Metals & Mining
Astorius Resources Ltd. ASQ Metals & Mining
Astrix Networks Inc. OEE Industrial Products
Astur Gold Corp. AST Metals & Mining
ATAC Resources Ltd. ATC Metals & Mining
Atacama Pacific Gold Corporation ATM
Athabasca Minerals Inc. ABM Metals & Mining
Athabasca Nuclear Corp. ASC Metals & Mining
Athabasca Uranium Inc. UAX Metals & Mining
ATI Airtest Technologies Inc. AAT Industrial Products
Atico Mining Corporation ATY
Atlanta Gold Inc. ATG Metals & Mining
AtmanCo Inc. ATW Business Services
Atoro Capital Corp. TTO.P Conglomerates
Augusta Industries Inc. AAO
Augyva Mining Resources Inc. AUV Metals & Mining
Aumento Capital IV Corporation ACV.P Conglomerates
Aura Silver Resources Inc. AUU Metals & Mining
Auracle Resources Ltd. AAL
Auramex Resource Corp. AUX Metals & Mining
Aurania Resources Ltd. AOZ Metals & Mining
Aurcana Corporation AUN Metals & Mining
AurCrest Gold Inc. AGO Metals & Mining
Aurgent Resource Corp. AUR Metals & Mining
Auriga Gold Corp. AIA Metals & Mining
Aurinia Pharmaceuticals Inc. AUP Biotechnology
Aurion Resources Ltd. AU
Aurora Spine Corporation ASG
Aurvista Gold Corporation AVA
Auryn Resources Inc. AUG Metals & Mining
AusTex Oil Limited ATO Oil & Gas - E&P
Avagenesis Corp. VVA Biotechnology
Avala Resources Ltd. AVZ Metals & Mining
Avante Logixx Inc. XX Consulting & Outsourcing
Avanti Energy Inc. AVN Oil & Gas - E&P
Avanti Mining Inc. AVT
Avarone Metals Inc. AVM Metals & Mining
Aveda Transportation and Energy Services Inc. AVE
Avidus Management Group Inc. AVD Biotechnology
Avino Silver & Gold Mines Ltd. ASM Metals & Mining
Avivagen Inc. VIV Drug Manufacturers
Avrupa Minerals Ltd. AVU Metals & Mining
AXE Exploration Inc. AXQ Metals & Mining
AXMIN Inc. AXM Metals & Mining
Azabache Energy Inc. AZA Oil & Gas - E&P
Azimut Exploration Inc. AZM Metals & Mining
Azincourt Uranium Inc. AAZ Metals & Mining
Azul Ventures Inc. AZL Metals & Mining
Azure Resources Corporation AZU Oil & Gas - E&P
Aphria Inc. APH Drug Manufacturers


Bacanora Minerals Ltd. BCN Metals & Mining
Baikal Forest Corp. BFC Forest Products
Baja Mining Corp. BAJ Metals & Mining
Bama Gold Corp. BMA
Bandera Gold Ltd. BGL Metals & Mining
Banks Island Gold Ltd. BOZ
Banyan Gold Corp. BYN Metals & Mining
Bard Ventures Ltd. CBS
Barisan Gold Corporation BG
Barker Minerals Ltd. BML Metals & Mining
Barkerville Gold Mines Ltd. BGM Metals & Mining
Baroyeca Gold & Silver Inc. BGS Metals & Mining
Batero Gold Corp. BAT Metals & Mining
Battle Mountain Gold Inc. BMG
Bayfield Ventures Corp. BYV Metals & Mining
Bayhorse Silver Inc. BHS Metals & Mining
Bayshore Petroleum Corp. BSH Oil & Gas - E&P
Bayswater Uranium Corporation BYU Metals & Mining
BCGold Corp BCG Metals & Mining
BCM Resources Corporation B Metals & Mining
BE Resources Inc. BER Metals & Mining
Bear Creek Mining Corporation BCM Metals & Mining
Bearclaw Capital Corp. BRL Metals & Mining
Bearing Resources Ltd. BRZ Metals & Mining
Beaufield Resources Inc. (Ressources Beaufield Inc.) BFD Metals & Mining
Beaumont Select Corporations Inc. BMN.A Oil & Gas - E&P
Bell Copper Corporation BCU Metals & Mining
Bellhaven Copper & Gold Inc. BHV Metals & Mining
Belmont Resources Inc. BEA Metals & Mining
Belvedere Resources Ltd. BEL Metals & Mining
Benton Capital Corp. BTC Metals & Mining
Benton Resources Inc. BEX Metals & Mining
Benz Capital Corp. BZ Conglomerates
Berkwood Resources Ltd. BKR Metals & Mining
Bethpage Capital Corp. BET
Bevo Agro Inc. BVO Consumer Packaged Goods
BFS Entertainment & Multimedia Limited BFS Entertainment
BHK Resources Inc. BHK.P Conglomerates
Big North Graphite Corp. NRT
Big Sky Petroleum Corporation BSP
biOasis Technologies Inc. BTI Biotechnology
bioMmune Technologies Inc. IMU Biotechnology
BioNeutra North America, Inc. BGA Biotechnology
Biorem Inc. BRM Industrial Products
Biosign Technologies Inc. BIO Medical Devices
BioSyent Inc. RX Drug Manufacturers
Birch Lake Energy Inc. BLK Oil & Gas - E&P
Bison Gold Resources Inc. BGE
Bitterroot Resources Ltd. BTT Metals & Mining
Black Birch Capital Acquisition III Corp. BBC.P Conglomerates
Black Isle Resources Corporation BIT Metals & Mining
Black Panther Mining Corp. BPC Metals & Mining
Black Springs Capital Corp. BSG.P Conglomerates
Black Widow Resources Inc. BWR Metals & Mining
Blackbird Energy Inc. BBI Oil & Gas - E&P
Blackdog Resources Ltd. DOG Oil & Gas - E&P
Blackhawk Resource Corp. BLR Oil & Gas - Drilling
Blackheath Resources Inc. BHR Metals & Mining
Blackline Safety BLN Communication Equipment
Blacksteel Energy Inc. BEY Oil & Gas - E&P
Blackstone Ventures Inc. BLV Metals & Mining
BLF Real Estate Investment Trust BLF.UN
Blind Creek Resources Ltd. BCK Metals & Mining
Blue River Resources Ltd. BXR Metals & Mining
Blue Sky Uranium Corp. BSK Metals & Mining
Bluedrop Performance Learning Inc. BPL
Bluefire Mining Corp. BFM Metals & Mining
BlueOcean NutraSciences Inc. BOC Consumer Packaged Goods
BlueRush Media Group Corp. BTV Business Services
Bluestone Resources Inc. BSR Metals & Mining
BluMetric Environmental Inc. BLM
BNP Resources Inc. BNX.A Oil & Gas - E&P
Bold Stroke Ventures Inc. BSV.P Conglomerates
Bold Ventures Inc. BOL Metals & Mining
BonTerra Resources Inc. BTR Metals & Mining
Boost Capital Corp. BST.P Conglomerates
Border Petroleum Limited BOR Oil & Gas - E&P
Boss Power Corp. BPU Metals & Mining
Boulevard Industrial Real Estate Investment Trust BVD.DB REITs
Bowmore Exploration Ltd. BOW Metals & Mining
Boxxer Gold Corp. BXX Metals & Mining
Brades Resource Corp. BRA Metals & Mining
Bralorne Gold Mines Ltd. BPM Metals & Mining
Branco Resources Ltd. BNL.P Asset Management
Brand Marvel Worldwide Consumer Products Corporation BMW
Brandenburg Energy Corp. BBM Metals & Mining
Bravada Gold Corporation BVA Metals & Mining
Bravura Ventures Corp. BVQ Metals & Mining
Brazil Resources Inc. BRI
Brigadier Gold Limited BRG Metals & Mining
BrightPath Early Learning Inc. BPE Education
Brilliant Resources Inc. BLT
Brionor Resources Inc. BNR Metals & Mining
British Controlled Oilfields Limited BCO Brokers & Exchanges
Brixton Energy Corp. BRX Oil & Gas - E&P
Brixton Metals Corporation BBB
Brookemont Capital Inc. BKT Metals & Mining
Brookfield Investments Corporation BRN.PR.A Metals & Mining
Brookwater Ventures Inc. BW Oil & Gas - E&P
Broome Capital Inc. BCP.P Conglomerates
Brownstone Energy Inc. BWN Oil & Gas - E&P
BRS Resources Ltd. BRS Oil & Gas - E&P
Brunswick Resources Inc. BRU Metals & Mining
BSM Technologies Inc. GPS Consulting & Outsourcing
Buccaneer Gold Corp. BGG Metals & Mining
Builders Capital Mortgage Corp. BCF Banks
Bullion Gold Resources Corp. BGD
Bullman Minerals Inc. BUL Conglomerates
Burnstone Ventures Inc. BVE Metals & Mining
Butte Energy Inc. BEN Oil & Gas - E&P


