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This is a list of county courthouses in Alabama. Each of Alabama's 67 counties has a courthouse in the county seat. Barbour, Coffee, Jefferson, Marshall and St. Clair counties have two courthouses each.

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Courthouse Photo County Location Built Notes
Autauga County Courthouse Autauga County Courthouse March 2010 02.jpg
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Autauga Prattville
32°27′48″N 86°28′29″W / 32.46333°N 86.47472°W / 32.46333; -86.47472 (Autauga County)
1906 Part of the Daniel Pratt Historic District (NRHP).[1]
Baldwin County Courthouse Baldwin County Courthouse Bay Minette June 2013 2.jpg
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Baldwin Bay Minette
30°53′0″N 87°46′27″W / 30.88333°N 87.77417°W / 30.88333; -87.77417 (Baldwin County)
1901 (renovated 1996)
Barbour County Courthouse (Clayton) Barbour County Alabama Courthouse.JPG Barbour Clayton
31°52′41″N 85°27′0″W / 31.87806°N 85.45000°W / 31.87806; -85.45000 (Barbour County (Clayton))
Barbour County Courthouse (Eufaula) Barbour County Courthouse.JPG Barbour Eufaula
31°53′34″N 85°8′30″W / 31.89278°N 85.14167°W / 31.89278; -85.14167 (Barbour County (Eufaula))
1910s Part of the Seth Lore and Irwinton Historic District (NRHP).[1]
Bibb County Courthouse Bibb County, Alabama courthouse.jpg Bibb Centreville
32°56′44″N 87°8′8″W / 32.94556°N 87.13556°W / 32.94556; -87.13556 (Bibb County)
1902 Part of the Centreville Historic District (NRHP).[1]
Blount County Courthouse Blount County Courthouse.JPG Blount Oneonta
33°56′47″N 86°28′33″W / 33.94639°N 86.47583°W / 33.94639; -86.47583 (Blount County)
Bullock County Courthouse Bullock County Courthouse.jpg Bullock Union Springs
33°56′47″N 86°28′33″W / 33.94639°N 86.47583°W / 33.94639; -86.47583 (Bullock County)
1872 Part of the Bullock County Courthouse Historic District (NRHP).[1]
Butler County Courthouse Greenville AL Butler Co Court House.JPG
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Butler Greenville
31°49′47″N 86°37′5″W / 31.82972°N 86.61806°W / 31.82972; -86.61806 (Butler County)
1871 Part of the East Commerce Street Historic District (NRHP).[1]
Calhoun County Courthouse Calhoun County, Alabama Courthouse.JPG
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Calhoun Anniston
33°39′31″N 85°49′52″W / 33.65861°N 85.83111°W / 33.65861; -85.83111 (Calhoun County)
1900 Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.[1]
Chambers County Courthouse Chambers County, AL Courthouse (NRHP).JPG
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Chambers LaFayette
32°53′58″N 85°24′3″W / 32.89944°N 85.40083°W / 32.89944; -85.40083 (Chambers County)
1899 Part of the Chambers County Courthouse Square Historic District (NRHP).[1]
Cherokee County Courthouse Cherokee County Courthouse in Centre, Ala.JPG Cherokee Centre
34°9′9″N 85°40′44″W / 34.15250°N 85.67889°W / 34.15250; -85.67889 (Cherokee County)
Chilton County Courthouse Chilton County Courthouse.jpg Chilton Clanton
32°50′24″N 86°37′47″W / 32.84000°N 86.62972°W / 32.84000; -86.62972 (Chilton County)
Choctaw County Courthouse Choctaw County Alabama Courthouse.jpg Choctaw Butler
32°5′22″N 88°13′19″W / 32.08944°N 88.22194°W / 32.08944; -88.22194 (Choctaw County)
Clarke County Courthouse Clarke County Courthouse.jpg Clarke Grove Hill
31°42′31″N 87°46′43″W / 31.70861°N 87.77861°W / 31.70861; -87.77861 (Clarke County)
1955 Part of the Grove Hill Courthouse Square Historic District (NRHP).[1]
