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International presence of Jollibee stores:
  Current locations
  Former locations
  Planned locations

This is a list of countries with Jollibee franchises. This list only includes the Jollibee fast food chain brand of Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC) and excludes other brands owned by the company.

As of November 2016, Jollibee operates at 1,111 Jollibee stores, 954 of which are in the Philippines, its country of origin, and 157 are situated in foreign markets.[1]

As reported in a 1990 article in The Washington Times, Jollibee had two locations in Taiwan and one in the Brunei along with 58 locations in the Philippines.[2]

According to a 1995 article in the Wall Street Journal, Jollibee had five locations in Brunei, two in Jakarta, Indonesia, and one in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates along with 160 locations in the Philippines.[3]

By the end of 2011, Jollibee had 31 locations in Vietnam, 27 in the United States, 11 in Brunei, 7 in Saudi Arabia (all in Jeddah), and 1 each in Hong Kong and Qatar along with 747 locations in the Philippines.[4]

By continent[edit]


No. Country / Territory Date of first store First outlet location Current number of outlets (Date of source) Notes References
1  Philippines June 1978 Cubao, Quezon City 1,000 (July 2017)[5] Jollibee has 7 outlets in Metro Manila at the time of its incorporation. It credits the Cubao branch as its first outlet.
2  Taiwan 1986 Former location, see below
3  Brunei 1987 Bandar Seri Begawan 17 (January 2019)[6] [7]
4  Indonesia 1991 Former location, see below
5  Kuwait 1994 Kuwait City 4 (November 2016)[1] Closed in 1999 reintroduced in 2012 [8]
6–11  Saudi Arabia 1995 Jeddah 12 (December 2016)[1]
 Bahrain 1995 Manama 1 (November 2018)[1] First introduced in 1995, both reintroduced in 2015
 United Arab Emirates 1995 Dubai 4 (November 2016)[1] [9]
 Malaysia c. 1990–1997 Kota Kinabalu 1 (December 2018)[10] First introduced in the 1990s.[11] Re-established presence in Malaysia by opening an outlet in the Sabah's capital in late December 2018.[10] [10]
 Hong Kong September 1996 Central District 8 (December 2017)[12] [13]
 Vietnam October 1996 Ho Chi Minh City 102 (January 2018)[1] Vietnam is the only country (besides the Philippines) to have 100 or more Jollibee outlets.
12  China 1998 Former location, see below
13  Qatar 2010 Doha 6 (June 2015)[1]
14  Singapore 2013 Orchard Road 4 (November 2016)[1]
15  Oman May 2017 Muscat 1 (May 2017)[14]
16  Macau June 2018 São Lourenço 1 (June 2018)[15]


Jollibee outlet in Sorsogon City.

The first ever Jollibee branch was in Cubao, Quezon City which opened in 1975 as a Magnolia Ice cream parlor. When Jollibee was incorporated in 1978, there were 7 branches in Metro Manila. The first franchised outlet of Jollibee opened in Santa Cruz, Manila in 1979.[16]

The fast food chain's first outlet outside Luzon was in Cagayan de Oro in Mindanao.[16] The store opened in 1991 at the Limketkai Commercial Complex.[17]

The 100th branch in the Philippines opened in Davao City in 1991 while its 500th store opened in Basilan in 2004.[18]

There were 954 Jollibee branded restaurant locations in the Philippines officially recorded to be operating during November 2016.[1] The 1,000th Jollibee store in the country at the Bonifacio Global City was opened in 2017. By the end of 2017, Jollibee has 1,062 stores in the Philippines.[5]


Middle East[edit]

The first location in Kuwait was opened 1994 but Jollibee left the Kuwaiti market in 1999.[8] Jollibee was reintroduced in the country in February 2012.[19]


The first location in Oman was opened in Al Khuwayr in May 2017.[14]


Sunrise Trading & Foodstuff Co is the franchisee operating all Jollibee branches in the state of Qatar. The first branch in Qatar was opened in June 2010.[20]

Saudi Arabia[edit]

Nessma United Ltd. is the franchise company operating all Jollibee branches in Saudi Arabia. The first branch opened by the franchise company was at the Jeddah International Market in 2008. By December 2016 there are 12 Jollibee branches in the kingdom with presence in the cities of Al Khobar Jeddah, Jubail, Riyadh, Taif and Yanbu.[21]

United Arab Emirates[edit]
Opening of the first Jollibee outlet in Abu Dhabi in December 2016.

