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This is a list of notable media commentators and writers on the sport of cricket from around the world.

A number of famous players have had a second career as writers or commentators. However, many commentators never played the game at a professional level, yet they have gone on to become famous names associated with the game. The following is a list of the cricket commentators, including name, nationality, Broadcaster/Publication and other careers.

Name First-class / List A career Broadcaster/Publication
Sri Lanka Russel Arnold Sri Lanka 1997-2007
Nondescripts Cricket Club 1993-2007
World XI[SIA disambiguation needed]
Chennai Superstars
United Arab Emirates TEN Sports 2009–present
Sri Lanka Ranil Abeynaike Bedfordshire 1982
Sinhalese Sports Club 1989–1990
United Arab Emirates TEN Sports 2004–2011
India Nimbus Sport 2006–2011
Sri Lanka Karunaratne Abeysekera None Sri Lanka Radio Ceylon/ Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation

First ever Sinhala cricket commentator

South Africa H. D. Ackerman South Africa 1998 South Africa SuperSport (Super Cricket)
England Jonathan Agnew Leicestershire 1978–1990, 1992
England 1984–1985
England BBC (Test Match Special) 1991–present

England The People 1990–1991
England BBC Television 1999, 2006–2009
Australia ABC ?-present

Pakistan Wasim Akram Pakistan 1985–2003 India ESPN Star Sports 2003–present
Australia Terry Alderman Australia 1981–1991 ABC ?-present
England Paul Allott Lancashire 1978–1991
England 1981–1985
England BBC Television 1994–1995

England Sky Sports 1995–present

England Rex Alston None England BBC Radio 1945–1957
England BBC (Test Match Special) 1957–1964
England John Arlott None England BBC Radio 1946–1957
England BBC (Test Match Special) 1957–1980

England The Guardian 1968–1980

Bangladesh Athar Ali Khan Bangladesh 1988–1998 Bangladesh Independent Television 2013–present
India Nimbus Sport
England Mike Atherton Lancashire 1987–2001
England 1989–2001
England Channel 4 2002–2005
England Sunday Telegraph
England The Times
England TalkSPORT 2004–2005
England Sky Sports 2005–present
England Trevor Bailey (1923 - 2011) Essex 1946–1967
England 1949–1959
England BBC (Test Match Special) 1967–1999
England Jack Bannister (1930 - 2016) Warwickshire 1950–1968 England BBC Television 1984–1998

England TalkSPORT 2001–2015

Australia Richie Benaud (1930-2015) New South Wales 1948–1964
Australia 1952–1964
England BBC Television 1960–1999, 2007
Australia Nine Network 1977–2015
England Channel 4 1999–2005

England Channel Five 2009

India Harsha Bhogle None Australia ABC 1991–present

India ESPN Star Sports 1995–
England BBC 1998–

Fox Cricket 2018-

West Indies Cricket Board Ian Bishop West Indies 1989–1998 England Sky Sports 2005–present

Channel 4 2000-2004
South Africa SABC Television 2005–2008
England Channel 5 2007-2009

Australia Greg Blewett South Australia 1991–2007
Australia 1995–2000
England Sky Sports 2009–

Seven Network 2018-

England Henry Blofeld Cambridge University 1958–1960 England BBC (Test Match Special) 1972–1991, 1994–2017
England Sky Sports 1991–1994
England Ian Botham Somerset 1974–1985
Worcestershire 1986–1991
Durham 1992–1993
England 1976–1992
England BBC Television 1994–1995

England Sky Sports 1996–present

Sri Lanka Roshan Abeysinghe None United Arab Emirates TEN Sports 2010–present
England Geoffrey Boycott Yorkshire 1962–1986
England 1964–1982
England Sky Sports 1990–1998
England BBC Television 1993–98

England TalkSPORT 1998–2003
India ESPN Star Sports 1997–2005
England Channel 4 2004–2005
England BBC (Test Match Special) 2005–present
England Channel Five 2006–present

Australia James Brayshaw Western Australia 1987–1990
South Australia 1990–1997
Australia Nine Network 2007–2016[1]
England Freddie Brown England 1931–1953 England BBC (Test Match Special) 1957–69
Australia Jim Burke Australia 1951–1959
New Zealand Chris Cairns New Zealand 1989–2004 Australia Fox Sports Australia 2012–present
Australia Greg Chappell South Australia 1966–1973
Queensland 1973–1984
Somerset 1968–1969
Australia 1970–1984
Australia Nine Network 1989–1994
Australia Ian Chappell South Australia 1961–1980
Lancashire 1963
Australia 1964–1980
Australia Nine Network 1980–present
India ESPN Star sports 2007–present