C-Com Satellite Systems Inc. CMI Communication Equipment
Cabo Drilling Corp. CBE Metals & Mining
Cache Exploration Inc. CAY Metals & Mining
Cadan Resources Corporation CXD Metals & Mining
Cadillac Mining Corporation CQX Metals & Mining
Cadillac Ventures Inc. CDC Metals & Mining
CaiTerra International Energy Corporation CTI
Calibre Mining Corp. CXB Metals & Mining
Calico Resources Corp. CKB
California Gold Mining Inc. CGM Metals & Mining
California Nanotechnologies Corp. CNO Chemicals
Callinan Royalties Corporation CAA
Callinex Mines Inc. CNX
Calyx Bio-Ventures Inc. CYX
Camino Minerals Corporation COR Metals & Mining
Canada Carbon Inc. CCB
Canada Coal Inc. CCK Coal
Canada Energy Partners Inc. CE Oil & Gas - E&P
Canada Rare Earth Corp. LL Metals & Mining
Canada Strategic Metals Inc. CJC Metals & Mining
Canada Zinc Metals Corp. CZX
Canadian Arrow Mines Limited CRO Metals & Mining
Canadian Imperial Venture Corp. CQV Oil & Gas - E&P
Canadian International Minerals Inc. CIN Metals & Mining
Canadian Mining Company Inc. CNG Metals & Mining
Canadian Oil Recovery & Remediation Enterprises Ltd. CVR
Canadian Oilfield Solutions Corp. OTS
Canadian Orebodies Inc. CO Metals & Mining
Canadian Overseas Petroleum Limited XOP
Canadian Platinum Corp. CPC
Canadian Quantum Energy Corporation CQM Oil & Gas - E&P
Canadian Silver Hunter Inc. AGH Metals & Mining
Canadian Spirit Resources Inc. SPI Oil & Gas - E&P
CanaDream Corporation CDN Consulting & Outsourcing
Canaf Group Inc. CAF Coal
CanAlaska Uranium Ltd. CVV Metals & Mining
CanAm Coal Corp. COE
Canamax Energy Ltd. CAC Oil & Gas - E&P
Canamex Resources Corp. CSQ Metals & Mining
CanAsia Financial Inc. CNA Conglomerates
Canasil Resources Inc. CLZ Metals & Mining
Cancana Resources Corp. CNY Metals & Mining
Cangold Limited CLD Metals & Mining
Cannon Point Resources Ltd. CNP Metals & Mining
Canoe Mining Ventures Corp. CLV Metals & Mining
Canoel International Energy Ltd CIL Oil & Gas - E&P
Canstar Resources Inc. ROX Metals & Mining
Canterra Minerals Corporation CTM Metals & Mining
Cantex Mine Development Corp. CD Metals & Mining
Canuc Resources Corporation CDA Metals & Mining
Canyon Copper Corp. CNC Metals & Mining
Canyon Creek Food Company Ltd. CYF Consumer Packaged Goods
Cap-Ex Iron Ore Ltd. CEV Metals & Mining
CapGain Properties Inc. CPP
Capital DGMC Inc. FGF Asset Management
Caracara Silver Inc. CSV Metals & Mining
Cardiff Energy Corp. CRS
CardioComm Solutions, Inc. EKG Application Software
Cariboo Rose Resources Ltd. CRB
Caribou King Resources Ltd. CKR Metals & Mining
Carlin Gold Corporation CGD Metals & Mining
Carmax Mining Corp. CXM Metals & Mining
Carolina Capital Corp. CQC Metals & Mining
Carrie Arran Resources Inc. SCO Metals & Mining
Carrus Capital Corporation CHQ Biotechnology
Cartier Resources Inc. ECR Metals & Mining
Cascadero Copper Corporation CCD Metals & Mining
Cascadia Resources Inc. CCR Oil & Gas - E&P
Cassidy Gold Corp. CDX Metals & Mining
Cassius Ventures Ltd CZ Metals & Mining
Castle Mountain Mining Company Limited CMM
Castle Peak Mining Ltd. CAP Metals & Mining
Castle Resources Inc. CRI Metals & Mining
Catalyst Copper Corp. CCY Metals & Mining
Cava Resources Inc. CVA
Cavan Ventures Inc. CVN Metals & Mining
Cayden Resources Inc. CYD Metals & Mining
Caza Gold Corp. CZY
CB Gold Inc. CBJ Metals & Mining
CBM Asia Development Corp. TCF Oil & Gas - E&P
Ceapro Inc. CZO Biotechnology
Ceiba Energy Services Inc. CEB Oil & Gas - Services
Celeste Mining Corp. C Metals & Mining
Cematrix Corporation CVX Building Materials
Cencotech Inc. CTZ Application Software
Central Iron Ore Limited CIO Metals & Mining
Central Resources Corp. CBC Metals & Mining
Centurion Minerals Ltd. CTN
Century Energy Ltd. CEY Oil & Gas - E&P
CERF Incorporated CFL
Cerro Mining Corp. CRX Metals & Mining
CGX Energy Inc. OYL Oil & Gas - E&P
Challenger Deep Resources Corp. CDE Conglomerates
Champion Bear Resources Ltd. CBA Metals & Mining
Changfeng Energy Inc. CFY
CHC Realty Capital Corp. CHC
Chesapeake Gold Corp. CKG Metals & Mining
Chibougamau Independent Mines Inc. CBG
Chilean Metals Inc. CMX
Chimata Gold Corp. CAT Metals & Mining
China Education Resources Inc. CHN
China Keli Electric Company Ltd. ZKL Computer Hardware
China Minerals Mining Corporation CMV Metals & Mining
Chinapintza Mining Corp. CPA Metals & Mining
Chlormet Technologies Inc. CMT Metals & Mining
Chrysalis Capital IX Corporation NYN.P Conglomerates
Cicada Ventures Ltd. CID Metals & Mining
Circa Enterprises Inc. CTO Computer Hardware
Citation Resources Inc. CTT
Claim Post Resources Inc. CPS Metals & Mining
Clean Seed Capital Group Ltd. CSX
Cleantech Capital Inc. YES.P Conglomerates
Clear Mountain Resources Corp. CY Metals & Mining
Clearford Industries Inc. CLI Waste Management
Clemex Technologies Inc. CXG.A Application Software
Cliffmont Resources Ltd. CMO Metals & Mining
Cliffside Capital Ltd. CEP.P Conglomerates
Clifton Star Resources Inc. CFO Metals & Mining
CMC Metals Ltd. CMB Metals & Mining
CMQ Resources Inc. NV Metals & Mining
CO2 Solutions Inc. CST Industrial Products
Coastal Gold Corp. COD Metals & Mining
Cobalt Coal Ltd. CCF Coal
Cobra Venture Corporation CBV Oil & Gas - E&P
Codrington Resource Corporation CA Metals & Mining
Cogitore Resources Inc. WOO Metals & Mining
Colibri Resource Corporation CBI Metals & Mining
Colombia Crest Gold Corp. CLB
Colombian Mines Corporation CMJ Metals & Mining
Colonial Coal International Corp. CAD Coal
Colorado Resources Ltd. CXO Metals & Mining
Colt Resources Inc. GTP
Columbia Yukon Explorations Inc. CYU Metals & Mining
Columbus Copper Corporation CCU Metals & Mining
Columbus Energy Limited CEL Coal
Columbus Exploration Corporation CLX Metals & Mining
Columbus Gold Corporation CGT Metals & Mining
Comet Industries Ltd. CMU Metals & Mining
Commander Resources Ltd. CMD Metals & Mining
Commerce Resources Corp. CCE Metals & Mining
Compliance Energy Corporation CEC Metals & Mining
Comstock Metals Ltd. CSL
ComWest Enterprise Corp. CWP Homebuilding & Construction
Condor Resources Inc. CN Metals & Mining
Confederation Minerals Ltd. CFM Metals & Mining
Conquest Resources Limited CQR Metals & Mining
Consolidated Firstfund Capital Corp. FFP Brokers & Exchanges
Consolidated Woodjam Copper Corp. WCC
Constantine Metal Resources Ltd. CEM Metals & Mining
Contact Exploration Inc. CEX Oil & Gas - E&P
Coopers Park Corporation XCP Real Estate Services
Copper Creek Gold Corp. CPV Metals & Mining
Copper Fox Metals Inc. CUU Metals & Mining
Copper North Mining Corp. COL Metals & Mining
Copper One Inc. CUO
Coral Gold Resources Ltd. CLH Metals & Mining
Corazon Gold Corp. CGW Metals & Mining
Cordoba Minerals Corp. CDB Metals & Mining
Cordy Oilfield Services Inc. CKK Engineering & Construction
Corex Gold Corporation CGE Metals & Mining
Cornerstone Capital Resources Inc. CGP Metals & Mining
Cornerstone Metals Inc. CCC Metals & Mining
Coronado Resources Ltd. CRD Metals & Mining
Coronet Metals Inc. CRF Metals & Mining
Corporate Catalyst Acquisition Inc. CII.P Conglomerates
Corsa Coal Corp. CSO Coal
Cortex Business Solutions Inc. CBX Application Software
Cortez Gold Corp. CUT Metals & Mining
Cosigo Resources Ltd. CSG Metals & Mining
Cougar Minerals Corp. COU
Covalon Technologies Ltd. COV Biotechnology
Coventry Resources Inc. CYY
Craig Wireless Systems Ltd. CWG Communication Services
Crailar Technologies Inc. CL Homebuilding & Construction
Crazy Horse Resources Inc. CZH Metals & Mining
Crest Petroleum Corp. CTP.P Asset Management
Cresval Capital Corp. CRV Metals & Mining
Crimson Bioenergy Ltd. CSN
Critical Elements Corporation CRE Metals & Mining
Critical Outcome Technologies Inc. COT Biotechnology
Crown Gold Corporation CWM Metals & Mining
Crown Point Energy Inc. CWV
Crowsnest Acquisition Corp. CAW.P Conglomerates
CRS Electronics Inc. LED
CSM Systems Corp. CKX Computer Hardware
CT Developers Ltd. DEV.P Asset Management
Cub Energy Inc. KUB
Curlew Lake Resources Inc. CWQ Oil & Gas - E&P
Currie Rose Resources Inc. CUI Metals & Mining
CWC Energy Services Corp. CWC
CWN Mining Acquisition Corporation CWN.P Asset Management
CYGAM Energy Inc. CYG Oil & Gas - E&P
Cymat Technologies Ltd. CYM Industrial Products
Cynapsus Therapeutics Inc. CTH Biotechnology
Cypress Development Corp. CYP Metals & Mining


Dacha Strategic Metals Inc. DSM Metals & Mining
Dajin Resources Corp. DJI Metals & Mining
Dalmac Energy Inc. DAL Oil & Gas - Services
Darnley Bay Resources Limited DBL Metals & Mining
Darwin Resources Corp. DAR Metals & Mining
Dataminers Capital Corp. DMC.P Conglomerates
Decade Resources Ltd. DEC Metals & Mining
Decisive Dividend Corporation DE.P Conglomerates
Declan Resources Inc. LAN Metals & Mining
Deer Horn Metals Inc. DHM Metals & Mining
Defiance Silver Corp. DEF Metals & Mining
Delavaco Residential Properties Corp. DVO.U
Delta Gold Corporation DLT Metals & Mining
DEQ Systems Corp. DEQ Travel & Leisure
Desert Gold Ventures Inc. DAU Metals & Mining
Desert Star Resources Ltd. DSR Metals & Mining
Desmarais Energy Corporation DES Oil & Gas - E&P
Desmond Investments Ltd. DLC Consumer Packaged Goods
Destiny Media Technologies Inc. DSY Application Software
Detector Exploration Ltd. DEX Oil & Gas - E&P
Deveron Resources Ltd. DVR Metals & Mining
Diagnos Inc. ADK
Diamcor Mining Inc. DMI Metals & Mining
DiaMedica Inc. DMA Biotechnology
Diamond Estates Wines & Spirits Inc. DWS Beverages - Alcoholic
Diamond Fields International Ltd. DFI Metals & Mining
Digital Shelf Space Corp. DSS Entertainment
Dios Exploration Inc. DOS Metals & Mining
Discovery Harbour Resources Corp. DHR Metals & Mining
Discovery Ventures Inc. DVN Metals & Mining
Discovery-Corp Enterprises Inc. DCY Oil & Gas - Drilling
Ditem Explorations Inc. DIT Metals & Mining
Divestco Inc. DVT Application Software
DNI Metals Inc. DNI Metals & Mining
Dolly Varden Silver Corporation DV
Donner Metals Ltd. DON Metals & Mining
Donnybrook Energy Inc. DEI Oil & Gas - E&P
Donnycreek Energy Inc. DCK
Dorex Minerals Inc. DOX Metals & Mining
DOT Resources Ltd DOT Metals & Mining
Doubleview Capital Corp. DBV Metals & Mining
Doxa Energy Ltd. DXA
DualEx Energy International Inc. DXE Oil & Gas - E&P
Dunav Resources Ltd. DNV Metals & Mining
Duncan Park Holdings Corporation DPH Metals & Mining
Duncastle Gold Corp. DUN Metals & Mining
Dundarave Resources Inc. DDX Metals & Mining
Dunnedin Ventures Inc. DVI Metals & Mining
Duran Ventures Inc. DRV Metals & Mining
Durango Resources Inc. DGO Metals & Mining
DuSolo Fertilizers Inc. DSF
DV Resources Ltd. DLV Metals & Mining Inc. DXX Business Services
DynaCERT Inc. DYA Industrial Products
Dynasty Gold Corp. DYG Metals & Mining
Dynex Power Inc. DNX


E-Energy Ventures Inc. EEV Metals & Mining
E.S.I. Environmental Sensors Inc. ESV Computer Hardware
Eagle Hill Exploration Corporation EAG
Eagle Plains Resources Ltd. EPL Metals & Mining
Eaglewood Energy Inc. EWD Oil & Gas - E&P
Earny Resources Ltd. ERN Metals & Mining
Earthworks Industries Inc. EWK Waste Management
East Africa Metals Inc. EAM
East Asia Minerals Corporation EAS Metals & Mining
East West Petroleum Corp. EW Oil & Gas - E&P
Eastfield Resources Ltd. ETF Metals & Mining
Echelon Petroleum Corp. ECH Oil & Gas - E&P
Eco (Atlantic) Oil & Gas Ltd. EOG Oil & Gas - E&P
Ecometals Limited EC Metals & Mining
Ecuador Gold and Copper Corp. EGX Metals & Mining
Edge Resources Inc. EDE Oil & Gas - E&P
Edgefront Real Estate Investment Trust ED.UN REITs
Edgewater Exploration Ltd. EDW
Edgewater Wireless Systems Inc. YFI Communication Equipment
EFT Canada Inc. EFT
Eguana Technologies Inc. EGT
El Condor Minerals Inc. LCO Metals & Mining
El Nino Ventures Inc. ELN Metals & Mining
El Tigre Silver Corp. ELS
Elcora Resources Corp. ERA Metals & Mining
Electra Gold Ltd. ELT Metals & Mining
Element 79 Capital Inc. EMS.P
Elevation Capital Corp. ELE.P
Elissa Resources Ltd. ELI Metals & Mining
Elkwater Resources Ltd. ELW Oil & Gas - E&P
Eloro Resources Ltd. ELO Metals & Mining
Ely Gold & Minerals Inc. ELY
EmberClear Corp. EMB Utilities - Regulated
Emerald Bay Energy Inc. EBY Oil & Gas - E&P
Emerge Resources Corp. EME Metals & Mining
Emerita Resources Corp. EMO
Emgold Mining Corporation EMR Metals & Mining
Emperor Oil Ltd. EM Oil & Gas - E&P
Empire Industries Ltd. EIL Engineering & Construction
Empower Technologies Corporation EPT Application Software
Enablence Technologies Inc. ENA Communication Equipment
Encanto Potash Corp. EPO Metals & Mining
Endurance Gold Corporation EDG Metals & Mining
Energold Drilling Corp. EGD Metals & Mining
Energulf Resources Inc. ENG Oil & Gas - E&P
Engagement Labs Inc. EL Application Software
Enhanced Oil Resources Inc. EOR
Enpar Technologies Inc. ENP Industrial Products
Enseco Energy Services Corp. ENS Oil & Gas - Services
Enssolutions Group Inc. ENV
Entourage Metals Ltd. EMT Metals & Mining
ENTREC Corporation ENT
Environmental Waste International Inc. EWS Industrial Products
EnWave Corporation ENW Industrial Products
ePals Corporation CKT
Epicore BioNetworks Inc. EBN Industrial Products
EPM Mining Ventures Inc. EPK Metals & Mining
Equitas Resources Corp. EQT Metals & Mining
Equatorial Exploration Corp. EXX Metals & Mining
Ergoresearch Ltd. ERG Medical Instruments & Equipment
Erin Ventures Inc. EV Metals & Mining
Eskay Mining Corp. ESK Metals & Mining
Esrey Energy Ltd. EEL Oil & Gas - E&P
Essex Angel Capital Inc. EXC Asset Management
Esstra Industries Inc. ESS Asset Management
ESTec Systems Corp. ESE Business Services
Estrella Gold Corporation EST Metals & Mining
Estrella International Energy Services Ltd. EEN Oil & Gas - Drilling
Ethos Gold Corp. ECC Metals & Mining
Eurasian Minerals Inc. EMX Metals & Mining
Eureka Resources, Inc. EUK Metals & Mining
Eurocontrol Technics Group Inc. EUO
Euromax Resources Ltd. EOX Metals & Mining
European Uranium Resources Ltd. EUU Metals & Mining
Eurotin Inc. TIN Metals & Mining
Evergreen Gaming Corporation TNA Travel & Leisure
Evermount Ventures Inc. ETV.P Asset Management
Everton Resources Inc. EVR Metals & Mining
Evrim Resources Corp. EVM Metals & Mining
Excelsior Mining Corp. MIN
Exclamation Investments Corporation XI Brokers & Exchanges
Exito Energy II Inc. EXI.P Conglomerates
EXO U Inc. EXO Application Software
Expedition Mining Inc. EXU Metals & Mining
Explor Resources Inc. EXS Metals & Mining
Exploration Aurtois Inc. EXA Metals & Mining
Explorex Resources Inc. EX Metals & Mining
Extenway Solutions Inc. EY Application Software
Eyelogic Systems Inc. EYE.A Computer Hardware


