List of county roads in Alachua County, Florida

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County road shields used in Florida
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County roads in Florida
County roads in Alachua County

The following is a list of county roads in Alachua County, Florida. All county roads are maintained by the county in which they reside, however not all of them are marked with standard MUTCD approved county road shields.

List of County Roads in Alachua County, Florida[edit]

# Road Name(s) Direction and Termini Notes
CR 20B former SR 20B[1]
CR 23 former SR 23[1]
CR 23A Old Archer Road W/E former SR 23A[1]
CR 25A W/E
US 441 (SR 25) east of Micanopy CR 234 Micanopy former SR 25A[1]
CR 25A S/N US 441 (SR 25) Hague US 441 (SR 25) Hague former SR 25A[1]
CR 25B Northwest 174th Avenue
Southeast 17th Street
Northwest 22nd Street
W/E US 2741 High Springs US 441 (SR 25) High Springs
CR 26A Old Newberry Road W/E US 2741 Newberry SR 26 Newberry former SR 26A[1]
CR 120 W/E former SR 232A[1]
extension of SR 120
CR 121A Northwest 49th Terrace S/N SR 121 LaCrosse SRs 121-235 LaCrosse former SR 121A[1]
CR 172 Northwest 16th Avenue W/E SR 24 Gainesville
CR 200A Southeast 203rd Street S/N CR 325 Island Grove US 301 (SR 200) north of Island Grove former SR 200A[1]
CR 200A Southeast 221st (Johnson) Street S/N US 301 (SR 200) Hawthorne SR 20 Hawthorne former SR 200A[1]
CR 219A S/N US 301 SR 26 former SR 219A[1]
CR 222 W/E CR 241 I-75 and SR 222 former SR 222[1]
CR 225 S/N Marion-Alachua County Line CR 346 former SR 225[1]
CR 225 S/N SR 20 SR 26 former SR 225[1]
CR 225 S/N SR 24 US 301 former SR 225[1]
CR 225A E/W CR 225 SR 24 Fairbanks former SR 225A[1]
CR 231 S/N SR 121 SR 231 / SR 235 former SR 231[1]
CR 232 Northwest 78th Avenue
Devil's Mill Hopper Road
Northwest 53rd Avenue
W/E Gilchrist-Alachua County Line Wade SR 24 near Gainesville former SR 232[1]
inventoried by FDOT as CR 1470 east of CR 2053
CR 234 S/N Marion County line (CR 329) SR 26 former SR 234, SR 325, and SR 329[1]
Brief overlap with US 441 in Micanopy
CR 235 S/N SR 26 Newberry SR 235 Alachua former SR 235[1]
CR 235A NW 173rd Street (South of US HWY 441) S/N CR 235 Alachua CR 236 Traxler former SR 235A[1]
CR 236 N Main Street (High Springs) W/E US 41441 High Springs SR 121 Santa Fe former SR 236[1]
CR 237 S/N US 441 Hague SR 235 LaCrosse former SR 237[1]
CR 239 S/N SR 235 SR 121 former SR 239[1]
CR 241 Gibson Street
Southwest 170th Street
Northwest 143rd Street
Northwest 140th Street
S/N Levy-Alachua County Line Union-Alachua County Line former SR 241[1]
CR 325 S/N US 301 Island Grove SR 20 Philfer former SR 325[1]
CR 329 Main Street (Gainesville) S/N SR 20 Gainesville CR 232 (Millhopper Road) Gainesville former SR 329[1]
CR 329B former SR 329B[1]
CR 337 SW 266th Street
SW 30th Avenue
SW 282nd Street
S/N Levy-Alachua County Line Gilchrist-Alachua County Line former SR 337[1]
CR 338 Northwest 8th Avenue W/E SR 26 Gainesville SR 20 Gainesville former SR 338[1]
CR 340 W/E Gilchrist-Alachua County Line West of High Springs US 27 / US 41 High Springs former SR 236[1]
CR 340 W/E CR 231 CR 225 Monteocha former SR 340[1]
CR 346 East High Street W/E US 2741 Archer SR 121 former SR 346[1]
CR 346 W/E US 441 CR 325 former SR 346[1]
CR 346A Southwest 91st Street
Southwest 137th Avenue
W/E CR 346 SR 121 former SR 346A[1]
CR 1469 S/N CR 219A North of Beckhampton US 301 Shenks former SR 200A[1]
CR 1471 S/N US 301 Shenks Bradford County line (CR 325) former SR 325[1]
CR 1474 W/E CR 234 Alachua-Putnam County Line former SR 234[1]
CR 1475 S/N SR 25 Waldo Bradford County line (CR 225) former SR 200A[1]
CR 1491 S/N CR 236 Traxler CR 241
CR 1493 S/N SR 121 LaCrosse Bradford County line (CR 237) former SR 237[1]
CR 2041 S/N CR 2082 SR 20 former SR 20A[1]
CR 2043 SR 20 SR 20 former SR 329A[1]
inventoried by FDOT as CR 2045 and CR 2070
CR 2045 S/N CR 337? SR 26
CR 2053 Northwest 43rd Street SR 26 CR 232 former SR 232 and SR 329[1]
CR 2054 W/E Northwest 94th Avenue US 441 former SR 340A[1]
Short concurrency with CRs 235/241
CR 2082 W/E SR 20 US 301 Hawthorne former SR 20A[1]
CR 2085 Northwest 298th Street S/N CR 232 CR 340