Channel 5 2009

Australia Michael Charlton None Australia ABC ?–?
England BBC Radio 1956 (Ashes series);
India Nimbus Sport
England Denis Compton England 1937–1957 England BBC Television 1958–75
Sunday Express
New Zealand Jeremy Coney Wellington 1971–1987
New Zealand 1974–1987
New Zealand Sports Roundup/Radio Sport 1990–2000
New Zealand Sky Sport (New Zealand) 2004
England Dominic Cork Derbyshire 1990–2003
Lancashire 2004–2008
Hampshire 2009–2011
England 1992–2002
England BBC (Test Match Special) 2010 –present
Pakistan Pakistan Television Corporation 2009–present

England Talksport 2013–present
England Sky Sports 2011–present

Australia Jamie Cox Tasmania 1987–2005
West Indies Cricket Board Tony Cozier None Barbados Barbados Daily News 1961–1969
Australia Nine Network 1977–1992
Australia ABC ?–?
England Sky Sports
England BBC (Test Match Special) 1966–2015 (West Indian series against England and some World Cups)
England Peter Cranmer Warwickshire 1934–1954 England BBC (Test Match Special) 1965–1968
New Zealand Martin Crowe (1962 - 2016) New Zealand 1982–1995 New Zealand Sky Sport (New Zealand) 2006
New Zealand Craig Cumming Canterbury 1995–2000
Otago 2000–2015
New Zealand 2005–2009
New Zealand Sky Sport (New Zealand) 2014
Sri Lanka Aravinda De Silva Sri Lanka 1984–2003 England Sky Sports 2006
England Ted Dexter Sussex 1956–1968
England 1958–1968
England BBC Television 1968-19??
South Africa Allan Donald South Africa 1991–2003
New Zealand Simon Doull New Zealand 1992–2000 New Zealand Sky Sport (New Zealand) 2006–
West Indies Cricket Board Jeff Dujon Jamaica 1974–1993
West Indies 1981–1991
England Sky Sports
England Matthew Engel None England The Guardian
England Wisden Cricketers' Almanack
India Farokh Engineer India 1961–1975 England BBC (Test Match Special)
Sri Lanka Ranjit Fernando Ceylon 1964–1978
Sri Lanka 1975
United Arab Emirates Ten Sports 2004–2009
Australia Jack Fingleton New South Wales 1928–1940
Australia 1932–1938
Australia Damien Fleming Australia 1994–2001 Australia ABC ?-present

Fox Sports (Australia) 2010-2012

Seven Network 2018-

Ten Network 2013-2017

England Tom Fordyce None England BBC Live Text
South Africa Charles Fortune None South Africa SABC
England Graeme 'Foxy' Fowler Lancashire 1979–1991
Durham 1992–1994
England 1982–1985
England BBC (Test Match Special) 1994–2005
England Angus Fraser Middlesex 1984–2002
England 1989–1999
England BBC (Test Match Special)
England The Independent 2002–
England David Frith None England The Cricketer
England Wisden Cricket Monthly 1979–1996
England Mike Gatting Middlesex 1975–1998
England 1977–1994
England BBC (Test Match Special)
India Sunil Gavaskar Mumbai 1966–1988
Somerset 1980
India 1971–1987
India ESPN Star Sports 1992–
India BCCI
England BBC (Test Match Special)
England Alan Gibson (1923 - 1997) None England BBC (Test Match Special) 1962–1975
England The Times
England Arthur Gilligan England 1922–1925
England Graham Gooch Essex 1973–2000
England 1978–1992
England Test Match Special 2002–2009
England David Gower Leicestershire 1975–1989
Hampshire 1990–1993
England 1978–1992
England BBC Television1995–1999

England Sky Sports1999–present
England Sunday Times

England Tom Graveney (1927 - 2015) England 1951–1969
England Tony Greig (1946 - 2012) Sussex 1966–1978
England 1972–1977
Australia Nine Network 1979–2012
England Channel 4 2005
United Arab Emirates TEN Sports
Sri Lanka Bob Harvie None Sri Lanka Radio Ceylon/ Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation
Australia Mike Haysman Leicestershire South Africa SuperSport (Super Cricket)
United Arab Emirates TEN Sports
Australia Ian Healy Queensland 1986–1999
Australia 1988–1999
Australia Nine Network 1999–present

