List of county roads in Pasco County, Florida

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County roads in Florida
County roads in Pasco County

The following is a list of county roads in Pasco County, Florida. All county roads are maintained by the county in which they reside.

County routes in Pasco County[edit]

# Road Name(s) Direction and Termini Notes
CR 1 Little Road S/N CR 996(Trinity Boulevard) Trinity US 19 South of Aripeka Included Fivay Road until 2000

CR 35 Alt.
Berry Road
Melrose Avenue
Old Lakeland Highway.
S/N CR 54 Branchborough. SR 533. Dade City. former SR 35A[1]
CR 41 Fort King Road
17th Street
Meridian Avenue
21st Street
Blanton Road.
S/N US 301 Zephyrhills Pasco-Hernando County Line. Becomes CR 541. Dixie former SR 41[1]

CR 41 Alt.
Spring Valley Road. S/N CR 41 north of Dade City. CR 41 & CR 575 Blanton former SR 41A[1]

CR 52 Alt.
Clinton Avenue. W/E CR 579 St. Leo. CR 35 Alt. Southeast of Dade City former SR 52A[1]
CR 54 Wesley Chapel Boulevard. W/E SR 54 & SR 56. Wesley Chapel SR 54 & SR 581. Wesley Chapel former SR 54[1]
CR 54 Handcart Road
Eiland Boulevard.
W/E SR 54 & CR 579. West of Zephyrhills US 98. Branchborough. former SR 54 (east of US 301)[1]

CR 54 Alt.
Forbes Road-Lynbrook Drive-Elwood Road-Merrick Road. W/E CR 54 East of Zephyrhills CR 35 Alt. Lumberton.
CR 77 Seven Springs Boulevard
Rowan Road
Regency Park Boulevard.
S/N Pinellas County line (CR 611) Trinity. US 19 Port Richey.
CR 516[citation needed] Voorhees Road
Cecelia Drive
Baille Drive.
CR 518 south of New Port Richey CR 77 south of New Port Richey unsigned; formerly part of SR 518[1]
CR 518 Trouble Creek Road W/E US 19 southwest of New Port Richey CR 1 New Port Richey former SR 518[1]
CR 524 Ridge Road W/E US 19 Port Richey CR 587 Moon Lake former SR 587 and SR 587A[1]
Proposed extension to US 41
CR 530 Otis Allen Road. S/N
Wire Road. North of Zephyrhills CR 535 Vitis former SR 530[1]
Westward extension planned, part of which already exists at the Lowe's on US 301
CR 535 Chancey Road
Old Lakeland Highway
S/N SR 39 South of Zephyrhills CR 35 Alt. Vitis. eastern bypass of Zephyrhills
CR 575 Blanton-Trilby Road. S/N CR 41 & CR 41 Alt. Blanton US 301 / SR 575 Lacoochee. former SR 575[1]
CR 577 Curley Road
St. Joe Road
Lake Iola Road.
S/N SR 54 Wesley Chapel. CR 41 south of Dixie. former SR 577[1]
CR 578 County Line Road W/E US 19 Spring Hill. US 41 Masaryktown. former SR 578[1]
CR 578 St. Joe Road
21st Street
Lock Street
W/E CR 581 Darby US 98301 Dade City former SR 578[1]

CR 578 Alt.
Darby Road W/E CR 581 Darby CR 577 North of San Antonio No direct connection to CR 578.
CR 579 Morris Bridge Road
Handcart Road
Prospect Road
Happy Hill Road.
S/N Pasco-Hillsborough County Line CR 578 West of Dade City former SR 579[1]

CR 579 Alt.
Prospect Road W/E CR 577 South of San Antonio CR 579 South of St. Leo former SR 579A[1]
CR 581 Bruce B. Downs Boulevard. S/N Pasco-Hillsborough County Line New Tampa SR 56 & SR 581 South of Wesley Chapel. former SR 581[1]
CR 581 Bellamy Brothers Boulevard. S/N SR 52 South of Darby. Pasco-Hernando County Line former SR 581[1]
CR 583 Eheren Cutoff. S/N US 41 North of Land O' Lakes. SR 52 West of Pasco. former SR 583[1]
CR 587 Gunn Highway S/N Pasco-Hillsborough County Line SR 54 Odessa. former SR 587[1]
CR 587 Massachusetts Avenue
DeCubellis Road
Moon Lake Road.
W/N Congress Avenue. New Port Richey. SR 52 Moon Lake. former SR 587[1]

CR 587 Truck
Little Road
Ridge Road.
S/E CR 1 & CR 587 New Port Richey. CR 524 & CR 587 Moon Lake. former SR 587[1]
overlaps CR 1 and CR 524
CR 595 Mile Stretch Road
Grand Boulevard
Main Street
Aripeka Road.
US 19 Holiday Pasco-Hernando County Line. Aripeka. former SR 595[1]
CR 595A Baillies Bluff Road, Strauber Memorial Highway, Trouble Creek Road former SR 595A[1]
CR 595A Hudson Avenue former SR 595A[1]
CR 595A Clark Street former SR 595A[1]