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The total number of currently practicing adherents of Zoroastrianism is 413,200 according to data from several sources covering 14 countries. A 2004 estimate gives a range of 124,000 to 190,000,[1][2] roughly half of them are in India (made up of the Parsi and Irani subgroups) and Iran.

The figures below are based on ethnographic research on the number of Parsis and other Zoroastrian ethnoreligious communities.

countries by Zoroastrian % total population
Country Population[2][3] Percent Population
India India 57,264-69,000(2011)[4](2014)[5] 0.006
Iran Iran 25,271-60,000(2012)[6](2014) 0.03
United States United States 30,000 0.004
Afghanistan Afghanistan 12,130(2018) 0.035
Canada Canada 6,000(2018) 0.014
Pakistan Pakistan 1,400 0.003
Singapore Singapore 7,500 0.087
United Kingdom United Kingdom 8,100(2012)[7] 0.007
Australia Australia 9,700 0.012
Persian Gulf Countries 2,200 0.005
Azerbaijan Azerbaijan 2,000 0.022
New Zealand New Zealand 4,000 0.045
Iraqi Kurdistan Iraqi Kurdistan 200,000 0.20
Russia Russia 1100 0.05
Germany Germany 300[8] <0.001
World c. 413,430 19 ppm

Minorities of converted Zoroastrians in RussiaRussia BrazilBrazil NorwayNorwayVenezuelaVenezuela TurkeyTurkey KazakhstanKazakhstan.

In 2012 the FEZANA Journal, a quarterly publication of the Federation of Zoroastrian Associations of North America (FEZANA), had published a demographic picture of Zorastrians around the world and a comparison with a similar study done in the year, 2004.[9]

Because of the religion's strong ties to Kurdish culture, there has been a recent rebirth of Zoroastrianism. It's been estimated that as many as 100,000 to 200,000 [10] people in Iraqi Kurdistan have converted to Zoroastrianism in 2015.[11] Millions of Yezidis, Shabakis and Yarsanis live in Iraq and Iran who follow preislamic Mithraic and syncretic religions similar to and influenced by Zoroastrianism as well,[12] and have been included as Zoroastrian under some research methods and population studies due to their similarities.

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