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This is a list of some of the standards of concert band repertoire.

Original works[edit]

This is an inclusive list of the accepted standard works written specifically for concert band or wind ensemble.

Cornerstone works[edit]

The following works are some of the most universally respected and established cornerstones of the band repertoire. All have "stood the test of time" through decades of regular performance, and many, either through an innovative use of the medium or by the fame of their composer, helped establish the wind band as a legitimate, serious performing ensemble.[citation needed]

Respected works[edit]

These pieces may not necessarily be quite as universally acknowledged as the above list, but occupy an extremely important place in the repertoire nonetheless. Like the previous works, they have proven themselves through many performances, most over a span of decades.[citation needed]

Recent works[edit]

The following works are rapidly gaining acceptance as standard repertoire. Most have been composed within the last 30 years.


There are thousands of transcriptions of pieces from other media (mostly orchestra) available for the concert band; however, some transcriptions are performed so often that they can be said to have achieved a place of their own in the concert band repertoire.

Recordings of concert band literature[edit]

The Klavier Wind Recording Project, begun in 1989 by Eugene Corporon while he was director of bands at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music, has helped provide recordings of many of the most important and more recent pieces in the wind band literature. The recording project continues today, having followed Corporon to the University of North Texas. The project continues to this day under the label GIA. Corporon's recordings exist in the form of the Teaching Music Through Performance In Band Series, Windworks Series and Composer's Collections. Still more recordings have been released by The Keystone Winds, conducted by Jack Stamp. The Keystone Winds consists of faculty, alumni and students from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. The Concordia University Chicago Wind Symphony, under Dr. Richard Fischer, has just released its twelfth recording of sacred wind music. Since the series began in 1991, the ensemble has made many premiere recordings of now widely known and played wind literature.

The Allentown Band [1] of Allentown, Pennsylvania has issued Our Band Heritage, an ongoing series of over thirty CD recordings of concert band repertoire played by the band. Selections are typical of those played by community bands. Composers featured on single CDs include John Philip Sousa, Morton Gould, Leroy Anderson and John Williams. A 2015 printed catalog lists contents of CDs issued through 2014.[1]

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