Jollibee opened its first store in the United Arab Emirates in April 1995 in Dubai[22] but later closed.[23] In February 2014, it was announced that Jollibee Food Corporation signed a joint venture agreement with Golden Crown Foods LLC to form a subsidiary company called Golden Plate Pte. Ltd. which was created to operate and own Jollibee stores in the United Arab Emirates.[24] In May 2015, Jollibee returned to the Emirati market by opening a store at the Dubai Mall in Dubai.[9][25][26] The following year, a second location was opened in the Mall of the Emirates in February 2016,[27] quickly followed by a third location in BurJuman Centre in April 2016,[28] and a fourth store in Al Ghurair Center opened in August 2016.[29]

On 28 December 2016, the first Jollibee outlet in Abu Dhabi opened at the Mushrif Mall.[30]

East Asia[edit]
Hong Kong[edit]
Jollibee outlet in Hong Kong.

Jollibee opened its first branch in Hong Kong in 1996[12] in the Central District[13] when its was still under British administration. The number of outlets in the city which shortly became a Chinese territory grew to five but the fast food brand saw closure of outlets.[13] In 2016, Jollibee started reopening outlets.[12][13] By December 2017, there are 8 Jollibee outlets in Hong Kong.[12]


The first Jollibee outlet in Macau opened on 28 June 2018 at Circle Square[15] at Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro.[31]

Southeast Asia[edit]

The Filipino chain was previously entered the Malaysian market in the 1990s although it was forced to closed its operation in the country during the 1997 Asian financial crisis.[11][32] Jollibee only had a single outlet during its 1990s operations in Malaysia[33] which was situated in Sabah.[34]

After 21 year absence, the fast-food eatery returned in Malaysia following the opening its first outlet in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah in December 2018.[10] Kota Kinabalu was chosen as their first return entry in the country due to the large Filipino diaspora in the city.[35][36] In February 2019, the company announced its plan to open over 100 stores in Malaysia in the next 10 years, including 50 stores in Sabah and Sarawak.[37]


The first location in Singapore was opened in March 2013. The company that operates the franchise in this country is jointly owned by Beeworks Inc. and a wholly owned Jollibee subsidiary called Golden Plate Pte. Ltd.[38] In April 2016, Jollibee had opened its third and fourth location on this island city-state.[39]

Jollibee outlet in Da Nang, Vietnam.

The first Jollibee branch in Vietnam was opened in October 1996 at the Superbowl Mall [sic] in Ho Chi Minh City.[40] By 2010, Jollibee had 10 locations in Vietnam, all located in Ho Chi Minh City except for a lone branch located in Bien Hoa City.[40] By the end of 2011, the 30th branch was opened in the Long Binh District of Hanoi.[41]

Jollibee had no less than 20 stores in Vietnam as of 2012, with branches in the cities of Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang, Nha Trang, in the provinces of Vinh Phuc, Dong Nai and in the Mekong Delta Region.[42]

By the beginning of 2018, Jollibee opened 100 stores in Vietnam, and its 100th branch opened in Can Tho.


No. Country / Territory Date of first store First outlet location Current number of outlets (Date of source) Notes References
1  Italy March 2018 Milan, Lombardy 1 (March 2018) [43]
2  United Kingdom October 2018 London, England 1 (October 2018) [44]

In 2013, Jollibee president and CEO Tony Tan Caktiong stated that Jollibee had plans to open a branch in Europe due to popular demand, but that such plans were not then prioritized.[45][46][47] However, it was later reported in March 2015 that Jollibee planned to expand to Europe through an unspecified country in 2017–2018.[48]

Caktiong also announced in a forum on 29 October 2015 Jollibee's plan to open its first branches in Italy and the United Kingdom.[49] The first European outlets were opened in Italy and the United Kingdom in 2018.


