List of converts to Buddhism from Christianity

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This is a list of notable converts to Buddhism from Christianity.

Name Former denomination Nationality Notes Refs.
Roberto Baggio Roman Catholicism Italian footballer [1][2]
Solomon Bandaranaike Anglicanism Sri Lankan former Prime Minister of Sri Lanka and founder of Sri Lanka Freedom Party [3]
Helena Blavatsky Russian Orthodox Church Russian philosopher, occultist, founder of the Theosophical Society [4]
Orlando Bloom Church of England English actor [5][6]
Ajahn Brahm N/A English religious teacher and student of the late Thai monk Ajahn Chah [7]
Ajahn Candasiri N/A Scottish Thai Theravada Buddhist nun [8][9]
Pema Chödrön Roman Catholicism American Tibetan Buddhist nun [10]
Thomas William Rhys Davids Congregationalism British scholar of the Pāli language [11]
Hugo Enomiya-Lassalle Society of Jesus German religious teacher [12]
Junius Richard Jayewardene N/A Sri Lankan first President of Sri Lanka and former Prime minister [13]
Steve Jobs Lutheranism American co-founder of Apple Computer, Inc. [14][15]
Charles R. Johnson African Methodist Episcopal Church American political cartoonist, novelist and Buddhist writer [16]
Irvin Kershner N/A American film director [17]
Dewi Lestari Pentecostalism Indonesian singer and writer [18][19]
Tina Turner Baptist Swiss singer and actress [20]
Herman Vetterling Swedenborgianism American mystic but he retained elements of Swedenborg thought after his conversion [21][22]


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