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This is a listing of past and present correctional facilities run by the provincial government in Ontario, Canada. Provincial correctional facilities for adults are operated by the province's Ministry of the Solicitor General. Youth facilities have at various times been under the same jurisdiction, but currently fall under the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services.

Types of facilities[edit]

Adult correctional facilities in Ontario are divided into four categories: correctional centres, jails, detention centres, and treatment centres. Some facilities are more than one type. Correctional centres house sentenced offenders who are serving a period of incarceration of up to two years, less a day.[a] Provincial jails (historically spelled gaols) and detention centres house persons awaiting trial, offenders serving short sentences, or offenders awaiting transfer to other facilities. Jails are smaller and older facilities originally established by local governments while detention centres are larger, regional facilities. Treatment centres are specialized facilities treating offenders for sexual misconduct, substance abuse, anger management, and other issues.[1]

Youth correctional facilities in Ontario are also called "secure custody facilities" and hold young people between 12 to 17 years of age. Youths are held in secure custody facilities if they are sentenced to secure custody after being found guilty of a crime or if a youth is ordered to be held in custody before or during a trial.[2] As of 2020, the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services directly operates six secure custody facilities.[2]

Operational correctional facilities[edit]


The Toronto East Detention Centre in Scarborough.
Name Location Opened
Algoma Treatment and Remand Centre Sault Ste. Marie 1990
Brockville Jail Brockville 1842
Central East Correctional Centre Lindsay 2002
Central North Correctional Centre Penetanguishene 2001
Elgin-Middlesex Detention Centre London 1977
Fort Frances Jail Fort Frances 1908[3]
Hamilton-Wentworth Detention Centre Hamilton 1978[3]
Kenora Jail Kenora 1929[3]
Maplehurst Correctional Complex Milton 1975
Monteith Correctional Complex Iroquois Falls 1938
Niagara Detention Centre Thorold 1973[3]
North Bay Jail North Bay 1930
Ontario Correctional Institute Brampton 1973[3]
Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre Ottawa 1972
Owen Sound Jail Owen Sound 1854
Quinte Detention Centre Greater Napanee 1971
St. Lawrence Valley Correctional & Treatment Centre[4] Brockville 2003[3]
Sarnia Jail Sarnia 1961[3]
South West Detention Centre Maidstone 2013[3]
Stratford Jail Stratford 1901[3]
Sudbury Jail Sudbury 1928[3]
Thunder Bay Correctional Centre Thunder Bay 1965[3]
Thunder Bay Jail Thunder Bay 1928[3]
Toronto East Detention Centre Toronto 1977
Toronto South Detention Centre Toronto 2014
Vanier Centre for Women Milton 2003


Name Location Opened
Brookside Youth Centre Cobourg 1946[5]
Cecil Facer Youth Centre Sudbury 1971[5]
Donald Doucet Youth Centre Sault Ste. Marie 2008[6]
Justice Ronald Lester Youth Centre Thunder Bay 2009[7]
Roy McMurtry Youth Centre Brampton 2009[8]
Sprucedale Youth Centre Simcoe 1966[5]

Past jails and correctional facilities[edit]

The Andrew Mercer Reformatory for Women in 1895
The Nicholas Street Gaol, 2007
The Toronto Central Prison for men circa 1873
The Toronto "Don" Jail circa 1860s.
Facility Opened Closed
Andrew Mercer Reformatory for Women 1872 1969
Barrie Jail 1842 2001
Belleville Jail 1838 1971
Bluewater Youth Centre 1985[9] 2002[10][11]
Bracebridge Jail 1882 1946
Brampton Adult Training Centre 1947 1979
Brampton Jail 1867 1977
Brantford Jail 1852 2017
Burtch Correctional Centre[12] 1949 2003
Burwash Industrial Farm 1914 1974
Carleton County Jail (see Nicholas Street Gaol)
Cayuga Jail 1851 1973
Chatham Jail 1850 2014
Cobourg Jail 1834 1998
Concord Industrial Farm for Women (see Toronto Municipal Farm for Women (Concord))
Cornwall Jail 1833 2002
Durham Camp (see Millbrook Correctional Centre)
Goderich Jail (see Huron County Gaol)
Grandview Training School for Girls 1933 1976
Guelph Correctional Centre 1910 2003
Guelph Jail 1840 1980
Haileybury Jail 1935 1998
Halton County Jail 1863 1978
Hamilton Jail 1832 1978
Home District Jail (Toronto) 1838 1887
Huron County Gaol 1842 1972
Invictus Youth Centre
King Street Gaol 1798 1827(?)
King Street Gaol 1824
Kingston Jail 1835 2014
Kitchener Jail 1853 1978
L'Orignal Jail 1825 1998
Lindsay Jail 1863 2003
Millbrook Correctional Centre 1957 2003
Milton Jail 1878 1978
Mimico Correctional Centre 1887 2011
Napanee Jail 1865 1971
Niagara Falls Gaol
Nicholas Street Gaol 1862 1972
Norfolk County Gaol 1848 1978
Ontario County Jail (Whitby)[13] 1853 1960
Ontario Reformatory—Brampton (see Brampton Adult Training Centre)
Ontario Reformatory—Guelph (see Guelph Correctional Centre)
Ontario Reformatory—Millbrook (see Millbrook Correctional Centre)
Ontario Reformatory—Mimico (see Mimico Correctional Centre)
Orangeville Jail
Ottawa Jail 1862 1972
Parry Sound Jail 1878 2001
Peel County Jail (see Brampton Jail)
Pembroke Jail 1867 2004
Peterborough Jail 1842 2001
Picton Jail 1834 1971
Port Dalhousie Jail 1845
Project (or Camp) Turnaround[14] 1998 2004
Renfrew County Gaol 1866 2004
Rideau Correctional and Treatment Centre (Burritts Rapids) 1947 2004
Sault Ste. Marie District Jail 1928 2003
St. Catharines Jail 1868 1973
Simcoe Jail 1867 1978
Toronto Central Prison 1873 1915
Toronto (Don) Jail 1864 2014
Toronto Municipal Farm for Women (Concord) 1912 1939
Toronto West Detention Centre 1978 2014
Toronto Youth Assessment Centre (see also Mimico Correctional Centre Chronology)
Trafalgar Jail
Victoria Industrial School for Boys (see also Mimico Correctional Centre Chronology)
Walkerton Jail 1866 2011
Waterloo Detention Centre 1978 2001
Wellington Detention Centre 1980 2001
Whitby Jail[15] 1958 2003
Windsor Jail 2014
Woodstock Jail 1853 1977

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