Fox Sports (Australia) 2018- present

West Indies Cricket Board Michael Holding West Indies 1975–1987 England Sky Sports
Australia Nine Network 1992–present
Australia David Hookes South Australia 1975–1992
Australia 1977–1986
England Robert Hudson None England BBC Television 1949–1950, 1962–1964
England BBC (Test Match Special) 1958, 1962–1968
England Simon Hughes Middlesex 1980–1992
Durham 1992–1993
England The Independent
England Daily Telegraph
England Channel 4 1999–2005
England Channel 5 2006–present

England BBC (Test Match Special) 2007–present

England Nasser Hussain Essex 1987–2004
England 1989–2004
England Sky Sports 2004–present
England Ray Illingworth England 1958–1973 England BBC Television 1984-1993
England Robin Jackman England 1974–1983 South Africa SuperSport (Super Cricket)
England Brian Johnston None England BBC Television 1946–1970
England BBC (Test Match Special) 1970–1994
Australia Dean Jones Australia 1984–1992 Australia ABC
United Arab Emirates TEN Sports 2003–2006
India Zee Sports 2007–2008 (Indian Cricket League)
India NDTV 24x7 2010
England Rob Key Kent 1998-2016
England 2002-2009
England Sky Sports 2012–present
England Nick Knight Warwickshire 1991–2006
England 1995–2003
England Sky Sports 2006–present
England Jim Laker England 1948–1959 England BBC Television 1969–1985
India Arun Lal India 1982–1989 India Nimbus Sport 2003–
United Arab Emirates TEN Sports 2010–
New Zealand Gavin Larsen Wellington 1984–1999
New Zealand 1990–1999
Australia Geoff Lawson Australia 1989–2004 Australia ABC ?-present
Australia Bill Lawry Victoria 1955–1972
Australia 1961–1971
Australia Nine Network 1977–present
Australia Darren Lehmann Australia 1996–2005 England Sky Sports 2005–2007
England Tony Lewis Glamorgan 1955–1974
England 1972–1973
England BBC (Test Match Special) 1975–1984
England The Sunday Telegraph 1975–1993
England BBC Television 1984–1998
England David Lloyd Lancashire 1965–1983
England 1973–1980
England Test Match Special 1992–1995
England Sky Sports 1999–present

Nine Network 2013-14 (The Ashes)

England Simon Mann None England BBC (Radio 5) 1994–1996
England BBC (Test Match Special) 1996–present
India Sanjay Manjrekar Mumbai 1984–1998
India 1987–1996
India ESPN Star Sports 2009–present
United Arab Emirates TEN Sports 2003–2009
South Africa Neil Manthorp None South Africa SuperSport (Super Cricket)
England BBC (Test Match Special)
Australia ABC ?-present
Talksport 2003-2008
England Vic Marks Somerset 1975–1989
England 1982–1988
England The Observer 1989–present
England BBC (Test Match Special) 1992–present
England Howard Marshall None England BBC (BBC Radio) early 1930s–1945
England Christopher Martin-Jenkins (1945 - 2013) None England BBC (Test Match Special) 1973–1980, 1985–2012
England BBC Television 1980–1985
England The Cricketer 1980–1990
England Daily Telegraph 1990–1998
England The Times 1998–2012
Australia Jim Maxwell None Australia ABC 1973–present
England BBC (Test Match Special) 2005– (Ashes series);
Zimbabwe Pommie Mbangwa Zimbabwe 1996–2002 South Africa SuperSport (Super Cricket)
United Arab Emirates TEN Sports
Australia Alan McGilvray New South Wales 1933–1937 Australia ABC 1938–1985
England BBC (Test Match Special) 1948–1985 (Ashes series)
Australia Glenn Mitchell None Australia ABC 1990–2011
England Alison Mitchell None England BBC (Test Match Special) 2003–present
Australia ABC 2014, 2016-17
India ESPN Star sports 2013, 2014

