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This is a list of 75 countries and territories with left-hand traffic.[1][2][3] Left-hand traffic (LHT) is the practice, in bidirectional traffic, of keeping to the left side of the road.

  Right-hand side traffic
  Left-hand side traffic
Countries with left- and right-side traffic nowadays and formerly. Changes since 1858 when Finland changed to the right are taken into account.

  Right-hand side traffic
  Now right-hand side, formerly left-hand side
  Left-hand side traffic
  Now left-hand side, formerly right-hand side
  Formerly different rules in different parts of the country, now right-hand side traffic
Countries by handedness of traffic, coupled with the distance/speed unit
  Left-hand traffic, kilometres
  Left-hand traffic, miles
  Right-hand traffic, kilometres
  Right-hand traffic, miles
  Right-hand traffic, miles per hour (for speed limits) and kilometres (for distances)

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