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This is a list of Ohio covered bridges. There are over 125 historic wooden covered bridges in the U.S. state of Ohio. Many are still in use. Ashtabula County has 19 covered bridges,[1]: 33  including a lattice truss bridge. Fairfield County has 18 covered bridges.[1]: 68–69  The Smolen–Gulf Bridge, at 613 feet, is currently the longest multi-span covered bridge in the United States. The West Liberty Covered Bridge, at 18 feet, has been called the shortest covered bridge in the United States.

List of covered bridges[edit]

Name[1] Image Location (in Ohio)[1] County Year Built[1] Notes
Adams Covered Bridge Adams Covered Bridge from north.jpg Malta Morgan 1875 Also called San Toy Covered Bridge
Arlington Boulevard Covered Bridge Newton Falls Covered Bridge.jpg Newton Falls Trumbull 1831 also called Newton Falls Covered Bridge, over East Branch Mahoning River; second oldest covered bridge in Ohio, uses a Town lattice truss
Armstrong Covered Bridge Cambridge Guernsey 1849 Also called Clio Covered Bridge. Located in Cambridge Park
Baker Covered Bridge West Rushville Fairfield 1871 also called R.F. Baker Bridge
Ballard Road Covered Bridge Ballard Road Covered Bridge, western side.jpg Jasper Township Greene 1883
Barkhurst Mill Covered Bridge Marion Township Morgan 1872 also known as Williams Covered Bridge
Bay Covered Bridge McArthur Vinton 1876 also known as Tinker Covered Bridge
Bell Covered Bridge BELL COVERED BRIDGE.jpg Barlow Township Washington 1888
Belle Hall Covered Bridge Licking
Benetka Road Covered Bridge Benetka Road (Ashtabula County, Ohio) Covered Bridge 3.jpg Gageville Ashtabula 1900 Over the Ashtabula River
Bigelow Bridge AxeHandleBridge.JPG Over the Little Darby Creek Union 1873
Blackwood Covered Bridge
Blackwood Covered Bridge-6.jpg
Over the Middle Branch of the Shade River Athens 1881[2] This is a bridge over the Middle Branch of the Shade River in Lodi Township. It is on Blackwood Road (County Road 46) just east of its intersection with Zion Road (Lodi Township Road 76). It is approximately seventy feet long. It sits higher above the water than the other two bridges in Athens County.
Blanchard River Covered Bridge[3] Marion Hancock 2009 Over the Blanchard River
Bridge of Dreams Bridge of Dreams near Gann.jpg Brinkhaven Knox 1998 Over the Mohican River
Brown Bridge New Hope Brown 1880 Over the White Oak Creek
Brubaker Bridge Brubaker Road Covered Bridge Gratis Ohio.jpg Gratis Preble 1887 Over Sims Run Creek[1]
Buckeye Bridge Millersport Fairfield
Bergstresser/Dietz Covered Bridge Bergstresser Covered Bridge.jpg Canal Winchester Franklin 1887 Over Walnut Creek
Byer Covered Bridge Bridge Over Green Water (122707212).jpg Jackson c.1870
Caine Road Covered Bridge Caine Road (Ashtabula County, Ohio) Covered Bridge 1.jpg Pierpont Township Ashtabula 1986 Over the West Branch of the Ashtabula River
Charlton Mill Road Bridge Charlton Mill Road Bridge Xenia Ohio.jpg Wilberforce Greene 1883, rebuilt 2013[3] Over Massies Creek[1]
Christman Bridge Eaton Preble 1895 Over Sevenmile Creek[1]
Dixon Branch Covered Bridge Dixon Branch Bridge Lewisburg Ohio.jpg Lewisburg Preble 1887 Moved from Salem Road (1/4 mile south) over Twin Creek
Doyle Road Covered Bridge Doyle Road (Ashtabula County, Ohio) Covered Bridge 2.jpg Jefferson Ashtabula 1876 Over Mill Creek
Eakin Mill Covered Bridge
Eakin Mill Covered Bridge.jpg
Vinton Township Vinton 1870, rebuilt 2003[3] Carries Mound Hill Road over Raccoon Creek north of Arbaugh in Vinton Township; also called Arbaugh Bridge.
Eldean Covered Bridge Eldean Covered Bridge.jpg Troy Miami 1860 Spans the Great Miami River
Feedwire Covered Bridge Dayton Montgomery 1870 Originally this bridge was built near Bellbrook to cross the Little Sugar Creek. It was moved to the Carillon Historical Park in Dayton in 1948.