Clay County Courthouse Clay County AL Courthouse small.jpg
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Clay Ashland
33°16′27″N 85°50′9″W / 33.27417°N 85.83583°W / 33.27417; -85.83583 (Clay County)
1906 Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.[1]
Cleburne County Courthouse Cleburne County Alabama Courthouse 2012.JPG
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Cleburne Heflin
33°38′59″N 85°35′17″W / 33.64972°N 85.58806°W / 33.64972; -85.58806 (Cleburne County)
1907 Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.[1]
Coffee County Courthouse (Elba) Coffee County Courthouse (Elba, Alabama).jpg
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Coffee Elba
31°24′51″N 86°3′56″W / 31.41417°N 86.06556°W / 31.41417; -86.06556 (Coffee County (Elba))
1903 Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.[1]
Coffee County Courthouse (Enterprise) Alabama-Coffee County Courthouse Enterprise.jpg Coffee Enterprise
31°18′56″N 85°51′8″W / 31.31556°N 85.85222°W / 31.31556; -85.85222 (Coffee County (Enterprise))
Colbert County Courthouse Colbert County Courthouse.JPG
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Colbert Tuscumbia
34°44′1″N 87°42′14″W / 34.73361°N 87.70389°W / 34.73361; -87.70389 (Colbert County)
1882 (renovated 1909) Part of the Colbert County Courthouse Square Historic District (NRHP).[1]
Conecuh County Government Center Conecuh County Government Center May 2013 2.jpg
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Conecuh Evergreen
31°26′7″N 86°57′17″W / 31.43528°N 86.95472°W / 31.43528; -86.95472 (Conecuh County)
Coosa County Courthouse Coosa County Alabama Courthouse.JPG Coosa Rockford
32°53′22″N 86°13′11″W / 32.88944°N 86.21972°W / 32.88944; -86.21972 (Coosa County)
Covington County Courthouse Alabama-Covington County Courthouse.jpg
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Covington Andalusia
31°18′31″N 86°28′57″W / 31.30861°N 86.48250°W / 31.30861; -86.48250 (Covington County)
1916 Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.[1]
Crenshaw County Courthouse Crenshaw County Alabama Courthouse.JPG Crenshaw Luverne
31°42′57″N 86°15′45″W / 31.71583°N 86.26250°W / 31.71583; -86.26250 (Crenshaw County)
1955 Included in Luverne Historic District as a non-contributing resource.
Cullman County Courthouse Cullman County Courthouse May 2013 2.jpg
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Cullman Cullman
34°10′21″N 86°50′30″W / 34.17250°N 86.84167°W / 34.17250; -86.84167 (Cullman County)
Dale County Courthouse Dale Ozark
31°27′31″N 85°38′26″W / 31.45861°N 85.64056°W / 31.45861; -85.64056 (Dale County)
Dallas County Courthouse Dallas County Courthouse Selma Alabama 001.jpg
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Dallas Selma
32°24′27″N 87°1′17″W / 32.40750°N 87.02139°W / 32.40750; -87.02139 (Dallas County)
DeKalb County Courthouse DeKalbCountyAlCourthouse.jpg
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DeKalb Fort Payne
34°26′24″N 85°43′32″W / 34.44000°N 85.72556°W / 34.44000; -85.72556 (DeKalb County)
1955 (remodeled 1974, 1999)
Elmore County Courthouse Elmore County Alabama Courthouse.JPG
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Elmore Wetumpka
32°32′12″N 86°12′18″W / 32.53667°N 86.20500°W / 32.53667; -86.20500 (Elmore County)
1932 Part of the East Wetumpka Commercial District (NRHP).[1]
Escambia County Courthouse Escambia County Alabama Courthouse.jpg Escambia Brewton
31°6′24″N 87°4′16″W / 31.10667°N 87.07111°W / 31.10667; -87.07111 (Escambia County)