Fab-Form Industries Ltd. FBF Building Materials
Fairmont Resources Inc. FMR Metals & Mining
Falco Pacific Resource Group Inc. FPC Metals & Mining
Falcon Gold Corp. FG Metals & Mining
Falcon Oil & Gas Ltd. FO
Family Memorials Inc. FAM Personal Services
Fancamp Exploration Ltd. FNC Metals & Mining
Feronia Inc. FRN Consumer Packaged Goods
Ferrum Americas Mining Inc. FEM Metals & Mining
Fieldex Exploration Inc. FLX Metals & Mining
Finavera Wind Energy Inc. FVR
Finlay Minerals Ltd. FYL Metals & Mining
Fire River Gold Corp. FAU Metals & Mining
Firebird Energy Inc. FRD Oil & Gas - E&P
Firebird Resources Inc. FIX Metals & Mining
Firesteel Resources Inc. FTR Metals & Mining
Firestone Ventures Inc. FV Metals & Mining
Fireswirl Technologies Inc. FSW Online Media
Firm Capital Property Trust FCD.UN
First Americas Gold Corporation FAC Metals & Mining
First Bauxite Corporation FBX
First Global Data Limited FGD Business Services
First Growth Holdings Ltd. FGH
First Idaho Resources Inc. FI Metals & Mining
First Mexican Gold Corp. FMG
First Mountain Exploration Ltd. FMX Oil & Gas - E&P
Fission 3.0 Corp. FUU
Fission Uranium Corp. FCU
Fjordland Exploration Inc. FEX Metals & Mining
Flinders Resources Limited FDR
FLYHT Aerospace Solutions Ltd. FLY Aerospace & Defense
Flying A Petroleum Ltd. FAB Oil & Gas - E&P
Focus Graphite Inc. FMS
Focus Ventures Ltd. FCV Metals & Mining
Folkstone Capital Corp FKS.P Conglomerates
Foran Mining Corporation FOM Metals & Mining
Forent Energy Ltd. FEN Oil & Gas - E&P
Formation Fluid Management Inc. FFM Industrial Products
Fort St. James Nickel Corp. FTJ Metals & Mining
Forum Uranium Corp. FDC Metals & Mining
Franchise Bancorp Inc. FBI Retail - Apparel & Specialty
Franchise Services of North America Inc. FSN Consulting & Outsourcing
Free Energy International Inc. FEE
Freeport Resources Inc. FRI Metals & Mining
Freyja Resources Inc. FRA Metals & Mining
Friday Capital Inc. FYC.P Conglomerates
Fronsac Real Estate Investment Trust GAZ.UN REITs
Frontline Gold Corporation FGC Metals & Mining
FSI Energy Group Inc. FSI Waste Management
FTI Foodtech International Inc. FTI Industrial Products
Full Metal Minerals Ltd. FMM Metals & Mining
Fura Emeralds Inc. FUR


G4G Resources Ltd. GXG Metals & Mining
Gainey Capital Corp. GNC Conglomerates
Galane Gold Ltd. GG Metals & Mining
Galantas Gold Corporation GAL Metals & Mining
Galaxy Graphite Corp. GXY Metals & Mining
Gale Force Petroleum Inc. GFP Oil & Gas - E&P
Galena International Resources Ltd. GTO Metals & Mining
Galileo Petroleum Ltd. GPL Oil & Gas - Drilling
Galore Resources Inc. GRI Metals & Mining
Galway Gold Inc. GLW Metals & Mining
Galway Metals Inc. GWM Metals & Mining
Garibaldi Resources Corp. GGI Metals & Mining
Gastem Inc. GMR Oil & Gas - E&P
Gatekeeper Systems Inc. GSI Consulting & Outsourcing
GB Minerals Ltd. GBL Metals & Mining
GC-Global Capital Corp. GDE.A Brokers & Exchanges
Gem International Resources Inc. GI Metals & Mining
Gemini Corporation GKX Engineering & Construction
Gemoscan Canada, Inc. GES Medical Diagnostics & Research
Gensource Potash Corporation GSP
Genterra Capital Inc. GIC Real Estate Services
Gentor Resources Inc. GNT Metals & Mining
Geodex Minerals Ltd. GXM Metals & Mining
Geomega Resources Inc. GMA
GeoNovus Minerals Corp. GNM Metals & Mining
Georox Resources Inc. GXR Oil & Gas - Integrated
Gespeg Copper Resources Inc. GCR
Getty Copper Inc. GTC Metals & Mining
GFK Resources Inc. GFK Metals & Mining
GGL Resources Corp. GGL Metals & Mining
Ginger Beef Corporation GB Consumer Packaged Goods
Ginguro Exploration Inc. GEG Metals & Mining
GINSMS Inc. GOK Communication Services
Gitennes Exploration Inc. GIT Metals & Mining
Giyani Gold Corp. WDG Metals & Mining
Glen Eagle Resources Inc. GER
Glenmark Capital Corp. GLM Metals & Mining
Global Cobalt Corporation GCO Metals & Mining
Global Hunter Corp. BOB Metals & Mining
Global Key Investment Limited GKL Beverages - Alcoholic
Global Met Coal Corporation GMZ Coal
Global Minerals Ltd. CTG Metals & Mining
GMV Minerals Inc. GMV
GobiMin Inc. GMN Metals & Mining
Golconda Resources Ltd. GA Oil & Gas - Integrated
Gold Bullion Development Corp. GBB Metals & Mining
Gold Canyon Resources Inc. GCU Metals & Mining
Gold Finder Explorations Ltd. GFN Metals & Mining
Gold Jubilee Capital Corp. GJB Conglomerates
Gold Mountain Mining Corporation GUM Metals & Mining
Gold Reach Resources Ltd. GRV Metals & Mining
Gold Reserve Inc. GRZ Metals & Mining
Gold Ridge Exploration Corp. GEA Metals & Mining
Gold Royalties Corporation GRO Metals & Mining
Gold Standard Ventures Corp. GSV
Goldbank Mining Corporation GLB
Goldcliff Resource Corporation GCN Metals & Mining
Golden Arrow Resources Corporation GRG Metals & Mining
Golden Band Resources Inc. GBN Metals & Mining
Golden Bridge Mining Corporation GBM Metals & Mining
Golden Coast Energy Corp. GCE Oil & Gas - E&P
Golden Dawn Minerals Inc. GOM Metals & Mining
Golden Goliath Resources Ltd. GNG Metals & Mining
Golden Harp Resources Inc. GHR Metals & Mining
Golden Hope Mines Limited GNH Metals & Mining
Golden Peak Minerals Inc. GP Metals & Mining
Golden Predator Mining Corp. GPY
Golden Reign Resources Ltd. GRR Metals & Mining
Golden Secret Ventures Ltd. GGS Metals & Mining
Golden Share Mining Corporation GSH Metals & Mining
Golden Sun Capital Inc. GST.P
Golden Tag Resources Ltd. GOG Metals & Mining
Golden Valley Mines Ltd. GZZ Metals & Mining
Golden Virtue Resources Inc. GVR Metals & Mining
Goldeneye Resources Corp. GOE Oil & Gas - E&P
Goldex Resources Corporation GDX Metals & Mining
Goldeye Explorations Limited GGY Metals & Mining
GoldON Resources Ltd. GLD Metals & Mining
GoldQuest Mining Corp. GQC Metals & Mining
Goldrea Resources Corp. GOR Metals & Mining
Goldrock Mines Corp. GRM Metals & Mining
Goldrush Resources Ltd. GOD Metals & Mining
Goldsource Mines Inc. GXS Coal
Goldspike Exploration Inc. GSE Metals & Mining
Goldstar Minerals Inc. GDM
Goldstream Minerals Inc. GSX Metals & Mining
Goldstrike Resources Ltd. GSR Metals & Mining
Gonzaga Resources Ltd. GN Metals & Mining
Gordon Creek Energy Inc. GDN
Gossan Resources Limited GSS Metals & Mining
Gourmet Ocean Products Inc. GOP Consumer Packaged Goods
Gowest Gold Ltd. GWA Metals & Mining
GPM Metals Inc. GPM
Grand Peak Capital Corp. GPK Conglomerates
Grand Power Logistics Group Inc. GPW
Grande Portage Resources Ltd. GPG Metals & Mining
Grande West Transportation Group Inc. BUS Autos
Granite Creek Gold Ltd. GCX Metals & Mining
Graphite One Resources Inc. GPH
Gray Rock Resources Ltd. GRK Metals & Mining
Great Atlantic Resources Corp. GR Metals & Mining
Great Bear Resources Ltd. GBR Metals & Mining
Great Lakes Graphite Inc. GLK Metals & Mining
Great Prairie Energy Services Inc. GPE
Great Quest Metals Ltd. GQ Metals & Mining
Great Thunder Gold Corp. GTG Metals & Mining
Great Western Minerals Group Ltd. GWG Metals & Mining
Green Arrow Resources Inc. GAR Metals & Mining
Green Swan Capital Corp. GSW Metals & Mining
Green Valley Mine Incorporated GVY Metals & Mining
GreenAngel Energy Corp. GAE Asset Management
Greenbriar Capital Corp. GRB Real Estate Services
Greencastle Resources Ltd. VGN Oil & Gas - E&P
Greenfields Petroleum Corporation GNF
Greenflag Ventures Inc. GFV Metals & Mining
GreenStar Agricultural Corporation GRE
Grenville Gold Corp. GVG Metals & Mining
Grenville Strategic Royalty Corp. GRC
Grizzly Discoveries Inc. GZD
Groundstar Resources Limited GSA Oil & Gas - E&P
GTA Resources and Mining Inc. GTA Metals & Mining
GTO Resources Inc. GTR Metals & Mining
Guardian Exploration Inc. GX Oil & Gas - E&P
Gulf & Pacific Equities Corp. GUF Retail - Defensive
Gulf Shores Resources Ltd. GUL Oil & Gas - E&P
Gulfstream Acquisition I Corp. GFL.P Conglomerates
Gunpoint Exploration Ltd. GUN Metals & Mining
Guyana Frontier Mining Corp. GYG Metals & Mining
GWR Resources Inc. GWQ Metals & Mining


H2O Innovation Inc. HEO Waste Management
Halmont Properties Corporation HMT Real Estate Services
Hamilton Thorne Ltd. HTL Medical Devices
Handa Copper Corporation HEC Metals & Mining
Hansa Resources Limited HRL Metals & Mining
Happy Creek Minerals Ltd. HPY Metals & Mining
Hart Stores Inc. HIS Retail - Apparel & Specialty
Harvest Gold Corp. HVG Metals & Mining
Hawk Exploration Ltd. HWK.A Oil & Gas - Drilling
Hawkeye Gold & Diamond Inc. HGO Metals & Mining
Heatherdale Resources Ltd. HTR Metals & Mining
Helijet International Inc. HJI Transportation & Logistics
Helio Resource Corp. HRC Metals & Mining
Hellix Ventures Inc. HEL Oil & Gas - E&P
Hemisphere Energy Corporation HME Oil & Gas - E&P
Hermes Financial Inc. HFI Oil & Gas - E&P
HFX Holding Corp. HXC
High North Resources Ltd. HN Oil & Gas - E&P
Highbank Resources Ltd. HBK Metals & Mining
Highbury Projects Inc. HPI Metals & Mining
Highland Copper Company Inc. HI Metals & Mining
Highvista Gold Inc. HVV Metals & Mining
Highway 50 Gold Corp. HWY
Hillcrest Resources Ltd. HRH Metals & Mining
Hinterland Metals Inc. HMI Metals & Mining
Hodgins Auctioneers Inc. HA Retail - Apparel & Specialty
Hombre Capital Inc. HOM.P Asset Management
Homestake Resource Corporation HSR Metals & Mining
Honey Badger Exploration Inc. TUF
Horizon Petroleum plc HPL Oil & Gas - E&P
Horn Petroleum Corporation HRN Oil & Gas - E&P
Hornby Bay Mineral Exploration Ltd. HBE Metals & Mining
Houston Lake Mining Inc. HLM Metals & Mining
HRT Participacoes em Petroleo S.A. HRP Oil & Gas - E&P
HTC Purenergy Inc. HTC Oil & Gas - Services
Huaxing Machinery Corp. HUA Industrial Products
Hudson Resources Inc. HUD Metals & Mining
Hudson River Minerals Ltd. HRM Conglomerates
Huldra Silver Inc. HDA Metals & Mining
Humboldt Capital Corporation HMB
Hunt Mining Corp. HMX
Hunter Bay Minerals plc HBY
Huntington Exploration Inc. HEI Oil & Gas - E&P
Hyperion Exploration Corp. HYX Oil & Gas - E&P


