List of conflicts in South America

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This is a list of armed conflicts in South America.

Development of Spanish American Independence
  Government under traditional Spanish law
  Loyal to Supreme Central Junta or Cortes
  American junta or insurrection movement
  Independent state declared or established
  Height of French control of the Peninsula

Thousand Days War 1891 Chilean Civil War War of the Pacific Conquest of the Desert Paraguayan War Chincha Islands War Uruguayan War Occupation of Araucanía Colombian Civil War (1860–1862) Federal War Platine War Revolution of 1851 Uruguayan Civil War War of the Confederation War of the Ragamuffins Chilean Civil War of 1829 Gran Colombia – Peru War Cisplatine War Brazilian Independence Venezuelan War of Independence Chilean War of Independence Argentine War of Independence Peruvian War of Independence

Cenepa War Falklands War Internal conflict in Peru Colombian Armed Conflict La Violencia Paraguayan Civil War Ecuadorian-Peruvian War Chaco War Colombia-Peru War Contestado War Thousand Days War Cold War WWII WWI


The area of the Chavín culture, as well as areas the Chavín culture influenced.
A map of the extent of the Wari Empire
A map of the extent of the Kingdom of Cuzco in 1438
A map of the extent of the Kingdom of Cuzco in 1463
  • circa 1472 C.E. — circa 1493 C.E. Topa Inca Yupanqui, the tenth Sapa Inca of the Inca Empire, extended the realm northward along the Andes through modern Ecuador, and developed a special fondness for the city of Quito, which he rebuilt with architects from Cuzco. During this time his father Pachacuti reorganized the Kingdom of Cuzco into the Tahuantinsuyu, the "four provinces". He led extensive military conquests to extend the Inca Empire across much of South America, within the boundaries of the nations which are today called Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina. He became Inca in his turn upon his father's death in 1471, ruling until his own death in 1493. He conquered Chimor, which occupied the northern coast of what is now Peru, the largest remaining rival to the Incas.
A map of the extent of the Kingdom of Cuzco in 1493
A map of the Inca Empire at its greatest extent







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