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This is a list of county courthouses in Arkansas. Each county in Arkansas has a city that is the county seat where the county government resides, including a county courthouse. Arkansas also has ten counties which have two county seats and two county courthouses. This is usually due to a capricious river that runs across the county which became impassable at some point in county history.

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Picture Courthouse County Location
Arkansas County Courthouse-Northern District.JPG North Arkansas County Courthouse Arkansas County 34°29′59″N 91°33′6″W / 34.49972°N 91.55167°W / 34.49972; -91.55167
302 S. College Street
Stuttgart, Arkansas
Arkansas County Courthouse-Southern District.jpg South Arkansas County Courthouse 34°17′42″N 91°20′6″W / 34.29500°N 91.33500°W / 34.29500; -91.33500
Courthouse Square
De Witt, Arkansas
Ashley county courthouse 001.jpg Ashley County Courthouse Ashley County 33°13′38″N 91°47′45″W / 33.227342°N 91.795962°W / 33.227342; -91.795962
215 E Jefferson St
Hamburg, Arkansas
Baxter County Arkansas Courthouse.JPG Baxter County Courthouse Baxter County 36°20′7″N 92°23′5″W / 36.33528°N 92.38472°W / 36.33528; -92.38472
Courthouse Square
Mountain Home, Arkansas
Benton County Courthouse, Bentonville, Arkansas.jpg Benton County Courthouse Benton County 36°22′21″N 94°12′27″W / 36.37250°N 94.20750°W / 36.37250; -94.20750
106 SE A Street
Bentonville, Arkansas
Boone County Courthouse (Arkansas) 014.jpg Boone County Courthouse Boone County 36°13′49″N 93°6′29″W / 36.23028°N 93.10806°W / 36.23028; -93.10806
Courthouse Square
Harrison, Arkansas
Bradley County Courthouse 001.jpg Bradley County Courthouse and Clerk's Office Bradley County 33°36′53″N 92°3′48″W / 33.61472°N 92.06333°W / 33.61472; -92.06333
Courthouse Square
Warren, Arkansas
Calhoun County Courthouse, Hampton, AR.jpg Calhoun County Courthouse Calhoun County 33°32′15″N 92°28′19″W / 33.53750°N 92.47194°W / 33.53750; -92.47194
Courthouse Square
Hampton, Arkansas
Carroll County Arkansas Courthouse.jpg East Carroll County Courthouse Carroll County 36°21′51″N 93°34′4″W / 36.36417°N 93.56778°W / 36.36417; -93.56778
Public Square
Berryville, Arkansas
Carroll county arkansas courthouse eureka springs.jpg West Carroll County Courthouse 36°24′06″N 93°44′16″W / 36.401532°N 93.737737°W / 36.401532; -93.737737
4 South Main Street
Eureka Springs, Arkansas
Chicot County Courthouse 001.jpg Chicot County Courthouse Chicot County 33°29′0″N 91°16′55″W / 33.48333°N 91.28194°W / 33.48333; -91.28194
108 Main Street
Lake Village, Arkansas
Clark County Courthouse (Arkansas) 001.jpg Clark County Courthouse Clark County 34°7′6″N 93°3′3″W / 34.11833°N 93.05083°W / 34.11833; -93.05083
4th and Crittenden Sts
Arkadelphia, Arkansas
East Clay County Courthouse Clay County 36°22′56″N 90°11′31″W / 36.382263°N 90.1919°W / 36.382263; -90.1919
151 South Second Avenue
Piggott, Arkansas
West Clay County Courthouse 36°24′16″N 90°35′02″W / 36.404565°N 90.583886°W / 36.404565; -90.583886
800 West Second Street
Corning, Arkansas
Cleburne County, AR, Courthouse.JPG Cleburne County Courthouse Cleburne County 35°29′27″N 92°1′55″W / 35.49083°N 92.03194°W / 35.49083; -92.03194
Courthouse Square
Heber Springs, Arkansas
Cleveland County Arkansas Courthouse.jpg Cleveland County Courthouse Cleveland County 33°57′33″N 92°11′4″W / 33.95917°N 92.18444°W / 33.95917; -92.18444
Main and Magnolia Sts
Rison, Arkansas
Columbia County, AR, Courthouse, Magnolia, IMG 2309.JPG Columbia County Courthouse Columbia County 33°16′1″N 93°14′27″W / 33.26694°N 93.24083°W / 33.26694; -93.24083
Court Square
Magnolia, Arkansas
Court House Morrilton.JPG Conway County Courthouse Conway County 35°9′5″N 92°44′37″W / 35.15139°N 92.74361°W / 35.15139; -92.74361
Moose St. at Church St.