I-Minerals Inc. IMA Metals & Mining
IBC Advanced Alloys Corp. IB Metals & Mining
IBEX Technologies Inc. IBT Biotechnology
iCo Therapeutics Inc. ICO Biotechnology
Icon Exploration Inc. IEX Metals & Mining
Iconic Minerals Ltd. ICM Metals & Mining
ID Watchdog, Inc. IDW Consulting & Outsourcing
IEMR Resources Inc. IRI Metals & Mining
iFabric Corp. IFA Manufacturing - Apparel & Furniture
IGC Resources Inc. IGC Metals & Mining
iLOOKABOUT Corp. ILA Application Software
Imaflex Inc. IFX Packaging & Containers
Immunotec Inc. IMM
Immunovaccine Inc. IMV Biotechnology
IMPACT Silver Corp. IPT Metals & Mining
Imperial Equities Inc. IEI Real Estate Services
Imperial Ginseng Products Ltd. IGP Consumer Packaged Goods
In-Touch Survey Systems Ltd. INX Business Services
Inca One Resources Corp. IO Metals & Mining
Independence Gold Corp. IGO Metals & Mining
Indico Resources Ltd. IDI Metals & Mining
Indigo Exploration Inc. IXI
Industrialex Manufacturing Corp. IXC.U Manufacturing - Apparel & Furniture
Infinito Gold Ltd. IG Metals & Mining
Inform Exploration Corp. IX Metals & Mining
Inform Resources Corp. IRR Metals & Mining
Infrastructure Materials Corp. IFM Metals & Mining
Inlet Resources Ltd. INL Metals & Mining
Innovative Properties Inc. INR Real Estate Services
Innovente Inc. IGE Utilities - Independent Power Producers
Innovotech Inc. IOT Biotechnology
Inovent Capital Inc. IVQ.P Conglomerates
Input Capital Corp. INP
Integra Gold Corp. ICG
IntelGenx Technologies Corp. IGX Biotechnology
Intema Solutions Inc. ITM Advertising & Marketing Services
Inter-Rock Minerals Inc. IRO Metals & Mining
Intercept Energy Services Inc. IES Industrial Products
Interconnect Ventures Corporation IVC
International Barrier Technology Inc. IBH Building Materials
International Bethlehem Mining Corp. IBC Metals & Mining
International Enexco Limited IEC Metals & Mining
International Frontier Resources Corp. IFR Oil & Gas - E&P
International Lithium Corp. ILC Metals & Mining
International Millennium Mining Corp. IMI Metals & Mining
International Montoro Resources Inc. IMT Metals & Mining
International Northair Mines Ltd. INM Metals & Mining
International Parkside Products Inc. IPD Chemicals
International Samuel Exploration Corp. ISS Metals & Mining
Intertainment Media Inc. INT
Intigold Mines Ltd. IGD Metals & Mining
Invenio Resources Corp. IVO Metals & Mining
Inventronics Limited IVX Industrial Products
InZinc Mining Ltd. IZN
Iona Energy Inc. INA
IOU Financial Inc. IOU Banks
Iplayco Corporation Ltd. IPC Travel & Leisure
Iron Creek Capital Corp. IRN Metals & Mining
Iron South Mining Corp. IS Metals & Mining
Iron Tank Resources Corp. TNK Metals & Mining
Ironhorse Oil & Gas Inc. IOG Oil & Gas - E&P
iSign Media Solutions Inc. ISD Application Software
ISIS Lab Corporation LAB
Ituna Capital Corporation TUN Metals & Mining
Ivrnet Inc. IVI Application Software
IWG Technologies Inc. IWG Industrial Products


J.A.G. Ltee (Les Mines) JML
Jadela Oil Corp. JOC Oil & Gas - E&P
Jaguar Financial Corporation JFC Brokers & Exchanges
Jaguar Mining Inc. JAG
James Bay Resources Limited JBR Oil & Gas - E&P
Jasper Mining Corporation JSP Metals & Mining
Jaxon Minerals Inc. JAX
Jazz Resources Inc. JZR Metals & Mining
Jemi Fibre Corp. JFI Metals & Mining
Jemtec Inc. JTC Computer Hardware
Jericho Oil Corporation JCO Metals & Mining
Jet Gold Corp. JAU Metals & Mining
Jet Metal Corp. JET Metals & Mining
Jiminex Inc. JIM Metals & Mining
Jiulian Resources Inc. JLR Metals & Mining
JM Capital II Corp. JCI.P Conglomerates
Josephine Mining Corp. JMC
Jourdan Resources Inc. JOR Metals & Mining
Jubilee Gold Exploration Ltd. JUB Metals & Mining
Junex Inc. JNX Oil & Gas - E&P


Kairos Capital Corporation KRS Asset Management
Kaiyue International Inc. KYU Metals & Mining
Kaizen Discovery Inc. KZD Metals & Mining
Kalimantan Gold Corporation Limited KLG Metals & Mining
Kallisto Energy Corp. KEC Oil & Gas - E&P
Kaminak Gold Corporation KAM Metals & Mining
Kane Biotech Inc. KNE Biotechnology
Kapuskasing Gold Corp. KAP Metals & Mining
Karmin Exploration Inc. KAR Metals & Mining
Karoo Exploration Corp. KE Metals & Mining
Karsten Energy Corp. KAY.P Conglomerates
KazaX Minerals Inc. KZX Metals & Mining
KCO Capital Inc. KCO.P Conglomerates
KDR Industrials Ltd. KDR Medical Instruments & Equipment
Keek Inc. KEK Online Media
Kenieba Goldfields Ltd. KEN Metals & Mining
Kenna Resources Corp. KNA Metals & Mining
Kennady Diamonds Inc. KDI
Kermode Resources Ltd. KLM Metals & Mining
Kesselrun Resources Ltd. KES Conglomerates
Kestrel Gold Inc. KGC
Kettle River Resources Ltd. KRR Metals & Mining
KFG Resources Ltd. KFG Oil & Gas - E&P
Khalkos Exploration Inc. KAS Metals & Mining
Killbear Acquisition Corp. KBA.P Conglomerates
Killdeer Minerals Inc. KMI Metals & Mining
Kilo Goldmines Ltd. KGL Metals & Mining
Kincora Copper Limited KCC Metals & Mining
King George Financial Corporation KGF Real Estate Services
King's Bay Gold Corporation KBG Metals & Mining
Kingsland Energy Corp. KLE Oil & Gas - E&P
Kingsman Resources Inc. KSM Metals & Mining
Kingsway Arms Retirement Residences Inc. KWA Health Care Providers
Kiska Metals Corporation KSK Metals & Mining
Kitrinor Metals Inc. KIT Metals & Mining
Kivalliq Energy Corporation KIV Metals & Mining
Klondike Gold Corp. KG Metals & Mining
Klondike Silver Corp. KS Metals & Mining
Knick Exploration Inc. KNX
Knightswood Financial Corp. KWF Banks
Kobex Minerals Inc. KXM Metals & Mining
Kola Mining Corp. KM Metals & Mining
Kombat Copper Inc. KBT Metals & Mining
Komet Resources Inc. KMT Metals & Mining
Kootenay Silver Inc. KTN Metals & Mining
KR Investment Ltd. KR Conglomerates
KWG Resources Inc. KWG


La Quinta Resources Corporation LAQ Metals & Mining
La Ronge Gold Corp. LAR Metals & Mining
Labrador Technologies Inc. LTX Application Software
Lago Dourado Minerals Ltd. LDM Metals & Mining
Lakeland Resources Inc. LK Metals & Mining
Lakeside Minerals Inc. LAK Metals & Mining
Lakeview Hotel Investment Corp. LHR Travel & Leisure
Lam\EAl\E9e Iron Ore Ltd. LIR Metals & Mining
Lara Exploration Ltd. LRA Metals & Mining
Largo Resources Ltd. LGO Metals & Mining
Lariat Energy Ltd. LE Oil & Gas - Drilling
Las Vegas From Entertainment Inc. LVH
Lateral Capital Corp. LCP
Lateral Gold Corp. LTG Metals & Mining
Latin American Minerals Inc. LAT Metals & Mining
Laurentian Goldfields Ltd. LGF Metals & Mining
Laurion Mineral Exploration Inc. LME Metals & Mining
Leader Energy Services Ltd. LEA Oil & Gas - Services
LED Medical Diagnostics Inc. LMD
Legend Gold Corp. LGN Metals & Mining
Legend Power Systems Inc. LPS Computer Hardware
Leis Industries Limited LES Real Estate Services
LeoNovus Inc. LTV
Less Mess Storage Inc. LMS Metals & Mining
Letho Resources Corp. LET
LGX Oil + Gas Inc. OIL
Lignol Energy Corporation LEC Utilities - Independent Power Producers
Lincoln Mining Corporation LMG
Lingo Media Corporation LM
Lingxian Capital Inc. LXC.P Conglomerates
Lion One Metals Limited LIO Metals & Mining
Lions Gate Energy Inc. LG Metals & Mining
Lions Gate Metals Inc. LGM Metals & Mining
Liquid Nutrition Group Inc. LQD Retail - Apparel & Specialty
Liuyang Fireworks Limited FWK Chemicals
Logan Resources Ltd. LGR Metals & Mining
Lomiko Metals Inc. LMR Metals & Mining
Lonestar West Inc. LSI
Long Harbour Exploration Corp. LHC Metals & Mining
Longreach Oil and Gas Limited LOI
Loon Energy Corporation LNE Oil & Gas - E&P
Lorne Park Capital Partners Inc. LPC Asset Management
Lornex Capital Inc. LOM Metals & Mining
Lorraine Copper Corp. LLC Metals & Mining
Los Andes Copper Ltd. LA Metals & Mining
Lovitt Resources Inc. LRC Metals & Mining
Lowell Copper Ltd. JDL Metals & Mining
Loyalist Group Limited LOY Education
Lucky Minerals Inc. LJ Metals & Mining
Lucky Strike Resources Ltd. LKY Metals & Mining
Lumina Copper Corp. LCC Metals & Mining
Lund Enterprises Corp. LEN Metals & Mining
Luxor Industrial Corporation LRL Building Materials
LX Ventures Inc. LXV Application Software
Lynden Energy Corp. LVL Oil & Gas - E&P


