List of county roads in Baker County, Florida

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County road shields used in Florida
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County roads in Florida
County roads in Baker County

The following is a list of county roads in Baker County, Florida. All county roads are maintained by the county in which they reside, although not all routes are marked with standard county road shields.

County roads in Baker County[edit]

Route Road Name(s) From To Notes
CR 23A Woodlawn Road CR 125 SR 121 former SR 23A[1]
CR 23A Lowder Street SR 228 CR 23C former SR 23A[1]
CR 23B CR 23A SR 121 & CR 228 former SR 23B[1]
CR 23C SR 121 SR 121 former SR 23C[1]
CR 23D CR 23C Oak Grove Church and Cemetery
CR 23F Miltondale Road CR 23A Dead End former SR 23F[1]
CR 120 CR 127 Bridge over St. Mary's River former SR 120[1]
CR 122 CR 125 CR 127 former SR 122[1]
CR 123 Smokey Road Bridge over I-10 (No access) US 90 former SR 123[1]
CR 124 CR 229 CR 127 former SR 124[1]
CR 125 SR 121 CR 250 former SR 125[1]
CR 127 US 90 & CR 229 Near Moccasin Creek Circle former SR 127[1]
CR 130 Mud Lake Road CR 229 SR 121 former SR 130[1]
CR 139 US 90 Mark Ruise Lane former SR 139[1]
CR 139B US 90 CR 125 former SR 139B[1]
CR 228 North Fifth Street SR 121 & CR 23B US 90 extension of SR 228
CR 228 Maxville-Macclenny Road I-10 & SR 228 @ Exit 336 Baker-Duval County Line former SR 228[1]
CR 229 Union-Baker County Line CR 250 former SR 229[1]
CR 231 Pine Road Union-Baker County Line Ocean Pond at Osceola National Forest former SR 231[1]
CR 250 Columbia-Baker County Line CR 125 former SR 250[1]
CR 250A National Forest Road 266 US 90 Baker-Columbia County Line former SR 250A[1]