List of compositions by James Scott

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James Scott

This is a complete list of musical compositions by James Scott (February 12, 1885 – August 30, 1938). James Scott was one of the three leading composers of ragtime.

Title Year Notes Cover page
A Summer Breeze 1903 March and Two-Step Summer Breeze 1.jpg
Fascinator 1903 Fascinator 1.jpg
On the Pike 1904 Rag-Time Two-Step On the Pike 1.jpg
Frog Legs Rag 1906 Frog Legs Rag 1b.jpg
Kansas City Rag 1907 Kansas City Rag 1.jpg
Grace and Beauty 1909 Grace & Beauty 1.jpg
Great Scott Rag 1909 Great Scott 1.jpg
Ragtime Betty 1909 Rag Time Betty 1.jpg
Sunburst Rag 1909 Sunburst Rag 1.jpg
Valse Venice 1909 Valse Venice 1.jpg
Hearts Longing 1909 Heartslonging small.jpg
She's My Girl from Anaconda 1909 Lyrics by C. R. Dumars She's My Girl from Anaconda.jpg
Sweetheart Time 1909 Lyrics by C. R. Dumars Sweetheart Time 1.jpg
Hilarity Rag 1910 HIlarity Rag 1.jpg
Ophelia Rag 1910 Ophelia Rag 1.jpg
Princess Rag 1911 Princess Rag.jpg
Quality 1911 Quality 1.jpg
Ragtime Oriole 1911 Ragtime Oriole 1.jpg
Climax Rag 1914 Climax Rag 1.jpg
Suffragette 1914 Suffragette Waltz.jpg
Take Me Out To Lakeside 1914 Lyrics by Ida Miller Take Me Out To Lakeside.jpg
Evergreen Rag 1915 Evergreen Rag.jpg
Honey Moon Rag 1916 Honey Moon Rag 1.jpg
Prosperity Rag 1916 Prosperity Rag 1.jpg
Efficiency Rag 1917 Efficiency Rag 1.jpg
Paramount Rag 1917 Paramount Rag 1.jpg
Dixie Dimples 1918 Dixiedimples.jpg
Rag Sentimental 1918 Rag Sentimental.jpg
Springtime of Love 1918 Springtime of Love.jpg
New Era Rag 1919 New Era Rag 1.jpg
Peace and Plenty Rag 1919 Peace and Plenty 1.jpg
Troubadour Rag 1919 Troubador Rag 1.jpg
Modesty Rag 1920 Modesty Rag 1.jpg
Pegasus (rag) 1920 Pegasus Rag.jpg
Shimmie Shake 1920 Lyrics by Cleota Wilson Shimmie Shake 1.jpg
Don't Jazz Me Rag 1921 Don't Jazz Me Rag 1.jpg
Victory Rag 1921 Victory Rag.jpg
Broadway Rag 1922 Broadway Rag 1.jpg
Calliope Rag 1966 published posthumously