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County days in the United Kingdom are relatively recent observances, formed to celebrate the cultural heritage of a particular British county. County days may be selected to coincide with the observance of a Saint's Day that has local significance.

County Date First observed Origin
Bedfordshire 28 November 2015 Date decided by a public vote organised by The Friends of Bedfordshire society [1]
Buckinghamshire 29 July 2015 Date selected to remember the founding of the Paralympic Movement at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, near Aylesbury.
(St Piran's Day)
5 March c1900 (Cornwall) Previously a local holiday, revived as part of Cornish nationalism movement
Devon 4 June Traditional It is Saint Petroc’s Day
Dorset 1 June Traditional The Feast Day of St Wite.
Durham 20 March Traditional The Feast Day of St Cuthbert.[2]
Hampshire 15 July 2019 Hampshire County Council[3]
Huntingdonshire 25 April 2002 Huntingdonshire Society[4]
Kent 26 May Traditional The feast day of Augustine of Canterbury, first Archbishop of Canterbury
Lancashire 27 November 1996 Friends of Real Lancashire
(Lincolnshire Day)
1 October 2006 Commemorates Lincolnshire Rising 1536
Middlesex 16 May c2003 John Randall originated early day motion[5]
Norfolk 27 July 2018 Norfolk Day is a project between BBC Radio Norfolk and the Eastern Daily Press (EDP).[6]

Northumberland Day Last Sunday in May each year First observed in 2017 Northumberland Day is a privately run day originally started by Catapult PR and Langley Castle Hotel, after consultation with a variety of key stakeholders and businesses. It is now run by Catapult PR and The County Day Company and has been hugely successful, scooping the national Chartered Institute of Public Relations Excellence Award for the Best Tourism PR Campaign in the UK, in May 2018, as well as other awards thus far.

Northamptonshire 25 October 2014 The feast day of Saints Crispin and Crispinian, the patron saints of cobblers, date decided by a public vote[7]
Orkney 16 April Traditional The feast day of Saint Magnus
(Oxfordshire Day)
19 October ? Also called Saint Frideswide's Day.
Shetland 21 June Traditional Celebrated in the Shetland Isles annually.
Shropshire 23 February Traditional The feast day of St Milburga, the abbess of Wenlock Priory, Shropshire.
Staffordshire 1 May 2016 Date decided by a public vote organised by Destination Staffordshire
Suffolk 21 June 2017
(Sussex Day, also known as St Richard's Day)
16 June 2007 The feast day of St Richard of Chichester, Sussex's patron saint
Recognised by county councils of East and West Sussex[8]
(Yorkshire Day)
1 August 1975 Yorkshire Ridings Society

Proposals exist for various days in Somerset.[9]

There is also a proposal to make the 29th of July Buckinghamshire Day. This date was chosen because of its importance to the founding of the Paralympic Games movement. The games grew from events held at Stoke Mandeville hospital in Buckinghamshire for British World War II veterans with spinal cord injuries.

The Memorial Mob, a Bucks-based group which creates Memorials to Lost & Forgotten events of the Armed & Emergency Services, felt it was appropriate to honour Buckinghamshire.


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