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Eight out of the Top 500 Polish companies listed by magazine Rzeczpospolita have their headquarters in Gdańsk (Poland's major seaport on the Baltic Sea).[1]

Gdańsk leading corporations[edit]

  1. Grupa Lotos SA, Gdańsk — energy
  2. Energa Gdańska Kompania Energetyczna SA, Gdańsk — energy
  3. GE Money Bank SA, Gdańsk — finance
  4. Gdańska Stocznia Remontowa SA, Gdańsk — shipbuilding
  5. Elnord SA, Gdańsk
  6. Elektrociepłownie Wybrzeże SA, Gdańsk
  7. LPP SA, Gdańsk
  8. Polnord Energobudowa SA, Gdańsk
  9. Petrobaltic SA production of oil from shelf oil fields (currently 41% of Polish production)

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