Etowah County Courthouse Etowah County, Alabama Courthouse.JPG Etowah Gadsden
34°0′56″N 86°0′44″W / 34.01556°N 86.01222°W / 34.01556; -86.01222 (Etowah County)
1949 (renovated 2000)
Fayette County Courthouse Fayette County Alabama Courthouse.jpg Fayette Fayette
33°41′6″N 87°49′54″W / 33.68500°N 87.83167°W / 33.68500; -87.83167 (Fayette County)
1911 Part of the Fayette County Courthouse District (NRHP).[1]
Franklin County Courthouse Franklin County Courthouse in Russelville, Alabama.jpg Franklin Russellville
34°30′29″N 87°43′42″W / 34.50806°N 87.72833°W / 34.50806; -87.72833 (Franklin County)
Geneva County Courthouse Alabama-Geneva County Courthouse.jpg
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Geneva Geneva
31°2′26″N 85°51′56″W / 31.04056°N 85.86556°W / 31.04056; -85.86556 (Geneva County)
Greene County Courthouse William McKinley Branch Courthouse Eutaw May 2016 1.jpg
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Greene Eutaw
32°50′29″N 87°53′12″W / 32.84139°N 87.88667°W / 32.84139; -87.88667 (Greene County)
Hale County Courthouse Hale County Courthouse 001.jpg
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Hale Greensboro
32°42′14″N 87°35′33″W / 32.70389°N 87.59250°W / 32.70389; -87.59250 (Hale County)
1907 Part of the Greensboro Historic District (NRHP).[1]
Henry County Courthouse Henry County, Alabama Courthouse.JPG Henry Abbeville
31°34′16″N 85°14′59″W / 31.57111°N 85.24972°W / 31.57111; -85.24972 (Henry County)
Houston County Courthouse Alabama-Houston County Courthouse.jpg
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Houston Dothan
31°13′27″N 85°23′35″W / 31.22417°N 85.39306°W / 31.22417; -85.39306 (Houston County)
1962 (renovated 2003)
Jackson County Courthouse Jackson County Courthouse, Scottsboro, Alabama.jpg Jackson Scottsboro
34°40′20″N 86°2′2″W / 34.67222°N 86.03389°W / 34.67222; -86.03389 (Jackson County)
1912 Part of the Public Square Historic District (NRHP).[1]
Jefferson County Courthouse (Bessemer) Jefferson County Courthouse in Bessemer, Alabama.JPG Jefferson Bessemer
33°24′5″N 86°57′14″W / 33.40139°N 86.95389°W / 33.40139; -86.95389 (Jefferson County (Bessemer))
Jefferson County Courthouse (Birmingham) Jefferson County Courthouse Birmingham Nov 2011 01.jpg
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Jefferson Birmingham
33°31′17″N 86°48′32″W / 33.52139°N 86.80889°W / 33.52139; -86.80889 (Jefferson County (Birmingham))
1931 Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.[1]
Lamar County Courthouse LamarCoALCourthouse.jpg Lamar Vernon
33°45′27″N 88°6′31″W / 33.75750°N 88.10861°W / 33.75750; -88.10861 (Lamar County)
1909 (remodeled 1948)
Lauderdale County Courthouse Lauderdale County Courthouse in Florence, Alabama.JPG Lauderdale Florence
34°47′56″N 87°40′32″W / 34.79889°N 87.67556°W / 34.79889; -87.67556 (Lauderdale County)
Lawrence County Courthouse Lawrence County Courthouse in Moulton, Alabama.JPG Lawrence Moulton
34°28′52″N 87°17′31″W / 34.48111°N 87.29194°W / 34.48111; -87.29194 (Lawrence County)
1936 Part of the Moulton Courthouse Square Historic District (NRHP).[1]
Lee County Courthouse Lee County Courthouse Alabama.jpg
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Lee Opelika
32°38′45″N 85°22′45″W / 32.64583°N 85.37917°W / 32.64583; -85.37917 (Lee County)
1896 Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.[1]
Limestone County Courthouse Limestone County Courthouse, Athens, Alabama 01.jpg
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Limestone Athens
34°48′10″N 86°58′18″W / 34.80278°N 86.97167°W / 34.80278; -86.97167 (Limestone County)