Morrilton, Arkansas
Lake City AR 011.jpg East Craighead County Courthouse Craighead County 35°49′03″N 90°25′56″W / 35.817414°N 90.432165°W / 35.817414; -90.432165
405 Court Street
Lake City, Arkansas
Court house Jonesboro AR 2012-08-26 002.jpg West Craighead County Courthouse 35°50′14″N 90°42′18″W / 35.83722°N 90.70500°W / 35.83722; -90.70500
511 Main Street
Jonesboro, Arkansas
Crawford County Arkansas Courthouse.jpg Crawford County Courthouse Crawford County 35°26′03″N 94°21′22″W / 35.434079°N 94.356168°W / 35.434079; -94.356168
300 Main Street
Van Buren, Arkansas
Crittenden County Arkansas Courthouse.jpg Crittenden County Courthouse Crittenden County 35°12′57″N 90°11′45″W / 35.21583°N 90.19583°W / 35.21583; -90.19583
85 Jackson Street
Marion, Arkansas
0 Wynne AR 2014-03-08 007.jpg Cross County Courthouse Cross County 35°13′25″N 90°47′13″W / 35.223557°N 90.787049°W / 35.223557; -90.787049
705 East Union Street
Wynne, Arkansas
Dallas County Courthouse 001.jpg Dallas County Courthouse Dallas County 33°48′45″N 92°24′49″W / 33.81250°N 92.41361°W / 33.81250; -92.41361
3rd and Oak Streets
Fordyce, Arkansas
Desha County Courthouse 001.jpg Desha County Courthouse Desha County 33°36′33″N 91°12′8″W / 33.60917°N 91.20222°W / 33.60917; -91.20222
Robert S. Moore Avenue
Arkansas City, Arkansas
Drew County Courthouse 004.jpg Drew County Courthouse Drew County 33°37′36″N 91°47′29″W / 33.62667°N 91.79139°W / 33.62667; -91.79139
210 S. Main Street
Monticello, Arkansas
Faulkner County Courthouse 2012-09-30 12-25-25.jpg Faulkner County Courthouse Faulkner County 35°5′20″N 92°26′34″W / 35.08889°N 92.44278°W / 35.08889; -92.44278
801 Locust St.
Conway, Arkansas
Franklin County Courthouse, Ozark, AR North Franklin County Courthouse Franklin County 35°29′11″N 93°49′36″W / 35.48639°N 93.82667°W / 35.48639; -93.82667
211 W. Commercial Street
Ozark, Arkansas
Franklin County Courthouse, Charleston, AR South Franklin County Courthouse 35°29′11″N 93°49′36″W / 35.48639°N 93.82667°W / 35.48639; -93.82667
Arkansas Highway 22
Charleston, Arkansas
Salem, AR 002.jpg Fulton County Courthouse Fulton County Court Square
Salem, Arkansas
Garland County Courthouse 002.jpg Garland County Courthouse Garland County 34°30′17″N 93°3′32″W / 34.50472°N 93.05889°W / 34.50472; -93.05889
Ouachita and Hawthorne Aves
Hot Springs, Arkansas
Grant County Courthouse, Sheridan, Arkansas.jpg Grant County Courthouse Grant County 34°18′25″N 92°24′01″W / 34.306811°N 92.400332°W / 34.306811; -92.400332
101 West Center Street
Sheridan, Arkansas
Paragould AR 2011 06 23 002.jpg Greene County Courthouse Greene County 36°3′14″N 90°29′12″W / 36.05389°N 90.48667°W / 36.05389; -90.48667
320 Court Street
Paragould, Arkansas
Hempstead County Courthouse 001.jpg Hempstead County Courthouse Hempstead County 33°39′52″N 93°35′55″W / 33.66444°N 93.59861°W / 33.66444; -93.59861
400 South Washington Street
Hope, Arkansas
HOT SPRING COUNTY COURTHOUSE.jpg Hot Spring County Courthouse Hot Springs County 34°21′46″N 92°48′53″W / 34.36278°N 92.81472°W / 34.36278; -92.81472
210 Locust Street
Malvern, Arkansas