The first Jollibee outlet in Italy and in whole of Europe opened at the Piazza Diaz 7[50] in Milan, Italy on 18 March 2018.[51] Jollibee Foods Corporation's entrance in the European market was a result of a joint venture with Singapore Blackbird Holdings.[50] JFC announced the joint venture in April 2017.[52] Plans to open a Jollibee branch in Italy already existed as early as August 2015 when Jollibee officials met with Milan's Chamber of Commerce to discuss possibilities on opening a branch in the northern Italian city.[53]

United Kingdom[edit]

Jollibee opened its first UK outlet in Earl's Court, London on 18 October 2018.[44] Out of the planned 50 outlets to be opened in Europe by 2023, half of which are planned to be opened in the United Kingdom.[54]

North America[edit]

No. Country / Territory Date of first store First outlet location Current number of outlets (Date of source) Notes References
1  United States June 1998 Daly City, California 39 (23 November 2018)
2  Canada 15 December 2016 Winnipeg, Manitoba 6 (As of 10 September 2019)

United States[edit]

In the United States, Jollibee has locations in California, Hawaii, Florida, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Texas, Illinois, Washington, Virginia, Guam.[55]

Jollibee location in National City, California

The first location in the United States was opened in Daly City, California in June 1998.[56] After a two-year wait, a second Northern California location was opened in Union City in April 2000.[57] Two month later, the first location in Southern California, the third in the United States, was opened in Carson in June 2000.[58] In the following month, the second location in Southern California, the fourth in the United States, was opened in Long Beach in July 2000.[59] The first San Diego County area restaurant, the fifth in the United States, was opened at National City in July 2001.[60] The first location in Orange County was opened in Anaheim in September 2011.[61] The first location in San Bernardino County was opened in Rancho Cucamonga in November 2013.[62]

Not all locations in California were successful and several had closed after operating briefly.[63][64]

The first location in the state of Nevada, and the first U.S. location outside of California and the 12th in the United States, was opened in the Las Vegas in May 2007.[65][66]

Moving east, the company opened its first location in the state of New York in Queens in New York City in February 2009.[67][68] This was the first location east of the Rockies. In October 2018, the company opened its second location in New York State on the island of Manhattan in NYC.[69]

The first location in the state of Washington was opened in Tukwila in September 2010.[70]

The first location in the state of Hawaii, and the 27th in the United States, was opened in Waipahu in December 2010.[71] A second Hawaiian location was opened in the Ala Moana Center the following year in November 2011.[72] Three years later, a third Hawaiian location was opened in Kalihi in April 2014.[73]

The first location in the state of New Jersey, and the second location on the East Coast, was opened in Jersey City in June 2012.[74][75][76] The following year, the first location in the state of Virginia, and the third location on the East Coast, was opened in Virginia Beach in April 2013.[77]

Jollibee location in Houston, Texas

The first location in the state of Texas, and the 26th in the United States, was opened in Houston in September 2013.[78]

The first location in the state of Illinois, and the 34th in the United States, was opened in Skokie in July 2016.[79]

In September 2016, Jollibee announced the construction of their first location in the state of Florida and expects that the location in Jacksonville to be opened toward the end of the year. At the time of the announcement, Jollibee had approximately 35 locations within the United States.[80] After announcing, missing, and changing the expected opening date for this company-owned location several times, Jollibee announced in late December that they expect to open this location "soon".[81] The Jollibee restaurant in Jacksonville eventually opened its doors on 18 March 2017, one day after Saint Patrick's Day.[82]

On 27 October 2018, Jollibee opened its second New York branch in Manhattan. Jollibee is expected to have 150 stores across the United States in 2023.[83]


In 2015, Jollibee first indicated it would expand to Canada with plans to open the first Canadian branch in Toronto.[84][85]

The first Canadian Jollibee location opened in December 2016 in Winnipeg, Manitoba.[86][87] The city was chosen as the first Jollibee location by JFC due to it being the Canadian city with the highest density of Filipinos.[88] For the opening ceremony, the fast food's eponymous mascot wore a tuque and scarf,[88] which are not worn in the Philippines, over its usual costume. The location became the 35th in North America, with the other 34 locations in the United States.[89] On 27 November 2017, Jollibee opened a second location in Winnipeg at the Northgate Mall.[90]

In August 2017, Jollibee announced plans to open two new Canadian locations in the Toronto area, with one in Mississauga and the other in Scarborough, before the end of fall 2017.[91] Two months later, Jollibee revised their plans and said that the earliest either store would open is early spring 2018.[92] The Scarborough location opened on 1 April 2018.[93] and the Mississauga location shortly afterward on 20 July 2018.[94]

In June 2018, Jollibee announced that they plan to open 100 locations across Canada by 2023.[95]

In August 2019, Jollibee opened its first location in Alberta in the city of Edmonton. The company also announced plans to open a second Albertan location in Calgary within a year.[96]

In September 2019, Jollibee opened its third location in Toronto near Wilson Station in North York.


