List of compositions by Édouard Lalo

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Édouard Lalo in 1891
(engraving by Richard Paraire)

This is a list of compositions of Édouard Lalo.


Piano solo[edit]

  • Sérénade pour piano

Piano, four hands[edit]

  • La mère et L'enfant: two pieces for piano four hands

Chamber music[edit]

Violin and piano[edit]

  • Fantasie Originale, Op.1

[1.Allegretto; 2.Berceuse; 3.Andantino con moto; 4.Final. Allegro moderato]

  • Allegro maestoso in C minor, Op.2
  • 2 Impromptus, Op.4

[1.Espérance (Andantino con moto); 2.Insouciance (Allegretto)]

  • 2 Impromptus, Op.8

[1.Pastorale in G minor (Andantino con moto); 2.Scherzo alla Pulcinella in E-flat major (Allegretto)]

  • Violin Sonata "Grand Duo Concertant" in D major, Op.12 (1852)

[1.Allegro moderato; 2.Andantino con moto; 3.Vivace]

  • Soirées parisienne: trois morceaux de caractère, Op.18
  • Guitare in B minor, for voice (or violin) and piano (or orchestra) Op.28
  • Arlequin in G major, esquisse-caractéristique, for violin (or cello) and piano
  • Introduction et Scherzo, from the ballet "Namouna" (c.1884)
  • Sérénade, from the ballet "Namouna" (arranged by A.Bachmann, c.1905)

Cello and piano[edit]

  • Chanson villageoise, Op.14/1
  • Serenade, Op. 14/2
  • Allegro in B minor, Op.16
  • Cello Sonata in A minor (1856)
  • Chants Russes (arrangement of second movement of "Concerto russe" Op.29)
  • Arlequin in G major, esquisse-caractéristique, for cello (or violin) and piano

Piano trio[edit]

  • Piano Trio No.1 in C minor, Op. 7 (1849/50)
  • Piano Trio No.2 in B minor (c.1852)
  • Piano Trio No.3 in A minor, Op.26 (1880)

String quartet[edit]

  • String Quartet in E-flat major, Op.19
  • String Quartet in E-flat major, Op.45 (Revised 1884 from the Op.19 quartet, originally composed 1855)

Piano quintet[edit]

  • Piano Quintet "Grand Quintette" in A major (1862/3)



Piano and orchestra[edit]

  • Piano Concerto in F minor (1888/89)

Violin and orchestra[edit]

  • Violin Concerto (No.1) in F major, Op.20 (1873)
  • Symphonie espagnole (Violin Concerto No.2) in D minor, Op.21 (1874)
  • Fantaisie norvégienne (Violin Concerto No.3) (1878)
  • Concerto russe (Violin Concerto No.4) in G minor, Op.29 (1879)
  • Guitare in B minor, Op.28 (c.1877)
  • Romance-Sérénade (1879)
  • Introduction et Scherzo, from the ballet "Namouna" (c.1884)
  • Fantaisie-ballet, from the ballet "Namouna" (1885)

Cello and orchestra[edit]


  • Scherzo for Orchestra in D minor
  • Rapsodie norvégienne (reinstrumentation of "Fantaisie norvégienne", 1879)
  • Divertissement for Orchestra (taken from opera Fiesque)
  • Aubade-Allegretto pour dix instrument or petit orchestre
  • Allegro symphonique Op.27 (based on Op.16)
  • Namouna Rhapsody No.1
  • Namouna Rhapsody No.2
  • Valse de la cigarette, from "Namouna"
  • Scènes de Savonarole, unpublished opera scenes (?)


Poster for the opera
  • Fiesque (The Genoese Conspiracy) (1866–68), (grand opera in 3 acts, C. Beauquier, after Schiller); world premiere concert performance: Le Festival de Radio France, Montpellier, France, July 2006; first stage performance: National Theater Mannheim, Mannheim, Germany, 16 June 2007.[1] The UK premiere of Fiesque was performed by University College Opera at The Bloomsbury Theatre, London in March 2008.[2]
  • Le roi d'Ys (The King of Ys) (1875–88, full score n.d.), (opera in 3 acts, E. Blau), f.p. Opéra Comique (Favart), Paris, 7 May 1888.
  • La jacquerie (The Jacquerie Revolt) (1891–92) (opera in 4 acts, Blau & S. Arnault) (Act I finished by Lalo, completed posthumously by Arthur Coquard), f.p. Monte Carlo, Monaco, 9 March 1895.


  • Namouna (1882) (book by Charles-Louis-Etienne Nuitter & Petipa), f.p. Opéra, Paris, 6 Mars 1882.
  • Néron (Nero) (1891) (pantomime in 3 acts, P. Millier), f.p. Hippodrôme, Paris, 28 March 1891. (Pastiche based on Fiesque and other scores)


  • 3 mélodies (Musset)
  • L'ombre de Dieu
  • Adieu au désert
  • Six romances populaire
  • Le novice
  • 6 mélodies, Op. 17 (Victor Hugo)
  • Ballade à la lune
  • Humoresque
  • Aubade
  • Souvenir
  • 5 chants (Lamartine, Laprade, Silvestre)
  • 6 mélodies (Musset, Gautier, Theuriet)
  • Marine
  • Chant breton
  • Dansons!, Op. 35


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