List of converts to Christianity from nontheism

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This is a list of notable converts to Christianity who were not theists before their conversion. See Nontheism for specifics of what encompasses nontheism. All names should be sourced and the source should indicate they had not been a theist, not merely non-churchgoing, before conversion.

See also List of former atheists and agnostics

Converted to Anglicanism or Episcopalianism[edit]

Converted to Catholicism[edit]

Converted to Eastern Orthodox Christianity[edit]

Converted to Protestantism[edit]

Converts to the Quaker faith[edit]

  • Whittaker Chambers – former Communist turned conservative writer[108][109]
  • Gerald Priestland – news correspondent who discusses having once been the "school atheist" in Something Understood: An Autobiography; became a Quaker after an emotional breakdown[110]

Unspecified or other[edit]


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