1919 Part of the Athens Courthouse Square Historic District (NRHP).[1]
Lowndes County Courthouse Lowndes County Courthouse.jpg Lowndes Hayneville
32°11′2″N 86°34′47″W / 32.18389°N 86.57972°W / 32.18389; -86.57972 (Lowndes County)
1858 (enlarged 1905) Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.[1]
Macon County Courthouse Macon County Court House.jpg
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Macon Tuskegee
32°25′30″N 85°41′28″W / 32.42500°N 85.69111°W / 32.42500; -85.69111 (Macon County)
1905 Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.[1]
Madison County Courthouse Madison County Courthouse May 2011 02.jpg
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Madison Huntsville
34°43′49″N 86°35′6″W / 34.73028°N 86.58500°W / 34.73028; -86.58500 (Madison County)
Marengo County Courthouse Marengo Alabama Courthouse.jpg Marengo Linden
32°18′24″N 87°47′51″W / 32.30667°N 87.79750°W / 32.30667; -87.79750 (Marengo County)
1966 This is the fifth courthouse for the county, built on the same site as a Victorian-era courthouse that burned in 1965.[2] The third Marengo County courthouse, built in 1850, still stands and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.[1]
Marion County Courthouse Marion County Courthouse in Hamilton, Alabama.jpg Marion Hamilton
34°8′31″N 87°59′21″W / 34.14194°N 87.98917°W / 34.14194; -87.98917 (Marion County)
Marshall County Courthouse (Albertville) Marshall County, Alabama Courthouse.JPG
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Marshall Albertville
34°16′5″N 86°12′37″W / 34.26806°N 86.21028°W / 34.26806; -86.21028 (Marshall County (Albertville))
Marshall County Courthouse (Guntersville) Marshall County Courthouse in Guntersville, Alabama.JPG
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Marshall Guntersville
34°21′31″N 86°17′36″W / 34.35861°N 86.29333°W / 34.35861; -86.29333 (Marshall County (Guntersville))
1935 (remodeled 1963)
Mobile County Courthouse Government Plaza Mobile.JPG
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Mobile Mobile
30°41′20″N 88°2′33″W / 30.68889°N 88.04250°W / 30.68889; -88.04250 (Mobile County)
Monroe County Courthouse Monroe County Courthouse (Alabama).jpg
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Monroe Monroeville
31°31′38″N 87°19′28″W / 31.52722°N 87.32444°W / 31.52722; -87.32444 (Monroe County)
Montgomery County Courthouse Montgomery County Courthouse.JPG Montgomery Montgomery
32°22′28″N 86°18′20″W / 32.37444°N 86.30556°W / 32.37444; -86.30556 (Montgomery County)
Morgan County Courthouse Morgan County Alabama Courthouse June 2013 2.jpg
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Morgan Decatur
34°36′25″N 86°59′5″W / 34.60694°N 86.98472°W / 34.60694; -86.98472 (Morgan County)
Perry County Courthouse Perry County Alabama Courthouse.jpg Perry Marion
32°37′58″N 87°19′7″W / 32.63278°N 87.31861°W / 32.63278; -87.31861 (Perry County)
1856 Part of the Marion Courthouse Square Historic District (NRHP).[1]
Pickens County Courthouse Pickens County Courthouse 2.jpg
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Pickens Carrollton
33°15′42″N 88°5′42″W / 33.26167°N 88.09500°W / 33.26167; -88.09500 (Pickens County)
1877 (restored 2007) Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.[1]
Pike County Courthouse Pike County Alabama Courthouse.JPG Pike Troy
31°48′26″N 85°58′25″W / 31.80722°N 85.97361°W / 31.80722; -85.97361 (Pike County)
Randolph County Courthouse Randolph County Alabama Courthouse.JPG Randolph Wedowee