Howard County Courthouse, 1 of 3.jpg Howard County Courthouse Howard County 33°56′52″N 93°50′51″W / 33.94778°N 93.84750°W / 33.94778; -93.84750
421 North Main Street
Nashville, Arkansas
Independence County Courthouse Independence County 35°46′14″N 91°39′12″W / 35.770537°N 91.653215°W / 35.770537; -91.653215
192 E. Main Street
Batesville, Arkansas
Izard County Courthouse 2.jpg Izard County Courthouse Izard County 36°3′31″N 91°54′20″W / 36.05861°N 91.90556°W / 36.05861; -91.90556
Arkansas Highway 69 on Courthouse Square
Melbourne, Arkansas
Jackson County Courthouse Newport AR.JPG Jackson County Courthouse Jackson County 35°36′13″N 91°16′58″W / 35.60361°N 91.28278°W / 35.60361; -91.28278
US Route 67
Newport, Arkansas
Jefferson County Courthouse.jpg Jefferson County Courthouse Jefferson County 34°13′46″N 92°00′12″W / 34.229408°N 92.003282°W / 34.229408; -92.003282
101 East Barraque Street
Pine Bluff, Arkansas
Johnson County Courthouse.JPG Johnson County Courthouse Johnson County 35°28′15″N 93°27′53″W / 35.47083°N 93.46472°W / 35.47083; -93.46472
Main and Fulton Streets
Clarksville, Arkansas
Lafayette County Courthouse, Lewisville, AR IMG 1464.JPG Lafayette County Courthouse Lafayette County 33°21′26″N 93°34′36″W / 33.35722°N 93.57667°W / 33.35722; -93.57667
Bounded by 3rd, Spruce, 4th, and Maple Streets
Lewisville, Arkansas
Lawrence County Courthouse Walnut Ridge AR 2013-04-27 002.jpg Lawrence County Courthouse Lawrence County 36°04′13″N 90°57′27″W / 36.070232°N 90.957635°W / 36.070232; -90.957635
315 West Main Street
Walnut Ridge, Arkansas
Lee County Courthouse 001.jpg Lee County Courthouse Lee County 34°46′28″N 90°45′25″W / 34.77444°N 90.75694°W / 34.77444; -90.75694
15 E. Chestnut Street
Marianna, Arkansas
Lincoln County Courthouse 001.jpg Lincoln County Courthouse Lincoln County 33°56′22″N 91°50′40″W / 33.93944°N 91.84444°W / 33.93944; -91.84444
300 S. Drew Street
Star City, Arkansas
Little River County Courthouse, Ashdown, AR IMG 8563.JPG Little River County Courthouse Little River County 33°40′20″N 94°7′58″W / 33.67222°N 94.13278°W / 33.67222; -94.13278
Main and 2nd Streets
Ashdown, Arkansas
Logan County Courthouse (east), Paris, AR 002.jpg North Logan County Courthouse Logan County 35°17′32″N 93°43′48″W / 35.29222°N 93.73000°W / 35.29222; -93.73000
Courthouse Square
Paris, Arkansas
Logan County Courthouse, Southern Judicial District.JPG South Logan County Courthouse 35°4′8″N 93°55′13″W / 35.06889°N 93.92028°W / 35.06889; -93.92028
Southeastern corner of the junction of 4th and N. Broadway Streets
Booneville, Arkansas
Lonoke, AR 001.jpg Lonoke County Courthouse Lonoke County 34°47′9″N 91°53′57″W / 34.78583°N 91.89917°W / 34.78583; -91.89917
301 N. Center Street
Lonoke, Arkansas
Madison County Courthouse in Huntsville, AR.jpg Madison County Courthouse Madison County 36°5′14″N 93°44′11″W / 36.08722°N 93.73639°W / 36.08722; -93.73639
N. Center Street
Huntsville, Arkansas
Marion County Courthouse, Yellville, Arkansas.JPG Marion County Courthouse Marion County 36°13′33″N 92°40′55″W / 36.22583°N 92.68194°W / 36.22583; -92.68194
Courthouse Square
Yellville, Arkansas
Miller County Courthouse, Texarkana, AR IMG 6379.jpg Miller County Courthouse Miller County
