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This is the list of countries that border only one other country, with only land borders being counted. Some of these countries have several neighbours "across the sea". As an example Denmark "borders" Sweden and Norway by sea, and Canada has sea boundaries with Denmark (between Baffin Island and Greenland) and France (between the island of Newfoundland and the territory of St. Pierre and Miquelon). Other countries, such as Sri Lanka, border only one other country by sea.

Territory leased or ceded by one country to another for perpetual use, but not in sovereignty, such as Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in Cuba, or memorials, such as the American Cemetery in France, do not constitute true territorial borders, because the land occupied remains a formal part of the host country.

Countries bordering only one other country[edit]

Country Neighbour Border length (km) Notes
 Bahrain  Saudi Arabia [A]
 Brunei  Malaysia 381 [B]
 Canada  United States 8,893 [C]
 Cyprus  Akrotiri and Dhekelia (UK) [D]
 Denmark  Germany 68 [E]
 Dominican Republic  Haiti 360 [F]
 The Gambia  Senegal 740 [G]
 Haiti  Dominican Republic 360 [H]
 Ireland  United Kingdom 360 [I]
 Lesotho  South Africa 909 [J]
 Monaco  France 4.4
 Papua New Guinea  Indonesia 820 [K]
 Portugal  Spain 1,214
 Qatar  Saudi Arabia 60 [L]
 San Marino  Italy 39 [M]
 South Korea  North Korea 238 [N]
 Timor-Leste  Indonesia 228 [O]
 United Kingdom  Ireland 360 [P]
  Vatican City  Italy 3.2 [Q]

Causeways, bridges, and tunnels[edit]

Borders relevant to this list may arguably include short theoretical borders in the middle of man-made constructions. Also, artificial islands or causeways could be disputed.[citation needed]

Dependent territories[edit]

In some cases, a dependent territory of one nation borders another nation.


There were many countries that historically had only one neighbour. Some no longer exist while others now have either no land borders or borders with more than one nation due to border changes.

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  1. ^ The two countries border each other on Passport Island, an artificial island that contains the passport stations on King Fahd Causeway. Additionally, the Qatar–Bahrain Friendship Bridge connecting it to Qatar is planned but as yet incomplete.
  2. ^ Borders the Malaysian state of Sarawak on the island of Borneo.
  3. ^ The border around the area of Hans Island between Canada and Greenland (a constituent country of the Kingdom of Denmark) is disputed and undefined. Canada also shares a small maritime border with the French overseas collectivity of Saint Pierre and Miquelon.
  4. ^ The island of Cyprus is de jure divided between the Republic of Cyprus and the British overseas territory of Akrotiri and Dhekelia. De facto, however, the northern third of the island is controlled by the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, separated from the Republic of Cyprus by a United Nations buffer zone.
  5. ^ Since 1999, Denmark is connected to Sweden via the Øresund Bridge, which was opened in the year 2000.
  6. ^ On the island of Hispaniola.
  7. ^ The Republic of the Gambia is bordered north, south and east by Senegal.
  8. ^ On the island of Hispaniola.
  9. ^ The Republic of Ireland borders Northern Ireland, a constituent country of the United Kingdom, on the island of Ireland.
  10. ^ Lesotho is an enclave which is entirely surrounded by South Africa.
  11. ^ On the island of New Guinea.
  12. ^ The planned Qatar–Bahrain Friendship Bridge would connect Qatar to Bahrain.
  13. ^ San Marino is an enclave entirely surrounded by Italy.
  14. ^ On the Korean Peninsula, at the Demarcation Line. The two countries are separated by a 4 km wide Demilitarized Zone.
  15. ^ On the island of Timor.
  16. ^ On the island of Ireland. The British Overseas Territories of Gibraltar and Akrotiri and Dhekelia border Spain and Cyprus respectively, but these territories are not part of the United Kingdom proper (see #Dependent territories section).
  17. ^ The Vatican is an enclave entirely surrounded by Italy.