List of county roads in Jackson County, Florida

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County road shields used in Florida
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County roads in Florida
County roads in Jackson County

The following is a list of county roads in Jackson County, Florida. All county roads are maintained by the county in which they reside. Not all county roads contain shields, nor are all of them paved.

County roads in Jackson County[edit]

Route Road Name(s) From To Notes
CR 2A SR 2 US 231 former SR 2[1]
CR 10A
Old Cottondale Road US 90 US 90 former SR 10A[1]
CR 10A
Keevers Road
Old Spanish Trail
US 90 US 90 former SR 10A[1]
CR 69A
Orlando Road Calhoun-Jackson County Line CRs 275/278 unmarked dirt road
CR 69A
(Shady Grove)
Birchwood Road SR 69 & CR 278 CR 280 former SR 69A[1]
CR 69A
Inwood Road
El Bethel Church Road
US 90 SR 69 former SR 69A[1]
CR 69A
(Two Egg)
Wintergreen Road
Lovedale Road
SR 69 CR 164 former SR 69A[1]
CR 75A Dryer Street US 231 (SR 75) US 231 (SR 75)
CR 162 Tri-County Road
Rachel Road
Main Street
Jacob Road
Fort Road
Washington-Jackson County Line SR 71 & SR 69 former SR 162[1]
gap at SR 273
CR 164 Lovewood Road
Lancer Road
Blue Springs Road
Lovedale Road
Timberlane Road
CR 277 Florida-Alabama State Line former SR 164[1]
gaps at SR 73, US 90, and SR 71
Becomes SR 95 in Alabama
CR 164A Reddoch Road CR 164 SR 69 former SR 164A[1]
CR 164B Hummingbird Road SR 71 CR 165 former SR 164B[1]
No connection to CR 164
CR 165 Basswood Road SR 71 SR 2 former SR 165[1]
CR 165A Wintergreen Road CR 69A CR 165 former SR 165A[1]
CR 167 Fairview Road
Pennsylvania Avenue
South Street
Calhoun-Jackson County Line SR 73 former SR 167[1]
gap at SR 276
CR 167 Old US Road SR 166 Florida-Alabama State Line former SR 167[1]
CR 169 Peanut Road US 231 SR 2 former SR 169[1]
CR 193 Smokey Road
Browntown Road
Sanders Road
SR 273 SR 77 former SR 193[1]
Brief gap at SR 2
CR 195 Sapp Road CR 280 US 90 former SR 195[1]
CR 264 Suncrest Road SR 71 CR 277 former SR 264[1]
CR 264A Mockingbird Road CR 280 CR 264 former SR 264[1]
CR 271 Gulf Power Road Apalachicola River US 90 former SR 271[1]
CR 271 River Road US 90 CR 164 former SR 271[1]
CR 275 Church Street Calhoun-Jackson County Line US 90 former SR 275[1]
CR 276 Park Road
Georgia Street
Kynesville Road
Washington-Jackson County Line SR 276 & CR 167 former SR 276[1]
CR 277 Earlston Road
Tri-County Road
Piano Road
Washington-Jackson County Line SR 77 former SR 277[1]
Overlaps part of CR 162
CR 278 Laramore Road
Peacock Road
Alliance Road
Birchwood Road
CR 167 SR 69 & CR 69A former SR 278[1]
gaps at SR 73, SR 71, and CR 275
CR 280 Corbin Road Washington-Jackson County Line US 231 former SR 280[1]
CR 280 Thompson Road
Magnolia Road
Rocky Creek Road
CR 167 CR 275 former SR 280[1]
CR 280 Shady Grove Road SR 69 CR 286 former SR 280[1]
CR 280A Fillmore Drive SR 73 dead end former SR 280A[1]
CR 286 Blueberry Drive
Gloster Avenue
Calhoun-Jackson County Line US 90 former SR 286[1]
CR 1656 Third Avenue
Gardenview Road
US 231 CR 167 former SR 276A[1]


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