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Location of Cape Verde

Cape Verde, officially the Republic of Cabo Verde,[1] is an island country spanning an archipelago of 10 volcanic islands in the central Atlantic Ocean. Located 570 kilometres (350 mi) off the coast of West Africa, the islands cover a combined area of slightly over 4,000 square kilometres (1,500 sq mi).

Most of the nation's GDP comes from the service industry. Cape Verde's economy has been steadily growing since the late 1990s, and it is now officially considered a country of average development, being only the second country to have achieved such transition, after Botswana in 1994. Cape Verde has significant cooperation with Portugal at every level of the economy, which has led it to link its currency (the Cape Verdean escudo) first to the Portuguese escudo and, in 1999, to the euro.

Notable firms[edit]

This list includes notable companies with primary headquarters located in the country. The industry and sector follow the Industry Classification Benchmark taxonomy. Organizations which have ceased operations are included and noted as defunct.

S.A. (Sociedade Anónima) roughly corresponds to Ltd.. Most of these companies trade at the Bolsa de Valores de Cabo Verde (BVC).

     Active firms
     State-owned firms
     Defunct firms

Name Industry Sector Headquarters Founded Notes
A Semana Consumer services Media Praia 1991 Newspaper
Artiletra Consumer services Media Mindelo 1991 Newspaper for the island of São Vicente
Banco Cabo-Verdiano de Negócios Financials Banks Praia[2] 2003[3]
Banco Comercial do Atlântico Financials Banks Praia 1993 Commercial bank
Banco Inter-Atlântico Financials Banks Praia 1999
Bank of Cape Verde Financials Banks Praia 1975 Central bank
Cabo Verde Express Consumer services Travel & leisure Espargos 1998 Private charter airline
Cabo Verde Investimentos Financials Investment services Praia 2004
Caixa Económica de Cabo Verde Financials Banks Praia 1928
Companhia Cabo-Verdiana de Seguros Financials Insurance Praia 1992
Correios de Cabo Verde Industrials Industrial transportation Praia 1849[4] Postal services
Electra Utilities Electricity Praia 1982
ENAPOR Industrials Industrial transportation Mindelo 1982 Public port authority
Expresso das Ilhas Consumer services Media Praia 1991 Newspaper
Halcyonair Consumer services Travel & leisure Espargos 2005 Airline, defunct 2013
Jornal Horizonte Consumer services Media Praia 1988 Newspaper
Jornal O Cidadão Consumer services Media Mindelo 1988 Newspaper for the island of São Vicente
Rádio Barlavento Consumer services Media Mindelo 1974 Radio
Rádio Clube do Mindelo Consumer services Media Mindelo UNKNOWN Radio
Record Cabo Verde Consumer services Media Praia 2008 Television
RTC Consumer services Media Praia 1997 Television and radio
TACV Cabo Verde Airlines Consumer services Travel & leisure Praia 1958 Charter airline
Terra Nova Consumer services Media Mindelo 1975 Newspaper for the island of São Vicente
Trindade Consumer goods Food & beverage Mindelo UNKNOWN spring water

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