List of former Buddhists

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The following is a list of former Buddhists who no longer identify as such, organized by their current religious affiliation or ideology.


Name Nationality Notes Refs.
David Yonggi Cho South Korean senior pastor of the Yoido Full Gospel Church [1]
Mitsuo Fuchida Japanese Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service captain noted for involvement in the attack on Pearl Harbor who later became an evangelist [2][3]
Zack Lee Indonesian actor and boxer [4]
Jaruvan Maintaka Thai former Auditor-General of Thailand [5]
Chieko N. Okazaki American Relief Society leader [6]
Talduwe Somarama Sri Lankan former Buddhist monk and assassin [7]
Charlie Soong Chinese businessman and missionary [8]
Janice Vidal Hong Konger singer [9][10]
Paul Williams English professor in Indian religions at the University of Bristol [11]
Vanness Wu Taiwan actor and singer [12]




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