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The Marchioness and Duchesses of Montferrat[1] were the consorts of the rulers of a territory in Piedmont south of the Po and east of Turin called Montferrat. The March of Montferrat was created by Berengar II of Italy in 950 during a redistribution of power in the northwest of his kingdom. It was originally named after and held by the Aleramici. In 1574, Montferrat was raised to a Duchy by Maximilian II, Holy Roman Emperor (see Duchy of Montferrat).

Marchioness of Montferrat[edit]

House of Aleramici[edit]

Picture Name Father Birth Marriage Became Marchioness Ceased to be Marchioness Death Spouse
Name Unknown Guglielmo I
Milano-Stemma 2.svg Gerberga of Ivrea
(Gerberga di Ivrea)
Berengar II of Italy
945 - - - Aleramo
Name Unknown Ottone I degli Aleramici
Waza The Miracula sancti Bononii records William's wife as Waza. She prayed at the tomb of Saint Bononio, abbot of Santissimi Michele e Genuario di Lucedio. Guglielmo III degli Aleramici
Adelaide di Susa.jpg Adelaide of Susa
(Adelasia di Susa)
Ulric Manfred II of Turin
1014/20 before 19 January 1042 January 1142
husband's accession
14 March 1044/1045
husband's death
19 December 1091 Enrico degli Aleramici
Coat of arms of the House of Savoy (early).svg Constance of Savoy
(Costanza di Savoia)

- - -
husband's accession
20 November 1084
husband's death
- Ottone II degli Aleramici
His first wife - - - 20 November 1084
husband's accession
- Guglielmo IV degli Aleramici
Otta d'Agliè
(Otta di Aglié)
Tibaldo d'Agliè - - 1100
husband's death
Blason Bourgogne-comté ancien(aigle).svg Gisela of Burgundy
(Gisella di Borgogna)
William I, Count of Burgundy
1075 1105 May 1133 Ranieri degli Aleramici
Judith von Babenberg 1.jpg Judith of Babenberg
(Giuditta di Babenberg)
Leopold III, Margrave of Austria
late 1110s/1120 before 28 March 1133 May 1135
husband's accession
after 1168 Guglielmo V degli Aleramici
IsabelaKOnrad.jpg Isabella I of Jerusalem
(Isabella di Gerusalemme)
Amalric I, King of Jerusalem
1172 24 November 1190 1191
husband's accession
28 April 1192
husband's death
May/June 1205 Corrado degli Aleramici
Blason de la maison de Châtillon.svg Jeanne de Châtillon-sur-Loing
(Giovanna di Châtillon)
Raynald of Châtillon-sur-Loing
According to Nicetas Choniates, Boniface had remarried in late 1186−early 1187. This bride was possibly Jeanne de Châtillon-sur-Loing, daughter of Raynald de Châtillon-sur-Loing and his first wife Princess Constance of Antioch. The Lignages d'Outremer name "Maria e Joanna" as the two daughters of "Rinaldo de Castellion" and his wife "Costanza…la Nova Princessa", stating that Marie (presumably being an error for Agnes) married "el re d'Ungaria" and Jeanne married "el re de Salonichio". This is the only reference so far found to this daughter but, if it is correct, "el re de Salonichio" can only refer to Boniface. Jeanne would have been the maternal aunt of Boniface's last wife; apparently, the marriage was childless or, if they had children, none survive to adulthood.[2] Bonifacio I degli Aleramici
Coat of arms of the House of Savoy (early).svg Eleanor of Savoy
(Eleonora di Savoia)
Humbert III, Count of Savoy
Some sources claim that in 1197, Boniface married Eleanor, a daughter of his cousin Humbert III of Savoy. If so, she died in 1202, leaving no known children. Usseglio is sceptical of this marriage having taken place: the evidence is thin, and there would have been questions of consanguinity. It is notable that Vaqueiras, in his songs of the 1190s, addressed Beatrice, but neither he nor any other troubadour working at the court in this period dedicated any songs to a wife of Boniface, which suggests he was a long-term widower. Another fact show that Humbert III of Svoy only had two surviving daughters, Sophia or Eleanor and Alix. Sophia/Eleanor was the second wife of Azzo VI of Este; in consequence, a marriage between her and Boniface was impossible. Alix died in infancy, shortly before her betrothal with John of England.
Alex K Kingdom of Hungary.svg Margaret of Hungary
(Margherita d'Ungheria)
Béla III of Hungary
1175 9 August 1202 4 September 1207
husband's death
after 1223
Berta of Clavesana
(Berta di Clavesana)
Bonifacio, Marquess of Clavesana and Count of Cortemiglia 1180 9 August 1202 4 September 1207
husband's accession
1224 Guglielmo VI degli Aleramici
Coat of arms of the House of Savoy (early).svg Margaret of Savoy
(Margherita di Savoia)
Amadeus IV, Count of Savoy
1224/28 9 December 1235 12 June 1253
husband's death
1254 or after 14 January 1264 Bonifacio II degli Aleramici
CoA Gilbert de Clare.svg Isabel de Clare
(Isabella di Clare)
Richard de Clare, 6th Earl of Hertford
(de Clares)
1240 June 1258 1270 Guglielmo VII degli Aleramici
Arms of Castille (English heraldry).svg Beatrice of Castile and León
(Beatrice di Castiglia e León)
Alfonso X of Castile and León
5 November/6 December 1254 August 1271 after 1280
Coat of arms of the House of Savoy (early).svg Margaret of Savoy
(Margherita di Savoia)
Amadeus V, Count of Savoy
1295 23 March 1296 9 March 1305
husband's death
1339 Giovanni I degli Aleramici