No. Country / Territory Date of first store First outlet location Current number of outlets (Date of source) Notes References
1  Guam 1996 N/A 1 (July 2019)[97] Closed prior to 2009. Reintroduced in 2019.
2  Papua New Guinea 1997 Former location, see below
3  Northern Mariana Islands 1999 Former location, see below

On the island of Guam, a U.S. territory, Jollibee had opened a location there in 1996[98] but later closed the branch sometime before 2009.[99] A second location was reported to have opened in the Agana Shopping Center in February 2000.[100] There are no records on when the second location had closed, but no Jollibee locations are known to exist on the island of Guam by 2009.

Jollibee reestablished presence in 7 April 2019 by opening an outlet at the Micronesia Mall in Dededo.[97]

Former branches[edit]

Countries and territories formerly with Jollibee outlets in peach.
Country / Territory Date of first store First outlet location Date of closure of last store References
 China PR 1998 Xiamen, Fujian 2001
 Indonesia 1991 Jakarta c. 1997/2000 [3]
 Northern Mariana Islands 1999 Garapan, Saipan 2009
 Papua New Guinea 1997 Port Moresby N/A
 Taiwan 1986 N/A N/A


Jollibee had former branches in mainland and Taiwan. Jollibee launched its first branch in Taiwan in 1986, also its first branch outside the Philippines.[101] Jollibee had at least two branches in Taiwan.[2] Jollibee launched its first mainland China branch in Xiamen in 1998 but later closed in 2001. Jollibee focused on acquiring already popular restaurant chains in China.[45] However, in their drive to expand the company's foreign presence faster, they are now considering returning to the mainland Chinese market.[102]

Jollibee launched its first branch in Dubai in 1995 but it was later closed.[9] Jollibee previously had branches in Malaysia (already resumed its operation in 2018) and Indonesia but were later closed down due to the 1997 Asian financial crisis.[11][32] Jollibee entered the Indonesian market in 1991 and by 1995 it had two stores in Jakarta.[3]


Jollibee had two branches on the island of Saipan in the Northern Mariana Islands, a U.S. territory. The first location was opened in the village of Garapan in late 1999.[103] A second location was opened in the village of Chalan Kanoa in January 2000.[104] The Chalan Kanoa branch was closed in 2004[105] and the main Garapan branch closed in February 2009 due to declining sales.[99]

Jollibee also had a previous presence in Guam, another U.S. territory, before it returned in 2019. It had two branches, with the first opening in 1996. Both were closed by 2009.

Jollibee also had a branch in Papua New Guinea which opened in 1997 in Port Moresby. The branch closed following the publication of a newspaper print advertisement that falsely implied that the local branch was trying to purchase dogs and cats as a source of food. Jollibee was unable to track down those responsible for the ad but had suspected several competitors.[106]

Planned locations[edit]


Jollibee has previously targeted to open a branch in Romania in 1995.[107][108] Plans to open a branch in Spain has been announced in October 2017.[109]

Asia Pacific[edit]

Australia and Japan[edit]

In an October 2015 forum, Jollibee president and CEO Tony Tan Caktiong announced that Jollibee planned to open their first branches in Australia and Japan by 2017.[84][85] In a signing ceremony on 26 October 2016, Caktiong said that Jollibee may open stores in Japan in 2018.[110] within the same month JFC secured partnership with Ise Foods to open a Jollibee outlet in Japan.[111] By October 2017, the projected dates of Jollibee's entrance into the two markets were pushed to 2020.[109]


Jollibee has also considered reestablishing presence in Indonesia within the late 2016 to mid 2017 timeframe as well as to return in the Malaysia market in 2016.[32] Jollibee also planned to open its first branch in Oman on the same year.[84][85]

It was reported on July 2017, that Jollibee planned to reopen a branch in Guam,[5][112] The Marianas Business Journal report that Jollibee may return by late 2018.[113] and in April 2019, an outlet opened in Dededo.[114]


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