MacDonald Mines Exploration Ltd. BMK
MacMillan Minerals Inc. MMX Metals & Mining
Macro Enterprises Inc. MCR Oil & Gas - Midstream
Macusani Yellowcake Inc. YEL Metals & Mining
Madalena Energy Inc. MVN
Magellan Minerals Ltd MNM Metals & Mining
Magnum Energy Inc. MEN Oil & Gas - E&P
Magnum Goldcorp Inc. MGI Conglomerates
Magor Corporation MCC Application Software
Mainstream Minerals Corporation MJO Metals & Mining
Majescor Resources Inc. MJX Metals & Mining
Majestic Gold Corp. MJS Metals & Mining
Makena Resources Inc. MKN
Malbex Resources Inc. MBG Metals & Mining
Mammoth Resources Corp. MTH
Manado Gold Corp MDO Metals & Mining
Manicouagan Minerals Inc. MAM Metals & Mining
Manitex Capital Inc. MNX Medical Distribution
Manitok Energy Inc. MEI
Manitou Gold Inc. MTU Metals & Mining
Manson Creek Resources Ltd. MCK Metals & Mining
Mantra Capital Inc. MTR Conglomerates
Maple Leaf Green World Inc. MGW Consumer Packaged Goods
Maple Leaf Resource Corp. MPL.P Conglomerates
Maple Power Capital Corporation MPX.P Conglomerates
Maplewood International REIT MWI.UN REITs
Marauder Resources East Coast Inc. MES Oil & Gas - E&P
Margaret Lake Diamonds Inc. DIA Metals & Mining
Margaux Resources Ltd. MRL
Marifil Mines Limited MFM Metals & Mining
Maritime Resources Corp. MAE Metals & Mining
Marksmen Energy Inc. MAH Oil & Gas - Drilling
Marlin Gold Mining Ltd. MLN Metals & Mining
Marquee Energy Ltd. MQL
Marquis Ventures Inc. MQV.P Conglomerates
Mason Graphite Inc. LLG
Masuparia Gold Corporation MAS Metals & Mining
Matachewan Consolidated Mines, Limited MCM.A
Matamec Explorations Inc. MAT Metals & Mining
MatNic Resources Inc. MIK Metals & Mining
MATRRIX Energy Technologies Inc. MXX Oil & Gas - Services
Maudore Minerals Ltd MAO Metals & Mining
MAX Resource Corp. MXR Metals & Mining
Maxim Resources Inc. MXM Oil & Gas - E&P
Maya Gold & Silver Inc. MYA Metals & Mining
Mazorro Resources Inc. MZO Metals & Mining
McChip Resources Inc. MCS Metals & Mining
MCW Energy Group Limited MCW Oil & Gas - E&P
Med BioGene Inc. MBI
Medallion Resources Ltd. MDL Metals & Mining
Medgold Resources Corp. MED
Medicure Inc. MPH Biotechnology
Medifocus Inc. MFS
MedMira Inc. MIR Biotechnology
Medwell Capital Corp. MWC Asset Management
Medworxx Solutions Inc. MWX Application Software
MedX Health Corp. MDX Computer Hardware
Mega Copper Ltd. MCU Metals & Mining
Mega Precious Metals Inc. MGP Metals & Mining
Megastar Development Corp. MDV Metals & Mining
Melior Resources Inc. MLR Metals & Mining
Melkior Resources Inc. MKR Metals & Mining
Mena Hydrocarbons Inc. MNH
Menika Mining Ltd. MML Metals & Mining
Mercator Transport Group Corporation GMT Business Services
Merrex Gold Inc. MXI Metals & Mining
Meryllion Resources Corporation MYR Metals & Mining
Mesa Exploration Corp. MSA Metals & Mining
MetalCorp Limited MTC Metals & Mining
Metalex Ventures Ltd. MTX Metals & Mining
Metallis Resources Inc. MTS
Metallum Resources Inc. MRV
Metals Creek Resources Corp. MEK Metals & Mining
Metanor Resources Inc. MTO Metals & Mining
Metropolitan Energy Corp. MOE Metals & Mining
Mexigold Corp. MAU
Mezzotin Minerals Inc. MEZ Metals & Mining
Micrex Development Corp. MIX Metals & Mining
MicroPlanet Technology Corp. MP Computer Hardware
Midasco Capital Corp. MGC Metals & Mining
Midland Exploration Inc. MD Metals & Mining
Midlands Minerals Corporation MEX Metals & Mining
Midnight Sun Mining Corp. MMA
Midpoint Holdings Ltd. MPT Conglomerates
Mill City Gold Corp. MC Metals & Mining
MillenMin Ventures Inc. MVM Metals & Mining
Millrock Resources Inc. MRO
Millstream Mines Ltd. MLM Metals & Mining
Milner Consolidated Silver Mines Ltd. MCA Metals & Mining
Minaean International Corp. MIB Industrial Products
Minaurum Gold Inc. MGG Metals & Mining
Mincom Capital Inc. MOI Conglomerates
Mindoro Resources Ltd. MIO Metals & Mining
Minera Alamos Inc. MAI
Minera Alamos Inc. VGM
Mineral Hill Industries Ltd. MHI Metals & Mining
Mineral Mountain Resources Ltd. MMV
Minfocus Exploration Corp. MFX Metals & Mining
Minsud Resources Corp. MSR
Miocene Metals Limited MII Metals & Mining
Mira Resources Corp. MRP Oil & Gas - E&P
Miraculins Inc. MOM Medical Diagnostics & Research
Miranda Gold Corp. MAD Metals & Mining
Mirasol Resources Ltd. MRZ Metals & Mining
Mission Ready Services Inc. MRS
Mkango Resources Ltd. MKA Metals & Mining
MNP Petroleum Corporation MNP
Mobius Resources Inc. MBS
Monarch Energy Limited MNL Oil & Gas - E&P
Monarques Resources Inc. MQR Metals & Mining
Mongolia Growth Group Ltd. YAK Real Estate Services
Monster Mining Corp. MAN Metals & Mining
Monster Uranium Corp. MU Metals & Mining
Mountain Capital Corp. MO.P Asset Management
Montana Exploration Corp. MTZ
Montero Mining and Exploration Ltd. MON
Monument Mining Limited MMY Metals & Mining
Mooncor Oil & Gas Corp. MOO Oil & Gas - E&P
Morgan Resources Corp. MOR Metals & Mining
Morien Resources Corp. MOX Coal
Morro Bay Resources Ltd. MRB Metals & Mining
Morumbi Resources Inc. MOC Oil & Gas - E&P
Mosaic Capital Corporation M Asset Management
Mount Dakota Energy Corp. MMO Oil & Gas - E&P
Mountain Boy Minerals Ltd. MTB Metals & Mining
Mountain China Resorts (Holding) Limited MCG Travel & Leisure
Mountainview Energy Ltd. MVW Oil & Gas - E&P
Movarie Capital Ltd. MOV.P Conglomerates
MPH Ventures Corp. MPS Metals & Mining
MPVC Inc. UNO Metals & Mining
MRRM Inc. MRR Retail - Defensive
Multivision Communications Corp. MTV Conglomerates
Mundoro Capital Inc. MUN Metals & Mining
Murgor Resources Inc. MGR Metals & Mining
Musgrove Minerals Corp. MGS Metals & Mining
Mustang Minerals Corp. MUM Metals & Mining


NaiKun Wind Energy Group Inc. NKW
Nanotech Security Corp. NTS
Nanton Nickel Corp. NAC Metals & Mining
Napier Ventures Inc. NAP Metals & Mining
Natan Resources Ltd. NRL Conglomerates
Natcore Technology Inc. NXT Semiconductors
Naturally Splendid Enterprises Ltd. NSP Consumer Packaged Goods
Navasota Resources Inc. NAV Metals & Mining
Navy Resources Corp. NVY Metals & Mining
Nebu Resources Inc. NBU Metals & Mining
Nemaska Lithium Inc. NMX
Neovasc Inc. NVC Medical Devices
Nesscap Energy Inc. NCE
Network Exploration Ltd. NET Metals & Mining
Network Media Group Inc. NTE Entertainment
Nevada Clean Magnesium Inc. NVM Metals & Mining
Nevada Exploration Inc. NGE Metals & Mining
Nevada Sunrise Gold Corporation. NEV Metals & Mining
Nevado Resources Corporation VDO Metals & Mining
New Carolin Gold Corp. LAD Metals & Mining
New Destiny Mining Corp. NED Metals & Mining
New Dimension Resources Ltd. NDR Oil & Gas - E&P
New Era Minerals Inc. NEM Metals & Mining
New Guinea Gold Corporation NGG Metals & Mining
New Klondike Exploration Ltd. NK Metals & Mining
New Nadina Explorations Limited NNA Metals & Mining
New Oroperu Resources Inc. ORO Metals & Mining
New West Energy Services Inc. NWE Oil & Gas - Services
New World Resource Corp. NW Metals & Mining
New Zealand Energy Corp. NZ
Newcastle Energy Corp. NGY Oil & Gas - E&P
Newmac Resources Inc. NER Metals & Mining
Newmarket Gold Inc. NGN Metals & Mining
NewNorth Projects Ltd. NNP Real Estate Services
Newport Exploration Ltd. NWX Metals & Mining
Newstrike Capital Inc. NES Metals & Mining
Newstrike Resources Ltd. NR Metals & Mining
Newton Energy Corporation NTN Oil & Gas - E&P
NexGen Energy Ltd. NXE
NexGen Financial Corporation NFX Asset Management
NexgenRx Inc. NXG Health Care Plans
Nextraction Energy Corp. NE Oil & Gas - E&P
Niagara Ventures Corporation NIA.P Conglomerates
Nickel North Exploration Corp. NNX Metals & Mining
Nighthawk Gold Corp. NHK Metals & Mining
Nightingale Informatix Corporation NGH Application Software
Nikos Explorations Ltd. NIK Metals & Mining
Niocorp Developments Ltd. NB Metals & Mining
Niogold Mining Corp. NOX Metals & Mining
Nippon Dragon Resources Inc. NIP Metals & Mining
Nitinat Minerals Corporation NZZ Metals & Mining
NMC Resource Corporation NRC
Nobel Real Estate Investment Trust NEL.UN REITs
Noble Iron Inc. NIR Consulting & Outsourcing
Noble Metal Group Incorporated NMG Metals & Mining
Noble Mineral Exploration Inc. NOB Metals & Mining
Noka Resources Inc. NX Metals & Mining
Nomad Ventures Inc. NMD Metals & Mining
Noram Ventures Inc. NRM Metals & Mining
Nordex Explosives Ltd. NXX Chemicals
Nordic Oil and Gas Ltd. NOG Oil & Gas - E&P
Noront Resources Ltd. NOT Metals & Mining
Nortec Minerals Corp. NVT
North American Nickel Inc. NAN
North American Potash Developments Inc. NPD Metals & Mining
North American Tungsten Corporation Ltd. NTC Metals & Mining
North Arrow Minerals Inc. NAR
North Country Gold Corp. NCG Metals & Mining
North Group Finance Limited NOR Banks
North Sea Energy Inc. NUK
North Sur Resources Inc. NST Metals & Mining
Northampton Group Inc. NHG Travel & Leisure
Northaven Resources Corp. NTV Metals & Mining
Northcore Resources Inc. NCR Metals & Mining
Northern Abitibi Mining Corp. NAI Metals & Mining
Northern Financial Corporation NFC Brokers & Exchanges
Northern Freegold Resources Ltd. NFR Metals & Mining
Northern Frontier Corp. FFF Engineering & Construction
Northern Gold Mining Inc. NGM Metals & Mining
Northern Graphite Corporation NGC Metals & Mining
Northern Iron Corp. NFE Metals & Mining
Northern Lion Gold Corp. NL Metals & Mining
Northern Shield Resources Inc. NRN Metals & Mining
Northern Spirit Resources Inc. NS Oil & Gas - E&P
Northern Sun Mining Corp. NSC Metals & Mining
Northern Superior Resources Inc. SUP
Northern Vertex Mining Corp. NEE
Northfield Capital Corporation NFD.A Asset Management
NorthIsle Copper and Gold Inc. NCX Metals & Mining
Northquest Ltd. NQ Metals & Mining
NorthWest International Healthcare Properties REIT MOB.DB
Nouveau Monde Mining Enterprises Inc. NOU
NovaDX Ventures Corp. NDX
Novra Technologies Inc. NVI Communication Equipment
NQ Exploration Inc. NQE Metals & Mining
NSGold Corporation NSX Metals & Mining
NSI Strategic Investments Ltd. NLL Real Estate Services
NSX Silver Inc. NSY Metals & Mining
NTG Clarity Networks Inc. NCI Communication Services
Nubian Resources Ltd. NBR Metals & Mining
NuLegacy Gold Corporation NUG Metals & Mining
Nunavik Nickel Mines Ltd. KZZ Metals & Mining
Nuva Pharmaceuticals Inc. NPH Drug Manufacturers
Nuvolt Corporation Inc. NCO Industrial Products
NV Gold Corporation NVX Metals & Mining
NWest Energy Corp. NWN
NWM Mining Corporation NWM Metals & Mining
NWT Uranium Corp. NWT Conglomerates
NXT Energy Solutions Inc. SFD Oil & Gas - Services


Oakmont Minerals Corp. OMK Conglomerates
Oceanic Iron Ore Corp. FEO Steel
Oceanside Capital Corp. OCC Metals & Mining
Oceanus Resources Corporation OCN Metals & Mining
Octant Energy Corp. OEL Oil & Gas - E&P
Oculus VisionTech Inc. OVT Entertainment
Odesia Group Inc. ODS Application Software
Odin Mining and Exploration Ltd. ODN Metals & Mining
Offsetters Climate Solutions Inc. COO
Oil Optimization Inc. OOI
Olivut Resources Ltd. OLV Metals & Mining
Omineca Mining and Metals Ltd. OMM Metals & Mining
Omni-Lite Industries Canada Inc. OML
One World Investments Inc. OWI Oil & Gas - Drilling
OneCap Investment Corporation OIC.P Asset Management
ONEnergy Inc. OEG Utilities - Regulated
OneRoof Energy Group, Inc. ON Credit Services
Opawica Explorations Inc. OPW Metals & Mining
Open Gold Corp. OPG Metals & Mining
OPSENS Inc. OPS Computer Hardware
Oracle Energy Corp. OEC Oil & Gas - E&P
Orca Exploration Group Inc. ORC.A Oil & Gas - E&P
Orca Gold Inc. ORG
Orefinders Resources Inc. ORX Metals & Mining
Oremex Silver Inc. OAG Metals & Mining
Orestone Mining Corp. ORS Metals & Mining
Orex Exploration Inc. OX Metals & Mining
Orex Minerals Inc. REX Metals & Mining
Oriana Resources Corporation OUP.P
Oroco Resource Corp. OCO Metals & Mining
Orofino Minerals Inc. ORR Metals & Mining
Oronova Resource Corp. ONV Metals & Mining
Otis Gold Corp. OOO Metals & Mining
Otterburn Resources Corp. OBN Metals & Mining
Ovid Capital Ventures Inc. OCA.P
Oxford Resources Inc. OXI Metals & Mining
Oyster Oil and Gas Ltd. OY Oil & Gas - E&P