House of Paleologi[edit]

Picture Name Father Birth Marriage Became Marchioness Ceased to be Marchioness Death Spouse
Argentina Spinola Opicino Spinola, Doge of Genoa
1295 October 1307 1337 Teodoro I Paleologo
Armoiries Comminges Ancien.svg Cécile of Comminges
(Cecilia di Comminges)
Bernard VII, Count of Comminges - 1337 24 April 1338
husband's death
after 23 June 1354 Giovanni II Paleologo
Armoiries Majorque.svg Isabella of Majorca
(Isabella di Maiorca)
James III of Majorca
1337 4 September 1358 19 March 1372
husband's death
Violante e Gian Galeazzo Visconti.jpg Violante Visconti Gian Galeazzo Visconti, Lord of Milan
1354 2 August 1377 16 December 1378
husband's death
November 1386 Ottone III Paleologo
Argentina of Lunigiana
(Argentina di Lunigiana)
Leonardo Malaspina, Marquess of Massa
- - - 1387 Teodoro II Paleologo
Bar Arms.svg Joanna of Bar
(Giovanna di Bar)
Robert I, Duke of Bar
- 8 September 1393 15 January 1402
Beata Margherita di Savioa-Acaia (Barisano's vita of 1692).jpg Blessed Margaret of Savoy
(Beata Margherita di Savoia)
Amadeo, Prince of Achaea
21 June 1390 17 January 1403 16 April 1418
husband's death
23 November 1464
Coat of arms of the House of Savoy (early).svg Joanna of Savoy
(Giovanna di Savoia)
Amadeus VII, Count of Savoy
16 July 1392 26 April 1411 16 April 1418
husband's accession
12 March 1445
husband's death
January 1460 Giovanni Giacomo Paleologo
Coat of arms of the House of Savoy (early).svg Marguerite of Savoy
(Margherita di Savoia)
Louis, Duke of Savoy
1439 2 May/December 1458 19 January 1464
husband's death
9 March 1483 Giovanni IV Paleologo
Armoiries Foix-Béarn-Bigorre.svg Marie de Foix
(Maria di Foix)
Gaston IV, Count of Foix
1452 19 January 1465 1467 Guglielmo VIII Paleologo
Isabella Maria Sforza
(Elisabetta Maria Sforza)
Francesco I Sforza, Duke of Milan
10 June 1456 18 July 1469 1 September 1472
Blason famille Brosse.svg Bernardina of Brosse
(Bernarda di Brosse)
Jean II de Brosse
1450 6 January 1474 27 February 1483
husband's death
17 February 1485
Blason famille Brosse.svg Helena of Brosse
(Elena di Brosse)
Jean II de Brosse
1460 31 August 1483 1484 Bonifacio III Paleologo
CoatOfArmsOfJovanStefanovicBrankovic.png Marija Branković
(Maria Branković)
Stefan III Branković, Despotes in Serbia
1466 8 July 1485 31 January 1494
husband's death
27 August 1495
Macrino d’Alba, Ritratto di Anna d’Alençon. Tempera su tavola. Crea, Santuario dell’Assunta.jpg Anne of Alençon
(Anna d'Alençon)
René, Duke of Alençon
30 October 1492 31 October 1508 4 October 1518
husband's death
18 October 1562 Guglielmo IX Paleologo
Escudo de Aragón-Sicilia.svg Julia of Naples
(Giulia di Napoli)
Frederick IV of Naples
1492 29 March 1533 3 April 1533
husband's death
10 March 1542 Giovanni Giorgio Paleologo
Spanish occupation until 1536.

