List of county roads in Polk County, Florida

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County roads in Florida
County roads in Polk County

The following is a list of county roads in Polk County, Florida. All county roads are maintained by the county in which they reside.

County roads in Polk County[edit]

Route Road Name(s) From To Notes
CR 17 Polk City Road CR 557 US 17/92 in Haines City former SR 17[1]
CR 17A Masterpiece Garden Road
Burns Avenue
US 27 SR 17 former SR 17A[1]
CR 17B Hunt Brothers Road
Buckmore Road
US 27 CR 17A former SR 17A (south of SR 60) and SR 17B (north of SR 60)[1]
CR 33A Edgewood Drive SR 37 US 98 former SR 33A[2]
CR 35A West Socrum Loop Road
Dade City Road
Kathleen Road
US 98 I-4 & SR 539 former SR 35A[1]
CR 37A Cleveland Heights Boulevard
Scott Lake Road
former SR 37A[1]
CR 37B Lakeland Highlands Road former SR 37B[1]
CR 54 Ronald Reagan Parkway (formerly Loughman Road) US 27 US 17/92 at Loughman former SR 54[1]
unsigned since ca. 2000 when it was renamed for Ronald Reagan
CR 60A Polk Avenue SR 60 SR 60 former SR 60A[1]
CR 64 Main Street Highlands-Polk County Line Avon Park Air Force Range former SR 64[1]
CR 540 Clubhouse Road CR 37B US 98 former SR 540[1]
CR 540 Waverly Road
Main Street
US 27 & SR 540 SR 17 former SR 540[3]
CR 540A Central Barn Road SR 37 US 98 former SR 540A[1]
CR 540A Eloise Loop Road
Lake Ruby Drive West
CR 655 SR 540 former SR 540A[1]
CR 542 Old Tampa Highway County Line Road Wabash Avenue former SR 542[1]
CR 542 K-Ville Avenue
North Lake Howard Drive
Avenue D Northwest
Gary Road US 17 former SR 542[1]
CR 542 Lake Hatchineha Road SR 17 Lake Hatchineha former SR 542[1]
CR 542A North Galloway Road SR 572 & CR 542 CR 35A former SR 542A[1]
CR 544 Old Lucerne Park Road SR 544 SR 544 unsigned
CR 544 Lake Marion Road SR 17 & SR 544 Lake Marion former SR 544[1]
CR 544A Derby Avenue SR 655 SR 544 former SR 544A[1]
CR 546 Saddle Creek Road SR 659 CR 655 former SR 546[1]
CR 546 Kokomo Road SR 17 CR 544 former SR 546[1]
CR 547 Holly Hill Drive
Lee Jackson Street
US 27 CR 54 former SR 547[1]
CR 550 Overlook Drive SR 540 SR 542 former SR 542[1]
CR 555 CR 630 SR 60 former SR 555[1]
CR 555 South Buena Vista Drive
West Echo Street
US 17/92 US 17/92 former SR 555[1]
CR 557 North Buena Vista Drive
Old Grade Road
US 17/92 at Lake Alfred I-4 former SR 557 and SR 557A[1]
CR 557A SR 559 CR 557 former SR 557[1]
CR 559 CR 640 CR 655A former SR 559[1]
CR 559 US 17 CR 655 former SR 559[1]
CR 559A CR 655 SR 559 former SR 559[1]
CR 580 East Johnson Avenue
Marion Creek Road
Cypress Parkway
US 17/92 in Haines City Polk-Osceola County Line at Poinciana former SR 580[1]
CR 582 Knights Station-Griffin Road
North Florida Avenue
North Socrum Loop Road
Hillsborough-Polk County Line Pearce Avenue former SR 582[1]
signed only north of SR 33
CR 630 Brewster-Fort Meade Road SR 37 US 17 & US 98 former SR 630[1]
CR 630 US 27 & US 98 SR 60 former SR 630[1]
CR 630A US 27 CR 630 former SR 630A[1]
CR 630A CR 630 SR 17 former SR 630A[1]
CR 640 Pinecrest Road
Homeland-Garfield Road
Hillsborough-Polk County Line CR 559 former SR 640[1]
CR 640 Alturas-Babson Park Cutoff US 27 SR 17 former SR 640[1]
CR 653 Old Bartow Lake Wales Road CR 540A former SR 653[1]
CR 655 Berkley Road US 92 SR 33 former SR 655[1]
CR 655 Rifle RangeRoad
Pine Ridge Road
Old 9 Foot Road
SR 60 US 17 & SR 655 former SR 559 and SR 655[1]
CR 655A Cox Road
Alturas Road
SR 60 SR 60 former SR 655A[1]
CR 657 CR 664 (Hardee County line) Fort Meade former SR 657[1]
CR 664 Northwest County Line Street US 17 Bridge over an undetermined creek former SR 664[1]
unsigned; follows Hardee County line
CR 676 Hillsborough-Polk County Line SR 60 former SR 676[1]


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