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This is a list of content-control software and services. The software is designed to control what content may or may not be viewed by a reader, especially when used to restrict material delivered over the Internet via the Web, e-mail, or other means. Restrictions can be applied at various levels: a government can attempt to apply them nationwide, an ISP can apply them to its clients, an employer to its personnel, a school to its teachers and/or students, a library to its patrons and/or staff, a parent to a child's computer or computer account or an individual to his or her own computer.

Programs and services[edit]

Software Installation Platform Types
Aobo Filter[citation needed] Client Mac, Windows For Parental Control and Office internet filtering. with Private browsing Monitoring
AhnLab SiteGuard Client Windows Korean internet explorer add-on
ClearOS Gateway Linux Free and commercial via marketplace
CurrentWare[citation needed] Client + Server Windows
Content Cleaner[citation needed] Client Windows Porn Detection and Deletion for Home use
Content Protect Client / Appliance / Cloud Service Windows, Android Business/Enterprise Scalable
Covenant Eyes Client Windows, Mac, iOS, Android Home use
Cyclope-Series[citation needed] Client + Server Windows Employee Surveillance
DansGuardian Server Linux Server
DNSthingy Gateway + Cloud Service various OpenWRT, Linux and FreeBSD-based routers Monthly subscription
eSafely[citation needed] Client + Browser Extension Free
Familoop Safeguard[citation needed] Client + Cloud Service Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android Monitoring of digital activities of kids
FinFisher Client + Server Various Surveillance software marketed to law enforcement agencies
Green Dam Youth Escort Client Windows Desktop Originally Chinese Government mandated software, now voluntary
GoGuardian Client Chrome OS
Instant WebKiosk Kiosk software Linux Desktop
K9 Web Protection Client Windows, Mac OS, IOS, and Android Free for home use
KidRex Web Site Child-safe search engine
M86 SecureBrowsing Client + Browser Plugin
Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway Server Windows Server
Microsoft Family Safety Client Windows Free
Mobicip Client IOS, Android, Windows and Linux
NetGenie Network Appliance
Net Nanny Client Windows, Mac OS, Android, and IOS
Netsentron Server
OnlineFamily.Norton Client Windows, Mac OS, IOS, and Android Free and Paid editions
OpenDNS DNS DNS Free and Paid editions
Opendium Iceni Server Linux Commercial eSafety system for schools
pfSense Gateway FreeBSD Open source with various add-ons available
Porn Terminator[citation needed] Client Windows Detects & Delete porn history, images and videos.
ProblemPoker Client Blocked online gambling
Qustodio[citation needed] Server For Parental Control and Office internet filtering. with Private browsing Monitoring
Router Limits Client or Gateway + Cloud Service All web-enabled devices Free and Paid editions
SafeSearch Web Site option Web A feature of Google Search
Scieno Sitter Client used by Church of Scientology members under an Non-disclosure agreement
Secure Web SmartFilter EDU Server
Sentry Parental Controls Client
SurfWatch Client Windows, Mac OS
squidGuard Server Linux Server URL redirector Squid plug-in
Trustwave SecureBrowsing Client + Browser Plugin
UserGate Web Filter Server + Cloud Service
WANSecure Firewall Server
Webconverger Kiosk software Linux Desktop
WebMinder Server
WebTitan Gateway + Cloud Service DNS config on any router, OS, or browser
WebWatcher Client Windows, Mac OS, IOS, and Android based
X3watch Client Windows, Mac OS, IOS, and Android based Free and Paid editions
Zscaler DNS + Cloud Service All IP-based devices Free and Paid editions


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