List of countries by population (United Nations)

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Statistical subregions as defined by the United Nations Statistics Division[1]

This is a list of countries and other inhabited territories of the world by total population, based on estimates published by the United Nations in the 2022 revision of World Population Prospects. It presents population estimates from 1950 to the present.[2]


Data are mid-year[3] estimates from the United Nations and are for 2022 and 2023.[4][2]

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Explanatory notes[edit]

  1. ^ Refers to Mainland China only. The UN source document states: "For statistical purposes, the data for China do not include Special Administrative Regions (SAR) of China (Hong Kong and Macau) and Taiwan."
  2. ^ Including  Zanzibar.
  3. ^ Refers to Metropolitan France only.
  4. ^ Including the  Canary Islands,  Ceuta, and  Melilla.
  5. ^ Including  Crimea, the  Donetsk People's Republic, the  Luhansk People's Republic, and  Sevastopol.
  6. ^ Including  Christmas Island, the  Cocos (Keeling) Islands, and  Norfolk Island.
  7. ^ Listed as China, Taiwan Province of China.
  8. ^ Including  Somaliland.
  9. ^ Refers to the European Netherlands only.
  10. ^ Including the  Azores and  Madeira.
  11. ^ Listed as China, Hong Kong SAR.
  12. ^ Excluding  Kosovo.
  13. ^ Including  Åland.
  14. ^ Including  Svalbard and Jan Mayen.
  15. ^ Including State of Palestine East Jerusalem.
  16. ^ Including  Abkhazia and  South Ossetia.
  17. ^ Including  Transnistria.
  18. ^ Listed as Kosovo (under UNSC res. 1244).
  19. ^ Including  Northern Cyprus.
  20. ^ Listed as China, Macao SAR.
  21. ^ Western Sahara. A disputed territory with undetermined political status.[5] Formerly Spanish Sahara up to 1976, administration is currently split between Morocco and the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, both of which claim the entire territory. The Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic's administrative control is limited to approximately 20% of the territory, with the remaining 80% of the territory occupied by Morocco. The United Nations Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara is the United Nations peacekeeping mission to the territory (see Western Sahara conflict).
  22. ^ Listed as  Bonaire,  Sint Eustatius and  Saba.
  23. ^ Including  Saint Helena,  Ascension, and  Tristan da Cunha.
  24. ^ Listed as Holy See.


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