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This article lists nations, groups or tribes, as well as individual people, who have converted to Judaism and have a Wikipedia article about them. This article does not differentiate between the different branches of Judaism. See also Who is a Jew? on issues related to the acceptance of conversions throughout the Jewish community.

Note that a number of prominent figures, such as Madonna, Demi Moore, have recently become followers of a "new age" version of Kabbalah, derived from the body of Jewish mystical teaching also called Kabbalah, but do not consider themselves – and are not considered – Jewish.[1]

Converted nations, groups or tribes[edit]

Converted nations, groups or tribes from Christianity[edit]

Other converted nations, groups or tribes[edit]

Converted individuals[edit]

From Christianity[edit]

Former Christian clergy/theologians[edit]

Other Christians who converted to Judaism[edit]

Sammy Davis Jr., entertainer who converted while recovering from an automobile accident

Not from Christianity[edit]

From atheism and/or agnosticism[edit]

From Black Hebrew Israelitism[edit]

From Islam[edit]

From Druzism[edit]

From other Middle Eastern religions[edit]

  • Avtalyon, Sage and Vice-President of the Sanhedrin, apparently from a Mideastern religion[89]
  • Sh'maya, Sage and President of the Sanhedrin, apparently from a Mideastern religion[90]

From Greco-Roman religion[edit]

From Samaritanism[edit]

From Shinto[edit]

  • Setzuso Kotsuji, son of a Shinto priest, and a professor in Japan (converted from Shinto to Christianity and then from Christianity to Judaism)

From Hinduism[edit]

List of conversions named in the Bible[edit]

Undetermined former religion[edit]

Converts who later left the faith or were expelled[edit]

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