400 Laurel Street
Texarkana, Arkansas
Mississippi County Courthouse, Blytheville.jpg North Mississippi County Courthouse Mississippi County 35°55′43″N 89°54′16″W / 35.92861°N 89.90444°W / 35.92861; -89.90444
200 W. Walnut Street
Blytheville, Arkansas
ChrisLitherlandOsceola.jpg South Mississippi County Courthouse 35°42′11″N 89°58′9″W / 35.70306°N 89.96917°W / 35.70306; -89.96917
Hale and Poplar Avenues
Osceola, Arkansas
Monroe County Courthouse 003.jpg Monroe County Courthouse Monroe County 34°41′33″N 91°18′51″W / 34.69250°N 91.31417°W / 34.69250; -91.31417
Courthouse Square
Clarendon, Arkansas
Montgomery County Courthouse 003.jpg Montgomery County Courthouse Montgomery County 34°33′28″N 93°37′56″W / 34.55778°N 93.63222°W / 34.55778; -93.63222
Court Square
Mount Ida, Arkansas
Prescott, AR 006.jpg Nevada County Courthouse Nevada County 33°48′02″N 93°22′50″W / 33.800547°N 93.38069°W / 33.800547; -93.38069
215 E 2nd Street South
Prescott, Arkansas
Newton County Courthouse.JPG Newton County Courthouse Newton County 36°0′29″N 93°11′13″W / 36.00806°N 93.18694°W / 36.00806; -93.18694
Courthouse Square
Jasper, Arkansas
Camden, Arkansas Courthouse.jpg Ouachita County Courthouse Ouachita County 33°35′4″N 92°49′49″W / 33.58444°N 92.83028°W / 33.58444; -92.83028
145 Jefferson Avenue
Camden, Arkansas
Perry County Courthouse.JPG Perry County Courthouse Perry County 35°0′19″N 92°48′7″W / 35.00528°N 92.80194°W / 35.00528; -92.80194
Main and Pine Streets
Perryville, Arkansas
Phillips County Arkansas Courthouse.jpg Phillips County Courthouse Phillips County 34°31′42″N 90°35′6″W / 34.52833°N 90.58500°W / 34.52833; -90.58500
622 Cherry Street
Helena-West Helena, Arkansas
Pike County Courthouse, Arkansas.jpg Pike County Courthouse Pike County 34°3′43″N 93°41′23″W / 34.06194°N 93.68972°W / 34.06194; -93.68972
Courthouse Square
Murfreesboro, Arkansas
Harrisburg AR downtown 016.jpg Poinsett County Courthouse Poinsett County 35°33′47″N 90°43′2″W / 35.56306°N 90.71722°W / 35.56306; -90.71722
Bounded by Market, East, Court, and Main Streets
Harrisburg, Arkansas
Polk Co. Courthouse.JPG Polk County Courthouse Polk County 34°35′12″N 94°14′21″W / 34.58667°N 94.23917°W / 34.58667; -94.23917
507 Church Street
Mena, Arkansas
Pope County Courthouse, Russellville, AR.jpg Pope County Courthouse Pope County 35°16′41″N 93°08′01″W / 35.278128°N 93.133744°W / 35.278128; -93.133744
100 West Main Street
Russellville, Arkansas
Des Arc, AR 014.jpg North Prarire County Courthouse Prairie County 34°58′39″N 91°29′39″W / 34.97750°N 91.49417°W / 34.97750; -91.49417
Main Street
Des Arc, Arkansas
Prairie County Courthouse, De Valls Bluff, AR 001.jpg South Prarire County Courthouse 34°46′59″N 91°27′44″W / 34.78306°N 91.46222°W / 34.78306; -91.46222
Junction of Magnolia and Prairie Streets
De Valls Bluff, Arkansas
Pulaski county arkansas courthouse.jpg Pulaski County Courthouse Pulaski County 34°44′57″N 92°16′32″W / 34.74917°N 92.27556°W / 34.74917; -92.27556
405 W. Markham Street
Little Rock, Arkansas