Glen Helen Covered Bridge Cemetery Rd Bridge, Greene County 02.jpg Yellow Springs Greene 1886 also called Cemetery Road Covered Bridge, moved to Little Miami River in 1975[1]
Geeting Covered Bridge Geeting Covered Bridge.jpg Lewisburg Preble 1894 Over Price Creek[1]
George Miller Road Covered Bridge Byrd Township Brown 1879 Over the West Fork of Eagle Creek
Germantown Covered Bridge[1]: 12  Germantown Covered Bridge Germantown Ohio.jpg Germantown Montgomery 1865 Bowstring suspension bridge of iron over Little Twin Creek[1]
Giddings Road Covered Bridge Giddings Road (Ashtabula County, Ohio) Covered Bridge 1.jpg Jefferson Township Ashtabula 1995 Over Mill Creek
Graham Road Covered Bridge Graham Road (Ashtabula County, Ohio) Covered Bridge 1.jpg Pierpont Township Ashtabula 1867 (restored 1913) Defunct bridge; formerly spanned the west bank of the Ashtabula River, currently located at an Ashtabula County MetroPark.
Hanaway Covered Bridge Madison Township Fairfield 1901 also called Clearport Covered Bridge, over Clear Creek
Harpersfield Covered Bridge Harpersfield (Ashtabula County, Ohio) Covered Bridge 1.jpg Harperfield Ashtabula 1868 Over the Grand River[1]
Harshman Bridge Eaton Preble 1894 Over Four Mile Creek[1]
Hartman Number Two Covered Bridge Hartman Number Two Covered Bridge.JPG Lockville Fairfield 1888 also called Lockville Park Covered Bridge, Over the Ohio Canal
Helmick Covered Bridge Helmick-covered-bridge-2.jpg Clark Township Coshocton 1863 About 1.5 mile east of Blissfield
Hildreth Covered Bridge
Hildreth Covered Bridge.jpg
Newport Township Washington 1863 About 1.5 mile east of Blissfield
Hueston Woods Covered Bridge HuestonWoodsCoveredBridge.jpg Near College Corner Preble 2012 over Four Mile Creek
Hune Covered Bridge
Hune Covered Bridge.jpg
Lawrence Township Washington 1879 Carries Cullen Road over the Little Muskingum River south of Wingett Run in Lawrence Township.
Hyde Road Covered Bridge[3] Miami Greene 2014 Also called Richard P. Eastman Covered Bridge
Island Run Bridge[1]: 12  York Township Morgan 1867 also called Helmick Run Covered Bridge, Multiple Kingpost bridge over Island Run
Jediah Hill Covered Bridge JediahHillBridge.jpg Springfield Township Hamilton 1850
Jim McClellan Covered Bridge[3] JIM MCCLELLAN COVERED BRIDGE, COLUMBIANA COUNTY, OHIO.jpg Center Columbiana 2016 Over the west fork of Little Beaver Creek; replaced bridge built in 1879
John Bright Covered Bridge Lancaster Fairfield 1881 Over Fetters Run
Johnson Road Covered Bridge Johnson Road Covered Bridge.jpg Scioto Township Jackson 1870 The Johnson Road Covered Bridge carries Johnson Road over the Brushy Fork of the Little Scioto River near Petersburg in southwestern Scioto Township. Built in 1870, it is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Johnston Covered Bridge Revenge, Madison Township Fairfield 1887 Howe truss over Clear creek[1]: 12 
Jon Raab Covered Bridge Colfax Fairfield 1891
Kidwell Covered Bridge Kidwell Covered Bridge1.jpg Kidwell Covered Bridge3.jpg Over Sunday Creek near Redtown, Ohio Athens This covered bridge is located in Dover Township, on Monserat Ridge Road close to its intersection with Ohio State Route 685; Monserat Ridge Road also intersects with Ohio State Route 13 close by. The bridge spans Sunday Creek. This bridge is just southwest of the unincorporated community of Redtown, Ohio and northeast of the unincorporated community of Truetown, Ohio. It is approximately seventy feet long. This bridge has been stabilized, renovated and structurally strengthened by the County Engineer's Office of Athens County, Ohio; however, the bridge (as shown in the photo) is temporarily closed due to damage to overhead structural members caused by an oversize truck being driven across the bridge.[4]
King's Mill Covered Bridge[3] Richland Marion 2016 Over the Olentangy River; also called St. James Road Covered Bridge
Lockport Covered Bridge LOCKPORT COVERED BRIDGE, WILLIAMS COUNTY, OHIO.jpg Lockport Williams 1999
Lynchburg Covered Bridge Lynchburg Covered Bridge.jpg Lynchburg Highland and Clinton 1870 Spans the east fork of the Little Miami River
Maple Highlands Trail Covered Bridge[3] Middlefield Geauga 2013 Over the east branch of the Cuyahoga River
Martinsville Road Covered Bridge[5] Martinsville Bridge.jpg Clark Township Clinton 1871 Spans the East Fork of Todds Fork of the Little Miami River and is 72 feet (22 m) long.[6]
McCafferty Road Covered Bridge McCafferty Road Covered Bridge - Brown County OH.jpg Vera Cruz Brown 1877 Over the East Fork of the Little Miami River
McCleery Covered Bridge Lancaster Fairfield 1864
Mechanicsville Road Covered Bridge Mechanicsville Road (Ashtabula County, Ohio) Covered Bridge 1.jpg Mechanicsville Ashtabula 1867 Over the Grand River[1]
Middle Road Covered Bridge Middle Road (Ashtabula County, Ohio) Covered Bridge 2.jpg Conneaut Ashtabula 1868 Over Conneaut Creek
Mill Creek Covered Bridge[3] Millcreek Union 2010 Over Mill Creek
Mink Hollow Covered Bridge Madison Township Fairfield 1887 Over Arney Run
Mull Covered Bridge Mull Covered Bridge from northwest.jpg Fremont Sandusky 1851 Over Wolf Creek, Made obsolete by new bridge in 1962 and closed to traffic.