Pacgen Life Science Corporation PBS Biotechnology
Pacific Arc Resources Ltd. PAV Metals & Mining
Pacific Bay Minerals Ltd. PBM Metals & Mining
Pacific Booker Minerals Inc. BKM
Pacific Cascade Minerals Inc. PCV Metals & Mining
Pacific Coal Resources Ltd. PAK Coal
Pacific Comox Resources Ltd. PCM Metals & Mining
Pacific Imperial Mines Inc. PPM Metals & Mining
Pacific Iron Ore Corporation POC
Pacific North West Capital Corp. PFN Metals & Mining
Pacific Paradym Energy Inc. PPE Oil & Gas - E&P
Pacific Potash Corporation PP
Pacific Ridge Exploration Ltd. PEX Metals & Mining
Pacific Safety Products Inc. PSP Consulting & Outsourcing
Pacific Vector Holdings Inc. PVH Retail - Apparel & Specialty
Pacific Wildcat Resources Corp. PAW Metals & Mining
Paget Minerals Corp. PGS Metals & Mining
Palladon Ventures Ltd. PLL Metals & Mining
Palliser Oil & Gas Corporation PXL Oil & Gas - E&P
Pan African Oil Ltd. PAO Oil & Gas - E&P
Pan American Fertilizer Corp. PFE Agriculture
Pan Global Resources Inc. PGZ Metals & Mining
Pan Orient Energy Corp. POE Oil & Gas - E&P
Pancontinental Uranium Corporation PUC Metals & Mining
Pangolin Diamonds Corp. PAN
Panoro Minerals Ltd. PML Metals & Mining
PanTerra Resource Corp. PRC Oil & Gas - E&P
Pantheon Ventures Ltd. PVX Metals & Mining
Papuan Precious Metals Corp. PAU Metals & Mining
Para Resources Inc. PBR Metals & Mining
Parallel Mining Corp. PAL Metals & Mining
Paris Energy Inc. PI Oil & Gas - E&P
Park Lawn Corporation PLC Personal Services
Parkit Enterprise Inc. PKT Personal Services
Parkside Resources Corporation PKS Metals & Mining
Parlane Resource Corp. PPP Metals & Mining
Partner Jet Corp. PJT Transportation & Logistics
Partners Value Fund Inc. PVF Asset Management
Passport Energy Ltd. PPO Oil & Gas - E&P
Passport Potash Inc. PPI Metals & Mining
Patient Home Monitoring Corp. PHM Medical Devices
Patriot Petroleum Corp. PPC Oil & Gas - E&P
PC Gold Inc. PKL Metals & Mining
Peak Positioning Technologies Inc. PKK
Pearl River Holdings Limited PRH Autos
Peat Resources Limited PET Conglomerates
Pediapharm Inc. PDP Biotechnology
Pelangio Exploration Inc. PX Metals & Mining
Pele Mountain Resources Inc. GEM Metals & Mining
Pender Growth Fund (VCC) Inc. PTF Asset Management
Penfold Capital Acquisition IV Corporation SEL Conglomerates
Pennine Petroleum Corporation PNN Oil & Gas - E&P
People Corporation PEO Business Services
Pepcap Ventures Inc. WAV.P Conglomerates
Perlite Canada Inc. PCI Metals & Mining
Pershimco Resources Inc. PRO Metals & Mining
Peruvian Precious Metals Corp. PPX Metals & Mining
Petra Petroleum Inc. PTL Oil & Gas - E&P
Petrichor Energy Inc. PTP Oil & Gas - E&P
Petro One Energy Corp. POP Oil & Gas - E&P
Petro Viking Energy Inc. VIK
Petro Vista Energy Corp. PTV Oil & Gas - E&P
Petroamerica Oil Corp. PTA
Petrodorado Energy Ltd. PDQ Oil & Gas - E&P
PetroFrontier Corp. PFC Oil & Gas - E&P
Petrolia Inc. PEA Oil & Gas - E&P
Petrolympic Ltd. PCQ Oil & Gas - E&P
Petromanas Energy Inc. PMI Oil & Gas - E&P
Petromin Resources Ltd. PTR Oil & Gas - E&P
PetroNova Inc. PNA
PetroShale Inc. PSH Oil & Gas - E&P
Petrostar Petroleum Corporation PEP Oil & Gas - E&P
Petrox Resources Corp. PTC Oil & Gas - E&P
Philippine Metals Inc. PHI Metals & Mining
Phoenix Canada Oil Company Limited PCO Oil & Gas - E&P
Phoenix Gold Resources Corp. PXA Metals & Mining
Phoenix Metals Corporation PHC Metals & Mining
Photon Control Inc. PHO Computer Hardware
Pine Cliff Energy Ltd PNE Oil & Gas - E&P
Pinecrest Energy Inc. PRY
Pinecrest Resources Ltd. PCR
Pinestar Gold Inc. PNS Metals & Mining
Pioneering Technology Corp. PTE
Pistol Bay Mining Inc. PST Metals & Mining
Pitchblack Resources Ltd. PIT Metals & Mining
Pivot Technology Solutions, Inc. PTG
PJX Resources Inc. PJX
Planet Mining Exploration Inc. PXI Metals & Mining
Plata Latina Minerals Corporation PLA
Plate Resources Inc. PLR Metals & Mining
Platinex Inc. PTX Metals & Mining
Platino Energy Corp. PZE Oil & Gas - E&P
Platinum Communications Corporation PCS Communication Services
Plato Gold Corp. PGC Metals & Mining
Playfair Mining Ltd. PLY Metals & Mining
Plicit Capital Corp. PLP.P
Plymouth Realty Capital Corp. PH.P Conglomerates
PNG Gold Corporation PGK Metals & Mining
POCML 2 Inc. PCC.P Conglomerates
POET Technologies Inc. PTK Semiconductors
Poplar Creek Resources Inc. PCK Oil & Gas - E&P
Porto Energy Corp. PEC Oil & Gas - E&P
Portola Resources Inc. PZ Metals & Mining
Poydras Gaming Finance Corp. PYD Travel & Leisure
PRD Energy Inc. PRD
Precipitate Gold Corp. PRG Metals & Mining
Premium Exploration Inc. PEM Metals & Mining
Prima Colombia Hardwood Inc. PCT Forest Products
Prima Fluorspar Corp. PF
Prime Meridian Resources Corp. PMR Metals & Mining
Primeline Energy Holdings Inc. PEH Oil & Gas - E&P
Prism Medical Ltd. PM Medical Instruments & Equipment
Pro Real Estate Investment Trust PRV.UN
Pro-Trans Ventures Inc. PVI Transportation & Logistics
ProAm Explorations Corporation PMX Oil & Gas - E&P
Probe Mines Limited PRB Metals & Mining
Prominex Resource Corp. PXR Metals & Mining
ProntoForms Corporation PFM
Prospect Park Capital Corp. PPK.P Conglomerates
Prospector Resources Corp. PRR Metals & Mining
Prosper Gold Corp. PGX Metals & Mining
Prosperity Goldfields Corp PPG Metals & Mining
Prospero Silver Corp. PSL
Providence Resources Corp. PV Metals & Mining
Puma Exploration Inc. PUM Metals & Mining
Pure Energy Minerals Limited PE Metals & Mining
Pure Multi-Family REIT LP RUF.DB.U
Pure Nickel Inc. NIC Metals & Mining
Purepoint Uranium Group Inc. PTU Metals & Mining
Pyng Medical Corp. PYT Medical Devices
PyroGenesis Canada Inc. PYR


Q Investments Ltd. QI Oil & Gas - Drilling
Q-Gold Resources Ltd. QGR Metals & Mining
QHR Corporation QHR
QMC Quantum Minerals Corp. QMC Metals & Mining
QMX Gold Corporation QMX
Quadro Resources Ltd. QRO Metals & Mining
Quanta Resources Inc. QR Metals & Mining
Quartet Resources Limited QRL.P Conglomerates
Quartz Mountain Resources Ltd. QZM Metals & Mining
Quarterra Resources Inc. QTA Metals & Mining
Quattro Exploration and Production Ltd. QXP Oil & Gas - E&P
Quest PharmaTech Inc. QPT Biotechnology
Questfire Energy Corp. Q.A Oil & Gas - E&P
Questor Technology Inc. QST Industrial Products
Quia Resources Inc. QIA Metals & Mining
Quinto Real Capital Corporation QIT Conglomerates
Quizam Media Corporation QQ Education
Quorum Information Technologies Inc. QIS Application Software


Rackla Metals Inc. RAK Metals & Mining
Radiant Technologies Inc. RTI Asset Management
Radisson Mining Resources Inc. RDS Metals & Mining
Radius Gold Inc. RDU Metals & Mining
Raimount Energy Inc. RMT Oil & Gas - E&P
Rainbow Resources Inc. RBW Metals & Mining
Rainmaker Entertainment Inc. RNK Entertainment
Rainmaker Resources Ltd. RMG Metals & Mining
Rainy Mountain Royalty Corp. RMO Metals & Mining
Raise Production Inc. RPC
Rambler Metals and Mining plc RAB Metals & Mining
Ranaz Corporation RNZ Drug Manufacturers
Randsburg International Gold Corp. RGZ Metals & Mining
Rapier Gold Inc. RPR Metals & Mining
Rathdowney Resources Ltd. RTH Metals & Mining
RDX Technologies Corporation RDX Waste Management
Reco International Group Inc. RGI Engineering & Construction
Red Eagle Mining Corporation RD Metals & Mining
Red Hut Metals Inc. ROB Metals & Mining
Red Mile Minerals Corp. RDM
Red Moon Potash Inc. RMK Metals & Mining
Red Oak Mining Corp. ROC Oil & Gas - E&P
Red Pine Exploration Inc. RPX
Red Pine Petroleum Ltd. RPN Oil & Gas - E&P
Red Rock Capital Corp. RCC.P Conglomerates
Red Rock Energy Inc. RRK Metals & Mining
Red Tiger Mining Inc. RMN Metals & Mining
Redhill Resources Corp. RHR Metals & Mining
Redishred Capital Corp. KUT Business Services
Redstar Gold Corp. RGC Metals & Mining
Redwater Energy Corp. RED Oil & Gas - E&P
Redzone Resources Ltd. REZ Metals & Mining
Reg Technologies Inc. RRE Industrial Products
Regent Pacific Properties Inc. RPP Real Estate Services
Regent Ventures Ltd. REV Metals & Mining
Regulus Resources Inc. REG
Reko International Group Inc. REK Industrial Products
Relentless Resources Ltd. RRL Oil & Gas - Integrated
Reliance Resources Limited RI
Reliant Gold Corp. REC Metals & Mining
Remington Resources Inc. RGM Metals & Mining
Remo Resources Inc. RER Metals & Mining
RenoWorks Software Inc. RW Application Software
RepliCel Life Sciences Inc. RP Biotechnology
Reservoir Capital Corp. REO Utilities - Regulated
Reservoir Minerals Inc. RMC
Resinco Capital Partners Inc. RIN Asset Management
Resolve Ventures Inc. RSV Metals & Mining
Respect Your Universe Inc. RYU Manufacturing - Apparel & Furniture
Reunion Gold Corporation RGD Metals & Mining
Reva Resources Corp. RVA Metals & Mining
Revive Therapeutics Ltd. RVV Biotechnology
Revolver Resources Inc. RZ Metals & Mining
Rheingold Exploration Corp. RGE Metals & Mining
Rhyolite Resources Ltd. RYE Metals & Mining
Richco Investors Inc. RII.A Conglomerates
Richmond Minerals Inc. RMD Metals & Mining
Richmond Road Capital Corp. RRD.P Conglomerates
RIFCO Inc. RFC Credit Services
Rio Cristal Resources Corporation RCZ Metals & Mining
Rio Grande Mining Corp. RGV Metals & Mining
Rio Silver Inc. RYO
Riverside Resources Inc. RRI Metals & Mining
RJK Explorations Ltd. RJX.A Metals & Mining
Robex Resources Inc. RBX Metals & Mining
Rochester Resources Ltd. RCT Metals & Mining
Rock Tech Lithium Inc. RCK
RockBridge Resources Inc. RBE Oil & Gas - E&P
Rockcliff Resources Inc. RCR Metals & Mining
Rockefeller Hughes Corporation RHC Oil & Gas - E&P
Rockhaven Resources Ltd. RK Metals & Mining
Rockland Minerals Corp. RL Metals & Mining
Rockridge Capital Corp. RRC Metals & Mining
Rocky Mountain Liquor Inc. RUM Retail - Apparel & Specialty
Rodinia Lithium Inc. RM Metals & Mining
Rodinia Oil Corp. ROZ Oil & Gas - E&P
Rogue Resources Inc. RRS Metals & Mining
Rokmaster Resources Corp. RKR
Rome Resources Ltd. RMR Metals & Mining
Romios Gold Resources Inc. RG Metals & Mining
Romulus Resources Ltd. ROM Metals & Mining
Rooster Energy Ltd. COQ
Rosa Capital Inc. RSA.P Conglomerates
Ross River Minerals Inc. RRM Metals & Mining
Rotation Minerals Ltd. ROT Metals & Mining
Rouge Resources Ltd. ROU Metals & Mining
Route1 Inc. ROI Application Software
Roxgold Inc. ROG
Royal Lifescience Corp. RLS.P
Royal Sapphire Corp. RSL Metals & Mining
RSI International Systems Inc. RSY Application Software
RT Minerals Corp. RTM Metals & Mining
Rugby Mining Limited RUG Metals & Mining
Run of River Power Inc. ROR Utilities - Independent Power Producers
Running Fox Resource Corp. RUN Metals & Mining
Rupert Resources Ltd. RUP Metals & Mining
Rusoro Mining Ltd. RML Metals & Mining
Russell Breweries Inc. RB Beverages - Alcoholic
Ryan Gold Corp. RYG Metals & Mining
Rye Patch Gold Corp. RPM Metals & Mining