Randolph County Arkansas Courthouse.jpg Randolph County Courthouse Randolph County 36°15′39″N 90°58′16″W / 36.26083°N 90.97111°W / 36.26083; -90.97111
Southwestern corner of the junction of Broadway and N. Marr Streets
Pocahontas, Arkansas
St. Francis County Courthouse St. Francis County 35°00′28″N 90°47′00″W / 35.0079°N 90.783448°W / 35.0079; -90.783448
313 S Izard Street
Forrest City, Arkansas
Saline County Courthouse (Benton, Arkansas).jpg Saline County Courthouse Saline County 34°33′53″N 92°35′15″W / 34.56472°N 92.58750°W / 34.56472; -92.58750
Courthouse Square
Benton, Arkansas
Waldron, AR 006.jpg Scott County Courthouse Scott County 34°54′2.94″N 94°5′35.03″W / 34.9008167°N 94.0930639°W / 34.9008167; -94.0930639
190 W. 1st Street
Waldron, Arkansas
SEARCY COUNTY COURTHOUSE.jpg Searcy County Courthouse Searcy County 35°54′34″N 92°37′55″W / 35.90944°N 92.63194°W / 35.90944; -92.63194
Courthouse Square
Marshall, Arkansas
Sebastian County Courthouse-Ft. Smith City Hall, Front View.JPG North Sebastian County Courthouse, Fort Smith City Hall Sebastian County 35°23′8″N 94°25′34″W / 35.38556°N 94.42611°W / 35.38556; -94.42611
100 S. 6th Street
Fort Smith, Arkansas
South Sebastian County Courthouse 35°12′45″N 94°15′12″W / 35.212403°N 94.253265°W / 35.212403; -94.253265
301 East Center Street
Greenwood, Arkansas
Sevier County, AR, Courthouse in DeQueen IMG 8550.JPG Sevier County Courthouse Sevier County 35°12′45″N 94°15′12″W / 35.212403°N 94.253265°W / 35.212403; -94.253265
115 North 3rd Street
De Queen, Arkansas
Sharp County Courthouse Sharp County 36°13′40″N 91°36′25″W / 36.227734°N 91.606928°W / 36.227734; -91.606928
718 Ash Flat Drive
Ash Flat, Arkansas
Stone County Courthouse 001.jpg Stone County Courthouse Stone County 35°52′8″N 92°7′5″W / 35.86889°N 92.11806°W / 35.86889; -92.11806
Courthouse Square
Mountain View, Arkansas
Union County Courthouse, El Dorado, AR IMG 2597.JPG Union County Courthouse Union County 33°12′43″N 92°39′50″W / 33.21194°N 92.66389°W / 33.21194; -92.66389
Union Square
El Dorado, Arkansas
Van Buren County Courthouse (Arkansas) 009.jpg Van Buren County Courthouse Van Buren County 35°35′33″N 92°27′28″W / 35.59250°N 92.45778°W / 35.59250; -92.45778
Junction of Griggs and Main Streets
Clinton, Arkansas
Washington County Courthouse, Fayetteville, Arkansas.jpg Washington County Courthouse Washington County 36°03′57″N 94°09′25″W / 36.06586°N 94.157081°W / 36.06586; -94.157081
280 North College Avenue
Fayetteville, Arkansas
WhiteCo AR courthouse.jpg White County Courthouse White County 36°03′57″N 94°09′25″W / 36.06586°N 94.157081°W / 36.06586; -94.157081
Court Square
Searcy, Arkansas
Woodruff County Arkansas Courthouse.jpg Woodruff County Courthouse Woodruff County 35°17′15″N 91°21′52″W / 35.28750°N 91.36444°W / 35.28750; -91.36444
500 N. 3rd Street
Augusta, Arkansas
Yell County Courthouse 002.jpg East Yell County Courthouse Yell County 35°13′26″N 93°9′23″W / 35.22389°N 93.15639°W / 35.22389; -93.15639
209 Union Street
Dardanelle, Arkansas
West Yell County Courthouse 35°03′27″N 93°23′29″W / 35.057449°N 93.391490°W / 35.057449; -93.391490
101 E 5th Street
Danville, Arkansas

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