Netcher Road Covered Bridge Netcher Road (Ashtabula County, Ohio) Covered Bridge 1.jpg Jefferson Township Ashtabula 1999
New Hope Covered Bridge New Hope Covered Bridge Side.jpg New Hope Brown 1878 Replaced the 1872 bridge over White Oak Creek
North Pole Road Covered Bridge Ripley Brown 1865 also called Iron Bridge, over Eagle Creek; closed, bypassed 2019[3]
Olin's Covered Bridge Olin's Covered Bridge (Ashtabula County, Ohio) 2.jpg Ashtabula Ashtabula 1873 also called Dewey Road Covered Bridge, over the Ashtabula River
Palos Covered Bridge Palos Covered Bridge-1.jpgPalos Covered Bridge-2.jpg Over Sunday Creek in Trimble Township Athens This structure is located on Red Rock Road, a Trimble Township road, close to its intersection with Ohio State Route 13, and is easily visible from the highway. It spans Sunday Creek and is a short distance southwest of Burr Oak State Park. It is approximately eighty feet long.
Parker Covered Bridge Parker Covered Bridge, southwestern angle.jpg Upper Sandusky Wyandot 1873 Located in Upper Sandusky, Ohio in Wyandot County. Covered bridge over Sandusky River on CR 40A (Crane Road)
Ponn Humpback Covered Bridge PONN HUMPBACK COVERED BRIDGE.jpg Vinton Also called Geer Mill Covered Bridge; lost to arson on June 6, 2013[3]
Pugh's Mill Covered Bridge PughsMillBridge.jpg Oxford Butler 1869 also called Black Covered Bridge, over Four Mile (Talawanda) Creek
Riverdale Road Covered Bridge Riverdale Road (Ashtabula County, Ohio) Covered Bridge 1.jpg Rock Creek Ashtabula 1874 Over the Grand River
Roberts Covered Bridge Roberts Covered Bridge, eastern end.jpg Eaton Preble 1829 Over Sevenmile Creek[1]
Rock Mill Covered Bridge Rock Mill Covered Bridge.JPG Rock Mill Fairfield 1901 Over the Hocking River
Roley School Covered Bridge Lancaster Fairfield 1899 At the county fair ground.
Root Road Covered Bridge Root Road (Ashtabula County, Ohio) Covered Bridge 1.jpg Keloggsville Ashtabula 1868 Over the West Branch of the Ashtabula River[1]
Scofield Covered Bridge[1]: 12  Brown 1875 Multiple kingpost with arch over Beetle Creek.
Shreyer Covered Bridge west of Baltimore Fairfield 1891
Smolen–Gulf Bridge Smolen-Gulf Bridge.jpg Ashtabula Ashtabula 2008 also called "Number Seventeen", Modified Pratt Truss over the Ashtabula River
South Denmark Road Covered Bridge South Denmark Road (Ashtabula County, Ohio) Covered Bridge 1.jpg Denmark Corner Ashtabula 1868 Over Mill Creek
Stevenson Road Covered Bridge Sevenson Road Bridge Xenia Ohio.jpg Xenia Greene 1877 Over Massies Creek[1]
State Road Covered Bridge State Road (Ashtabula County, Ohio) Covered Bridge 4.jpg Conneaut Ashtabula 1983 Over Conneaut Creek
Walter F. Ehrnfelt Bridge Strongsville Cuyahoga 1983 Over East Branch of the Rocky River in the Mill Stream Run reservation of the Cleveland Metroparks
Stutzmann's Crossing Covered Bridge[3] Stutzman's Crossing 2017-01-11 006.jpg Walnut Creek Holmes 2009 Over Walnut Creek
Taylor Blair Covered Bridge[3]
West Jefferson Madison 2012 Over Little Darby Creek
Warnke Bridge Warnke Covered Bridge.jpg West Sonora Preble 1895 Over Swamp Creek[1]
West Liberty Covered Bridge West Liberty Covered Bridge.jpg Geneva Ashtabula 1867 Over Cowles Creek
Windsor Mills Covered Bridge Windsor Mills (Ashtabula County, Ohio) Covered Bridge 1.jpg Windsor Mills Ashtabula 1867 also known as Wiswell Road Bridge or Warner Hollow Road Bridge, Town Truss over Phelps Creek
Zeller-Smith Covered Bridge Zeller-Smith Covered Bridge.jpg Pickerington Fairfield 1906 also called Sycamore Park Covered Bridge

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