Sable Resources Ltd. SAE Metals & Mining
Sabre Graphite Corp. SAG
Saccharum Energy Corp. SHM Oil & Gas - E&P
Sacre-Coeur Minerals, Ltd. SCM Metals & Mining
Sage Gold Inc. SGX Metals & Mining
Sahara Energy Ltd. SAH Oil & Gas - E&P
Saint Jean Carbon Inc. SJL Metals & Mining
Salazar Resources Limited SRL Metals & Mining
Sama Resources Inc./Ressources Sama Inc. SME Metals & Mining
Samco Gold Limited SGA Metals & Mining
Samoth Oilfield Inc. SCD Oil & Gas - E&P
San Antonio Ventures Inc. SAN Metals & Mining
San Marco Resources Inc. SMN Metals & Mining
Sanatana Resources Inc. STA Metals & Mining
Sandspring Resources Ltd. SSP Metals & Mining
Sangoma Technologies Corporation STC Communication Equipment
Santa Barbara Resources Limited SBL
Santa Fe Metals Corporation SFM Metals & Mining
Santacruz Silver Mining Ltd. SCZ
Sarama Resources Ltd. SWA
Satori Resources Inc. BUD
Saturn Minerals Inc. SMI Oil & Gas - E&P
Savant Explorations Ltd. SVT Metals & Mining
Savary Gold Corp. SCA Metals & Mining
Saville Resources Inc. SRE Metals & Mining
Savoy Ventures Inc. SVO Metals & Mining
Scorpio Gold Corporation SGN
Scorpion Resources Inc SR.P Conglomerates
Sea Breeze Power Corp. SBX Utilities - Independent Power Producers
Sea Dragon Energy Inc. SDX
Seafield Resources Ltd. SFF Metals & Mining
Seair Inc. SDS Industrial Products
Search Minerals Inc. SMY Metals & Mining
Seaway Energy Services Inc. SEW
Secova Metals Corp. SEK
Section Rouge Media Inc. SRO Advertising & Marketing Services
Security Devices International Inc. SDZ Aerospace & Defense
Sedex Mining Corp. SDN Metals & Mining
Sego Resources Inc. SGZ Metals & Mining
SelectCore Ltd. SCG Communication Services
Selwyn Resources Ltd. SWN Metals & Mining
Senator Minerals Inc. SNR Metals & Mining
Sendero Mining Corp. SM Metals & Mining
Sennen Potash Corporation SN Metals & Mining
Sensio Technologies Inc. SIO Computer Hardware
Serengeti Resources Inc. SIR Metals & Mining
Serenic Corporation SER Application Software
Sernova Corp. SVA Medical Diagnostics & Research
SFR Energy Ltd. SFQ.P Conglomerates
SG Spirit Gold Inc. SG Metals & Mining
SGX Resources Inc. SXR Metals & Mining
ShaMaran Petroleum Corp. SNM Oil & Gas - E&P
Shaw Communications Inc. SJR.A
Shogun Capital Corp. SHO.P Oil & Gas - E&P
Shoshoni Gold Ltd. SHJ Metals & Mining
Sienna Resources Inc. SIE
Sierra Iron Ore Corporation NAA Metals & Mining
Sierra Madre Developments Inc. SMG Metals & Mining
Sigma Industries Inc. SSG Industrial Products
Signal Exploration Inc SNL Metals & Mining
Signature Resources Ltd. SGU Metals & Mining
Silk Road Energy Inc. SLK Conglomerates
Silver Fields Resources Inc. SF Metals & Mining
Silver Grail Resources Ltd. SVG Metals & Mining
Silver Mountain Mines Inc. SMM Metals & Mining
Silver Predator Corp. SPD Metals & Mining
Silver Pursuit Resources Ltd. SPF Metals & Mining
Silver Range Resources Ltd. SNG Metals & Mining
Silver Shield Resources Corp. SSR Metals & Mining
Silver Spruce Resources Inc. SSE Metals & Mining
Silvermet Inc. SYI Metals & Mining
SilverWillow Energy Corporation SWE Oil & Gas - E&P
Simavita Limited SV Medical Devices
Simba Energy Inc. SMB Oil & Gas - E&P
Simba Gold Corp. SGD Metals & Mining
Sintana Energy Inc. SNN
Sirios Resources Inc. SOI Metals & Mining
Sirona Biochem Corp. SBM Biotechnology
Skeena Resources Limited SKE Metals & Mining
Skyharbour Resources Ltd. SYH Metals & Mining
SLAM Exploration Ltd. SXL Metals & Mining
Slater Mining Corporation SLM
Smart Employee Benefits Inc. SEB
SmartCool Systems Inc. SSC Computer Hardware
Sniper Resources Ltd. SIP Metals & Mining
SnipGold Corp. SGG Metals & Mining
Snipp Interactive Inc. SPN Advertising & Marketing Services
Sofame Technologies Inc. SDW Industrial Products
Softrock Minerals Ltd. SFT Oil & Gas - E&P
Sojourn Ventures Inc. SOJ
Sokoman Iron Corp. SIC
Solarvest BioEnergy Inc. SVS Conglomerates
Solid Resources Ltd. SRW Metals & Mining
Solimar Energy Limited SXS Oil & Gas - E&P
Solomon Resources Limited SRB Metals & Mining
Soltoro Ltd. SOL Metals & Mining
Solvista Gold Corporation SVV Metals & Mining
SoMedia Networks Inc. VID Entertainment
Sona Resources Corp. SYS Metals & Mining
Sonde Resources Corp. SOQ Oil & Gas - E&P
Sonoma Resources Inc. SRQ Metals & Mining
Sonor Investments Limited SNI.PR.A Asset Management
Sonora Gold & Silver Corp. SOC
Sonoro Energy Ltd. SNV Oil & Gas - E&P
Sonoro Metals Corp. SMO Metals & Mining
Source Exploration Corp. SOP Metals & Mining
Southern Arc Minerals Inc. SA Metals & Mining
Southern Legacy Minerals Inc. LCY Metals & Mining
Southern Silver Exploration Corp. SSV Metals & Mining
Southern Sun Minerals Inc. SSI Asset Management
SouthTech Capital Corporation STU.P Conglomerates
Spackman Equities Group Inc. SQG Asset Management
Spanish Mountain Gold Ltd. SPA Metals & Mining
Sparrow Ventures Corp. SPW Metals & Mining
Spartan Energy Corp. SPE Oil & Gas - E&P
Sparton Resources Inc. SRI Metals & Mining
Spearmint Resources Inc. SRJ Metals & Mining
Spectra Inc. SSA Autos
Spectra7 Microsystems Inc. SEV Semiconductors
Sphere 3D Corporation ANY
Spirit Bear Capital Corp. SBG.P Conglomerates
Sportscene Group Inc. SPS.A Restaurants
Spot Coffee (Canada) Ltd. SPP
Spruce Ridge Resources Ltd. SHL Metals & Mining
Sprylogics International Corp. SPY Application Software
Spur Ventures Inc. SVU Metals & Mining
SQI Diagnostics Inc. SQD Medical Diagnostics & Research
SSP Offshore Inc. SSZ Oil & Gas - Drilling
St. Elias Mines Ltd. SLI Metals & Mining
Stakeholder Gold Corp. SRC
Standard Exploration Ltd. SDE Oil & Gas - E&P
Standard Graphite Corporation SGH Metals & Mining
Standard Tolling Corp. TON
Stans Energy Corp. HRE Metals & Mining
Star Navigation Systems Group Ltd. SNA
Starlight U.S. Multi-Family (No.2) Core Fund SUD.A
Starlight U.S. Multi-Family Core Fund UMF.A
Statesman Resources Ltd. SRR Oil & Gas - E&P
Stealth Minerals Limited SML Metals & Mining
Stealth Ventures Inc. SLV Oil & Gas - E&P
Stellar AfricaGold Inc. SPX Oil & Gas - Drilling
Stellar Biotechnologies, Inc. KLH Biotechnology
Stelmine Canada Ltd. STH Metals & Mining
Stem 7 Capital Inc. CI Metals & Mining
Sterling Resources Ltd. SLG Oil & Gas - E&P
Stetson Oil & Gas Ltd. SSN Oil & Gas - Drilling
Stikine Energy Corp. SKY Oil & Gas - Services
Stina Resources Ltd. SQA Metals & Mining
StorageVault Canada Inc. SVI Consulting & Outsourcing
Storm Resources Ltd. SRX
Strait Minerals Inc. SRD Metals & Mining
Strata Minerals Inc. SMP Metals & Mining
Strata-X Energy Ltd. SXE Oil & Gas - E&P
Stratabound Minerals Corp. SB Metals & Mining
Strategem Capital Corporation SGE Asset Management
Strategic Metals Ltd. SMD Metals & Mining
Strategic Oil & Gas Ltd. SOG Oil & Gas - E&P
Strategic Resources Inc. STI Metals & Mining
Stratton Capital Corp. SNK.P Conglomerates
Stratton Resources Inc. SI
Stream Oil & Gas Ltd. SKO Oil & Gas - E&P
Stria Lithium Inc. SRA Conglomerates
Strike Graphite Corp. SRK
Strikepoint Gold Inc. SKP Metals & Mining
Strikewell Energy Corp. SKK Oil & Gas - E&P
Strongbow Exploration Inc. SBW Metals & Mining
Stroud Resources Ltd. SDR Metals & Mining
STT Enviro Corp. STT Industrial Products
Sultan Minerals Inc. SUL Metals & Mining
Summus Solutions N.V. SS Oil & Gas - E&P
Sun Entertainment Holding Corporation SED Entertainment
Sundance Energy Corporation SNY Oil & Gas - E&P
Sunora Foods Inc. SNF
Sunridge Gold Corp. SGC Metals & Mining
Sunrise Resources Ltd. SHI Metals & Mining
Sunset Cove Mining Inc. SSM Metals & Mining
Sunset Pacific Petroleum Ltd. SPK Oil & Gas - E&P
Sunshine Agri-Tech Inc. SAI
Suparna Gold Corp. SUG Metals & Mining
Superior Copper Corporation SPC Metals & Mining
Superior Mining International Corporation SUI Metals & Mining
Suroco Energy Inc. SRN
Surrey Capital Corp. SYC Metals & Mining
Sustainco Inc. SMS Building Materials
Sutter Gold Mining Inc. SGM Metals & Mining
Swift Resources Inc. SWR Metals & Mining
Sylogist Ltd. SYZ Application Software
Symax Lift (Holding) Co. Ltd. SYL
Symbility Solutions Inc. SY Application Software
Symbio Capital Corp. SYB.P Conglomerates
Synodon Inc. SYD Computer Hardware


