List of conflicts in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

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Map showing the present-day location of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (green) within Southern Africa.

This is a list of conflicts in Democratic Republic of the Congo arranged chronologically from the early modern period to present day. This list includes nationwide and international wars, including: wars of independence, liberation wars, colonial wars, undeclared wars, proxy wars, territorial disputes, and world wars. Also listed might be any battle that occurred within the territory of what is today known as the, "Democratic Republic of the Congo" but was itself only part of an operation of a campaign of a theater of a war. There may also be periods of violent civil unrest listed, such as: riots, shootouts, spree killings, massacres, terrorist attacks, and civil wars. The list might also contain episodes of: human sacrifice, mass suicide, massacres, and genocides.

Early modern period[edit]

Kingdom of Kongo[edit]

Map showing the Kingdom of Kongo in 1711.

Late modern period[edit]

Congo Free State[edit]

Contemporary history[edit]

Republic of the Congo[edit]

Republic of Zaire[edit]

Democratic Republic of the Congo[edit]

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