List of covered bridges in Ashtabula County, Ohio

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Map of the 17 covered bridges as of October 2008

The following is a list of covered bridges in Ashtabula County, Ohio, USA. Ashtabula County has the most public covered bridges – currently 17 – of any county in Ohio, with six having been newly constructed since 1983. Self-driven tours of the bridges can be had any time of the year by following signs posted in the county.

Existing bridges[edit]

Public, drivable covered bridges[edit]

Crossing Built Coordinates
Benetka Road Covered Bridge c. 1900 41°50′55.10″N 80°41′21.95″W / 41.8486389°N 80.6894306°W / 41.8486389; -80.6894306
Caine Road Covered Bridge 1986 41°45′53.46″N 80°37′3.65″W / 41.7648500°N 80.6176806°W / 41.7648500; -80.6176806
Creek Road Covered Bridge 1994 41°55′10.88″N 80°36′34.81″W / 41.9196889°N 80.6096694°W / 41.9196889; -80.6096694
Doyle Road Covered Bridge 1868 41°45′43.63″N 80°47′24.61″W / 41.7621194°N 80.7901694°W / 41.7621194; -80.7901694
Giddings Road Covered Bridge 1995 41°45′53.42″N 80°43′57.36″W / 41.7648389°N 80.7326000°W / 41.7648389; -80.7326000
Harpersfield Covered Bridge 1868 41°45.379′N 80°56.656′W / 41.756317°N 80.944267°W / 41.756317; -80.944267
Mechanicsville Road Covered Bridge 1867 41°45′16.63″N 80°53′52.58″W / 41.7546194°N 80.8979389°W / 41.7546194; -80.8979389
Middle Road Covered Bridge 1868 41°54′7.49″N 80°32′49.09″W / 41.9020806°N 80.5469694°W / 41.9020806; -80.5469694
Netcher Road Covered Bridge 1998 41°44′13.42″N 80°43′54.08″W / 41.7370611°N 80.7316889°W / 41.7370611; -80.7316889
Olin's Covered Bridge 1873 41°51′45.65″N 80°43′15.20″W / 41.8626806°N 80.7208889°W / 41.8626806; -80.7208889
Riverdale Road Covered Bridge 1874 41°40′23.81″N 80°52′18.66″W / 41.6732806°N 80.8718500°W / 41.6732806; -80.8718500
Root Road Covered Bridge 1868 41°50′0.03″N 80°37′12.28″W / 41.8333417°N 80.6200778°W / 41.8333417; -80.6200778
South Denmark Road Covered Bridge 1895 41°43′1.96″N 80°41′25.33″W / 41.7172111°N 80.6903694°W / 41.7172111; -80.6903694
Smolen–Gulf Bridge 2008 41°51′19.58″N 80°45′43.74″W / 41.8554389°N 80.7621500°W / 41.8554389; -80.7621500Coordinates: 41°51′19.58″N 80°45′43.74″W / 41.8554389°N 80.7621500°W / 41.8554389; -80.7621500
State Road Covered Bridge 1983 41°53′11.4″N 80°37′14.41″W / 41.886500°N 80.6206694°W / 41.886500; -80.6206694
West Liberty Covered Bridge 2011 41°47′56.94″N 80°56′54.6″W / 41.7991500°N 80.948500°W / 41.7991500; -80.948500
Windsor Mills Covered Bridge 1867 41°31′59.45″N 80°57′50.11″W / 41.5331806°N 80.9639194°W / 41.5331806; -80.9639194

Pedestrian bridges[edit]

Crossing Built Coordinates
Riverview Covered Bridge 2016 41°51′20″N 80°45′44″W / 41.8554390°N 80.7621500°W / 41.8554390; -80.7621500

Former and other bridges[edit]

  • Graham Road Bridge
  • The South Ridge Road Covered Bridge spanned the Conneaut Creek in Kingsville.
  • In Kellogsville there were four covered bridges over the Ashtabula River within four miles of each other.
  • The Pierpont Covered Bridge was north of Pierpont on State Route 7.
  • The Callender Road Covered Bridge, lost in the Great Flood of 1913, spanned the Grand River near Rock Creek.
  • The Muller Covered Bridge in Jefferson.
  • A two-lane covered bridge was located on State Route 45 in Rock Creek; after a century it was replaced in 1948.
  • The Old Route 7 Covered Bridge, over the Conneaut Creek in what is now Conneaut was built in 1867 and replaced in 1925.
  • The Twin Covered Bridges of Farnham spanned the Conneaut Creek in what is now Conneaut.
  • The Kelloggsville Covered Bridge spanned the Ashtabula River south of Kelloggsville.
  • The Prim's Sawmill Covered Bridge.
  • The Forman Road Covered Bridge in Eagleville (near Austinburg) is now part of Covered Bridge Pizza in North Kingsville and Andover; In 1974, the 123-ft. Town lattice structure, which had been built in 1862 was sold for $5.00, cut in half, dismantled, and reassembled in the two locations.
  • The Fobes Road Covered Bridge or Shaunghum Covered Bridge was a 118-foot Town lattice structure that carried Fobes Road over the Grand River in Ashtabula County, Ohio. Built in 1911, the bridge was unique in that it was built without abutments, but rather sat on wooden pilings. In the 1960s a runaway truck struck the south portal of the bridge, causing severe damage that forced the bridge's permanent closure. In May 1971, the bridge was deliberately burned by Ashtabula County officials. WGCB No. 35-04-21.
  • The Furnace Road Covered Bridge spanned Conneaut Creek in Conneaut.
  • The Crooked Gulf Covered Bridge was the first one to span the Ashtabula River.
  • The Wayne Township Covered Bridge was on U.S. Route 322.
  • The South Windsor or Old Plank Road Covered Bridge carried South Windsor Road across the Grand River in Windsor Township, Ashtabula County Ohio. Built in 1870, the 90-foot Town lattice structure was destroyed by fire on the night of October 2, 1970. The fire was determined to be an act of arson, during which the perpetrator(s) piled tires within the bridge and set them afire. WGCB No. 35-04-26.

Ashtabula County has had 62 covered bridges.

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