TAD Mineral Exploration Inc. TJ Metals & Mining
Taipan Resources Inc. TPN Oil & Gas - E&P
Tajiri Resources Corp. TAJ
Takara Resources Inc. TKK Metals & Mining
Taku Gold Corp. TAK
Tamarack Valley Energy Ltd. TVE Oil & Gas - E&P
Tanager Energy Inc. TAN
Tango Gold Mines Incorporated TGV Metals & Mining
Tanqueray Exploration Ltd. TQY Metals & Mining
Tanzania Minerals Corp. TZM
Taranis Resources Inc. TRO Metals & Mining
Target Capital Inc. TCI Asset Management
Tarsis Resources Ltd. TCC Metals & Mining
Tasca Resources Ltd. TAC
Tasman Metals Ltd. TSM Metals & Mining
Tawsho Mining Inc. TAW Metals & Mining
Tearlach Resources Limited TEA Metals & Mining
Technical Ventures RX Corp. TIK.P Asset Management
Telehop Communications Inc. HOP Communication Services
Telson Resources Inc. TSN Metals & Mining
Tembo Gold Corp. TEM Metals & Mining
Temex Resources Corp. TME Metals & Mining
Teras Resources Inc. TRA Metals & Mining
Terra Firma Capital Corporation TII
Terra Firma Resources Inc. TFR Metals & Mining
Terra Nova Energy Ltd. TGC Oil & Gas - E&P
Terrace Energy Corp. TZR Oil & Gas - E&P
Terraco Gold Corp. TEN Metals & Mining
Terrax Minerals Inc. TXR Metals & Mining
Terreno Resources Corp. TNO Metals & Mining
Teryl Resources Corp. TRC Metals & Mining
Teslin River Resources Corp. TLR Metals & Mining
Tesoro Minerals Corp. TES
Teuton Resources Corp. TUO Metals & Mining
The Mint Corporation MIT
The Westaim Corporation WED Insurance - Property & Casualty
Theia Resources Ltd. THH Metals & Mining
Thelon Capital Ltd. THC Metals & Mining
Themac Resources Group Limited MAC Metals & Mining
Theralase Technologies Inc. TLT Medical Devices
Thermal Energy International Inc. TMG Industrial Products
ThermoCeramix Corporation TCX Industrial Products
theScore, Inc. SCR Application Software
Thor Explorations Ltd. THX Metals & Mining
Threegold Resources Inc. THG Metals & Mining
Thunder Mountain Gold, Inc. THM Metals & Mining
Thundermin Resources Inc. THR
Thunderstruck Resources Ltd. AWE Conglomerates
Tiger International Resources Inc. TGR Metals & Mining
Till Capital Ltd. TIL
Tiller Resources Ltd. TIR Metals & Mining
Timberline Resources Corporation TBR Metals & Mining
Tinka Resources Limited TK Metals & Mining
Tinkerine Studios Ltd. TTD Computer Hardware
Tintina Mines Ltd. TTS Metals & Mining
Tintina Resources Inc. TAU Metals & Mining
TIO Networks Corp. TNC Business Services
Tirex Resources Ltd. TXX Metals & Mining
Titan Logix Corp. TLA Industrial Products
Titan Medical Inc. TMD
Titanium Corporation Inc. TIC Metals & Mining
TitanStar Properties Inc. TSP Real Estate Services
Titus Energy Corp. TIS
TLO Capital Corp. TEE.P Asset Management
TNR Gold Corp. TNR Metals & Mining
Tolima Gold Inc. TOM
TomaGold Corporation LOT Metals & Mining
Toro Resources Corp. TRK Metals & Mining
Tosca Mining Corp. TSQ Metals & Mining
Total Telcom Inc. TTZ Communication Equipment
Totally Hip Technologies Inc. THP Application Software
Tower Resources Ltd. TWR Metals & Mining
TransAmerican Energy Inc. TAE Oil & Gas - E&P
Transatlantic Mining Corp. TCO
Transeastern Power Trust TEP.DB
Transeuro Energy Corp. TSU Oil & Gas - E&P
TransGaming Inc. TNG Application Software
Transition Metals Corp. XTM
Traverse Energy Ltd. TVL Oil & Gas - E&P
Tres-Or Resources Ltd. TRS Metals & Mining
Tri Origin Exploration Ltd. TOE Metals & Mining
Tri-River Ventures Inc. TVR Metals & Mining
Tribute Pharmaceuticals Canada Inc. TRX
Tribute Resources Inc. TRB Oil & Gas - Services
Trident Gold Corp. TTG
Trigold Resources Inc. TGD Metals & Mining
TrinCan Capital Corp. TRN Oil & Gas - E&P
Trinity Valley Energy Corp. TE Metals & Mining
Trio Gold Corp. TGK Metals & Mining
Triox Limited TTL.P Conglomerates
TriStar Gold Inc. TSG
Triumph Ventures II Corporation TVT.P Conglomerates
Trius Investments Inc. TRU Waste Management
Troymet Exploration Corp. TYE Metals & Mining
True Gold Mining Inc. TGM
True North Gems Inc. TGX Metals & Mining
Trueclaim Exploration Inc. TRM Metals & Mining
Tsodilo Resources Limited TSD Metals & Mining
TTM Resources Inc. TTQ Metals & Mining
Tumi Resources Limited TM Metals & Mining
Turquoise Capital Corp. TQC.P Conglomerates
Tuscany Energy Ltd. TUS Oil & Gas - Drilling
Tweed Marijuana Inc. TWD Consumer Packaged Goods
Twyford Ventures Inc. TWY Metals & Mining
Tyhee Gold Corp. TDC Metals & Mining
Typhoon Exploration Inc. TYP Metals & Mining


UC Resources Ltd. UC Metals & Mining
Ucore Rare Metals Inc. UCU Metals & Mining
Ultra Lithium Inc. ULI Metals & Mining
Ultra Resources Corp. ULT Metals & Mining
Umbral Energy Corp. UMB Metals & Mining
Unigold Inc. UGD Metals & Mining
Unique Broadband Systems, Inc. UBS Communication Services
Unique Resources Corp. UQ Metals & Mining
Uniserve Communications Corporation USS Communication Services
Unite Capital Corp. UNT.P Conglomerates
United Coal Holdings Limited UCL Metals & Mining
United Hunter Oil & Gas Corp. UHO
Unity Energy Corp. UTY Metals & Mining
Universal Ventures Inc. UN Metals & Mining
Uracan Resources Ltd. URC Metals & Mining
Uragold Bay Resources Inc. UBR Metals & Mining
Uranium Valley Mines Ltd. VZZ
Uravan Minerals Inc. UVN Metals & Mining
Urban Communications Inc. UBN Communication Services
Urban Select Capital Corporation CH Asset Management
Urbanfund Corp. UFC Real Estate Services
Urbanimmersive Technologies Inc. UI Application Software
US Oil Sands Inc. USO Oil & Gas - E&P


Valdor Technology International Inc. VTI Communication Equipment
ValGold Resources Ltd. VAL Metals & Mining
Valhalla Resources Ltd. VH Metals & Mining
Valterra Resource Corporation VQA Metals & Mining
Vanadiumcorp Resources Inc. VRB
Vangold Resources Ltd. VAN Metals & Mining
Vanity Capital Inc. VYC Metals & Mining
Vanoil Energy Ltd. VEL
Vanstar Mining Resources Inc. VSR Metals & Mining
Vantex Resources Ltd. VAX Metals & Mining
Vast Exploration Inc. VST Oil & Gas - E&P
Vatic Ventures Corp. VCV Metals & Mining
Vega Mining Inc. VMI Metals & Mining
Vela Minerals Ltd. VLA
Vendetta Mining Corp. VTT Metals & Mining
Vendome Resources Corp. VDR
VendTek Systems Inc. VSI Application Software
Venerable Ventures Ltd. VLV Metals & Mining
VentriPoint Diagnostics Ltd. VPT Medical Instruments & Equipment
Venturi Ventures Inc. VVV Medical Devices
Verisante Technology, Inc. VRS
VersaPay Corporation VPY Credit Services
Versatile Systems Inc. VV Application Software
Victoria Gold Corp. VIT Metals & Mining
Victory Mountain Ventures Ltd. VMV
Victory Resources Corporation VR Metals & Mining
Victory Ventures Inc. VVN Metals & Mining
Vigil Health Solutions Inc. VGL Medical Instruments & Equipment
Viking Gold Exploration Inc. VGC
Vior inc. (Societe d'exploration Miniere) VIO Metals & Mining
Viper Gold Ltd. VPR Metals & Mining
VIQ Solutions Inc. VQS Application Software
Virginia Energy Resources Inc. VUI Metals & Mining
Viridis Energy Inc. VRD Forest Products
Virtutone Networks Inc. VFX Communication Services
Viscount Mining Corp. VML Metals & Mining
Visible Gold Mines Inc. VGD Metals & Mining
Vitality Products Inc. VPI Biotechnology
Vitreous Glass Inc. VCI Waste Management
Vivione Biosciences Inc. VBI Medical Diagnostics & Research
VMS Ventures Inc. VMS Metals & Mining
Volcanic Metals Corp. VOL Metals & Mining
VRX WorldWide Inc. VRW Online Media
Vulcan Minerals Inc. VUL Oil & Gas - E&P
VVC Exploration Corporation VVC Metals & Mining


Walker River Resources Corp. WRR Metals & Mining
Walmer Capital Corp. WAL.P
Wanted Technologies Corporation WAN Business Services
War Eagle Mining Company Inc. WAR Metals & Mining
Waseco Resources Inc. WRI Metals & Mining
Waterfront Capital Corporation WFG Brokers & Exchanges
Wavefront Technology Solutions Inc. WEE Oil & Gas - Services
Way Ventures Inc. WAY.P Asset Management
Waymar Resources Ltd. WYM Metals & Mining
WB III Acquisition Corp. WXX.P Conglomerates
WCB Resources Ltd. WCB Metals & Mining
Wealth Minerals Ltd. WML Metals & Mining
Welichem Biotech Inc. WBI Medical Diagnostics & Research
Wellgreen Platinum Ltd. WG Metals & Mining
Wescan Energy Corp. WCE
Wescan Goldfields Inc. WGF Metals & Mining
West African Iron Ore Corp. WAI Metals & Mining
West African Resources Limited WAF
West Cirque Resources Ltd. WCQ
West High Yield (W.H.Y.) Resources Ltd. WHY Metals & Mining
West Kirkland Mining Inc. WKM
West Melville Metals Inc. WMM Metals & Mining
West Mountain Capital Corp. WMT Waste Management
West Point Resources Inc. WPO Metals & Mining
WestBond Enterprises Corporation WBE Forest Products
Westbridge Energy Corporation WEB
Westcap Investments Corp. WI.P
Westcore Energy Ltd. WTR Metals & Mining
Western Pacific Resources Corp. WRP Metals & Mining
Western Pacific Trust Company WP Asset Management
Western Troy Capital Resources Inc. WRY Metals & Mining
WesternZagros Resources Ltd. WZR Oil & Gas - E&P
Westham Resources Corp. WHR.P
Westhaven Ventures Inc. WHN Metals & Mining
WestKam Gold Corp. WKG Metals & Mining
Westminster Resources Ltd. WMR Metals & Mining
Westridge Resources Inc. WST Metals & Mining
Weststar Resources Corp. WER Metals & Mining
Wheels Group Inc. WGI Transportation & Logistics
White Metal Resources Corp. WHM Metals & Mining
White Pine Resources Inc. WPR Metals & Mining
White Tiger Mining Corp. WTC Metals & Mining
Wi2Wi Corporation YTY
Wildcat Exploration Ltd. WEL Metals & Mining
Wildlaw Capital CPC 2 Inc. WLD.P Conglomerates
Williams Creek Gold Limited WCX Metals & Mining
Wilton Resources Inc. WIL Oil & Gas - E&P
Winalta Inc. WTA Oil & Gas - Services
Wind River Energy Corp. WVR Oil & Gas - E&P
Windfire Capital Corp. WIF
Wise Oakwood Ventures Inc. WOW.P Asset Management
Wolf Resource Development Corp. WRD
Wolfden Resources Corporation WLF Metals & Mining
Wolfeye Resource Corp. WEY Metals & Mining
Wolfpack Capital Corp. WLP.P Conglomerates
Wolfpack Gold Corp. WFP
Wolverine Minerals Corp. WLV Metals & Mining
WPC Resources Inc. WPQ Metals & Mining


X-Terra Resources Corporation XT Metals & Mining
Xcite Energy Limited XEL Oil & Gas - E&P
Xebec Adsorption Inc. XBC Industrial Products
Xemplar Energy Corp. XE Metals & Mining
Xiana Mining Inc. XIA Metals & Mining
Ximen Mining Corp. XIM Metals & Mining
Xmet Inc. XME
XPEL Technologies Corp. DAP.U Autos
Xtierra Inc. XAG Metals & Mining
XXL Energy Corp. XL Oil & Gas - Integrated
Xylitol Canada Inc. XYL Consumer Packaged Goods


Yangaroo Inc. YOO Business Services
Yangarra Resources Ltd. YGR Oil & Gas - E&P
YDreams Global Interactive Technologies Inc. YD Digital Technology
Yoho Resources Inc. YO Oil & Gas - E&P
Yongsheng Capital Inc. YSC.P Conglomerates
Yorkton Ventures Inc. YVI Brokers & Exchanges


Zadar Ventures Ltd. ZAD Metals & Mining
Zaio Corporation ZAO Business Services
Zecotek Photonics Inc. ZMS Medical Devices
Zena Mining Corp. ZCC Metals & Mining
Zenn Motor Company Inc. ZNN Autos
Zenyatta Ventures Ltd. ZEN Metals & Mining
Zephyr Minerals Ltd. ZFR Metals & Mining
Zimtu Capital Corp. ZC
Zinco Mining Corporation ZIM Metals & Mining
Zone Resources Inc. ZNR Metals & Mining
Zonte Metals Inc. ZON Metals & Mining
ZoomerMedia Limited ZUM Entertainment
ZoomMed Inc. ZMD Application Software
Zorro Capital Inc. ZOR.P Conglomerates
Ztest Electronics Inc. ZTE


360 VOX Corporation VOX
3MV Energy Corp. TMV Oil & Gas - E&P
49 North Resources Inc. FNR
88 Capital Corp. EEC Metals & Mining

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