House of Gonzaga[edit]

In 1536 Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor granted the marquisate, despite competing claims from Savoy and from the Marquis of Saluzzo, to the Gonzagas. This was confirmed in 1559 by the Peace of Cateau-Cambrésis.[3]

Picture Name Father Birth Marriage Became Marchioness Ceased to be Marchioness Death Spouse
Portrait believed to depict Margherita Paleologo by Giulio Romano.jpg Margaret Palaeologina
(Margherita Paleologa)
Guglielmo IX Paleologo
11 August 1510 3 October 1531 1536
husband's accession
28 August 1540
husband's death
28 December 1566 Federico I Gonzaga
Cranach the Younger Catherine of Austria.jpg Catherine of Austria
(Caterina d'Austria)
Ferdinand I, Holy Roman Emperor
15 September 1533 22 October 1549 22 February 1550
husband's death
28 February 1572 Francesco I Gonzaga
Anonym Erzherzogin Eleonore.jpg Eleanor of Austria
(Eleonora d'Austria)
Ferdinand I, Holy Roman Emperor
2 November 1534 26 April 1561 1574
Marquisate raised to a Duchy
5 August 1594 Guglielmo X Gonzaga

Duchess of Montferrat[edit]

House of Gonzaga[edit]

In 1574, Maximilian II, Holy Roman Emperor raisd the Gonzaga marquis to a duke and the "march" became the Duchy of Montferrat.

Picture Name Father Birth Marriage Became Duchess Ceased to be Duchess Death Spouse
Anonym Erzherzogin Eleonore.jpg Eleanor of Austria
(Eleonora d'Austria)
Ferdinand I, Holy Roman Emperor
2 November 1534 26 April 1561 1574
Marquisate raised to a Duchy
14 August 1587
husband's death
5 August 1594 Guglielmo X Gonzaga
Eleonora di medici.jpg Eleonora de' Medici Francesco I de' Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany
28 February 1567 29 April 1584 14 August 1587
husband's accession
9 September 1611 Vincenzo I Gonzaga
Pourbus, Frans II - Marguerite of Savoy - Hermitage.jpg Margaret of Savoy
(Margherita di Savoia)
Charles Emmanuel I, Duke of Savoy
28 April 1589 19 February 1608 9 February 1612
husband's accession
22 December 1612
husband's death
26 June 1655 Francesco II Gonzaga
Caterina di ferdinando de' medici-gonzaga, xvi century.jpg Catherine de' Medici
(Caterina de' Medici)
Francesco I de' Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany
2 May 1593 16 February 1617 29 October 1626
husband's death
17 April 1629 Ferdinando I Gonzaga
Ritratto di Isabella Gonzaga di Novellara.JPG Isabella Gonzaga
(Isabella Gonzaga)
Alfonso Gonzaga, Marquess of Novellara
1576 1616 29 October 1626
husband's accession
25 December 1627
husband's death
 ? 1627
Vincenzo II Gonzaga

House of Gonzaga-Nevers[edit]

Picture Name Father Birth Marriage Became Duchess Ceased to be Duchess Death Spouse
Ritratto di Isabella Clara d’Austria.PNG Isabella Clara of Austria
(Isabella Clara d'Austria)
Leopold V, Archduke of Austria
12 August 1629 7 November 1649 14 August 1665
husband's death
24 February 1685 Carlo III Gonzaga
Ritratto di Anna Isabella Gonzaga di Guastalla.png Anna Isabella Gonzaga
(Anna Isabella Gonzaga)
Ferrante III Gonzaga, Duke of Guastalla
1655 1670 11 August 1703 Carlo IV Gonzaga
Suzanne Henriette of Lorraine duchess of Mantova.jpg Suzanne Henriette of Lorraine
(Susanna Enrichetta di Lorena)
Charles III, Duke of Elbeuf
1 February 1686 8 November 1704 before 5 July 1708
Conquest by Dukes of Savoy
19 December 1710

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