33°18′33″N 85°29′3″W / 33.30917°N 85.48417°W / 33.30917; -85.48417 (Randolph County)
Russell County Courthouse New Russell County Courthouse.JPG Russell Phenix City
32°28′21″N 84°59′59″W / 32.47250°N 84.99972°W / 32.47250; -84.99972 (Russell County)
St. Clair County Courthouse (Ashville) St. Clair County Courthouse in Ashville, Alabama.JPG
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St. Clair Ashville
33°50′13″N 86°15′18″W / 33.83694°N 86.25500°W / 33.83694; -86.25500 (St. Clair County (Ashville))
1844 Part of the Ashville Historic District (NRHP).[1]
St. Clair County Courthouse (Pell City) St. Clair County Courthouse in Pell City, Alabama.JPG
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St. Clair Pell City
33°35′12″N 86°17′12″W / 33.58667°N 86.28667°W / 33.58667; -86.28667 (St. Clair County (Pell City))
Shelby County Courthouse Shelby County, Alabama Courthouse.JPG Shelby Columbiana
33°10′44″N 86°36′27″W / 33.17889°N 86.60750°W / 33.17889; -86.60750 (Shelby County)
Sumter County Courthouse SumterCountyAlabamaCourthouseLivingstonAlabama.jpg
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Sumter Livingston
32°34′58″N 88°11′18″W / 32.58278°N 88.18833°W / 32.58278; -88.18833 (Sumter County)
1902 Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.[1]
Talladega County Courthouse Talladega County Alabama Courthouse.JPG Talladega Talladega
33°26′6″N 86°6′10″W / 33.43500°N 86.10278°W / 33.43500; -86.10278 (Talladega County)
1838 (redesigned 1925, restored 1977) Built from 1836–38, it was originally a three-story structure, later reduced to two stories with a clock tower. Additions were made in 1882 and 1905. It suffered extensive fire damage in 1925 and was redesigned, utilizing some of the original architectural elements.[3] Part of the Talladega Courthouse Square Historic District (NRHP).[1]
Tallapoosa County Courthouse Tallapoosa County Courthouse Dadeville Alabama.JPG Tallapoosa Dadeville
32°49′52″N 85°45′51″W / 32.83111°N 85.76417°W / 32.83111; -85.76417 (Tallapoosa County)
Tuscaloosa County Courthouse Tuscaloosa Court House.jpg Tuscaloosa Tuscaloosa
33°12′26″N 87°34′4″W / 33.20722°N 87.56778°W / 33.20722; -87.56778 (Tuscaloosa County)
Walker County Courthouse Walker County Courthouse.jpg Walker Jasper
33°49′59″N 87°16′38″W / 33.83306°N 87.27722°W / 33.83306; -87.27722 (Walker County)
1933 Part of the Jasper Downtown Historic District (NRHP).[1]
Washington County Courthouse (Chatom) Washington County Courthouse.jpg Washington Chatom
31°27′56″N 88°15′24″W / 31.46556°N 88.25667°W / 31.46556; -88.25667 (Washington County (Chatom))
Old Washington County Courthouse (St. Stephens) Old Washington County Courthouse 002.jpg Washington St. Stephens
31°32′24″N 88°3′17″W / 31.54000°N 88.05472°W / 31.54000; -88.05472 (Washington County (St. Stephens))
1853-54 Greek Revival building which served until 1907 when the county seat was moved to Chatom, now a visitor center and local history museum.[4]
Wilcox County Courthouse Wilcox County Courthouse.jpg
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Wilcox Camden
31°59′29″N 87°17′21″W / 31.99139°N 87.28917°W / 31.99139; -87.28917 (Wilcox County)
1857 Part of the Wilcox County Courthouse Historic District (NRHP).[1]
Winston County Courthouse Winston County Courthouse.jpg
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Winston Double Springs
34°8′48″N 87°24′8″W / 34.14667°N 87.40222°W / 34.14667; -87.40222 (Winston County)
1929 Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.[1]

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