Seven Network 2018

Australia Drew Morphett None Australia ABC 197?-2015
New Zealand Danny Morrison New Zealand 1987–1997 New Zealand Sky Sport (New Zealand) 2000–present
Australia Fox Sports
Australia ABC ?-present
England Don Mosey None England BBC (Test Match Special) 1974–1991
Australia Johnnie Moyes South Australia 1912–1915
Victoria 1920–1921
Australia ABC 1950–1963
England Mark Nicholas Hampshire 1978–1995 England Sky Sports 1996–1998
England Channel 4 1999–2005
England Daily Telegraph
Australia Nine Network 2001–present
England Channel 5 2006–present
Australia Kerry O'Keeffe New South Wales 1968–1980
Australia 1971–1977
Australia ABC 2001–2014

Fox Sports (Australia) 2018-

Australia Cate McGregor none Australia The Australian
Australian Financial Review
The Spectator[2]
South Africa Shaun Pollock South Africa KwaZulu Natal 1992-2004
England Warwickshire 1996-2002
South Africa 1995-2008
South Africa SuperSport 2008–present
India Venkatesh Prasad India 1996–2001 India SET Max 2003
Sri Lanka Norton Pereira None Sri Lanka Radio Ceylon/ Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation
Pakistan Rameez Raja Servis Industries 1977–1978
Punjab 1978
Lahore City 1979–1983, 1985–1987, 1992–1993
Allied Bank Limited 1983–1984, 1994–1998
Pakistan National Shipping Corporation 1988–1991
Islamabad 1994
Pakistan 1984–1997
United Arab Emirates TEN Sports
England BBC (Test Match Special)
England Dermot Reeve Sussex 1983–1987
Warwickshire 1988–1996
Somerset 1998
Marylebone Cricket Club 1990
England 1991–1996
England Channel 4 1999–2005
South Africa Barry Richards South Africa 1970 United Arab Emirates TEN Sports
New Zealand Mark Richardson New Zealand 2000–2004 New Zealand Sky Sport (New Zealand) 2006–present
New Zealand The Crowd Goes Wild 2006–present
Australia Vic Richardson Australia 1927-1936 Australia ABC 1929-?
England R C Robertson-Glasgow Somerset 1920–1935 England The Morning Post
England The Observer
England Peter Roebuck (1956 - 2011) Somerset 1974–1991 Australia ABC 2001–2011
England Mike Selvey Surrey 1968–1971
Middlesex 1972–1982
Glamorgan 1983–1984
England 1976–1977
England BBC (Test Match Special) 1984–2008
England The Guardian 1985–present
India Ravi Shastri Mumbai 1979–1994
Glamorgan 1987–1989, 1991
India 1981–1992
India ESPN Star sports 1994–present
India BCCI 2006–present
India Navjot Singh Sidhu Punjab 1981–1999
India 1983–1999
India ESPN Star sports 1999–2003
United Arab Emirates TEN Sports 2003–2004
India NDTV 24x7 2006–2009
India Times Now 2010–present
India Laxman Sivaramakrishnan India1983–1987 India Nimbus Sport
India BCCI
Australia Michael Slater New South Wales 1991–2001
Australia 1993–2001
England Channel 4 2001–2005
England Sky Sports 2006
Australia ABC ?-?
Australia Nine Network 2006–present

Seven Network 2018- present

England Ed Smith Middlesex 2005-2008
Kent 1996-2004
England BBC (Test Match Special)
New Zealand Ian Smith New Zealand 1980–1992 New Zealand Sky Sport (New Zealand)Channel 4 1999-2003
Pakistan Aamer Sohail Lahore 1983–1999
Habib Bank Limited 1987–1992
Allied Bank Limited 1995–2001
Karachi 1998–1999
Lahore 2000–2001
Somerset 2001
Pakistan 1990–2000
United Arab Emirates Ten Sports 2001–present
Australia Keith Stackpole Australia 1966-1974 Australia ABC ?-?
New Zealand Scott Styris New Zealand 2002– New Zealand Sky Sport (New Zealand) 2006
England E.W. Swanton Middlesex 1937-8 England BBC (Test Match Special) 1938–1975
England BBC Television 1948–1967
England The Daily Telegraph 1946–1975
Barbados Donna Symmonds None Barbados Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation 1988–?
England BBC (Test Match Special) 1998–2000?
Australia Mark Taylor New South Wales 1985–1999
Australia 1989–1999
Australia Nine Network 1999–present
England Fred Trueman Yorkshire 1949–1969
England 1952–1965
England BBC (Test Match Special) 1974–1999
England Phil Tufnell Middlesex 1986–2002
England 1990–2001
England BBC (Test Match Special) 2003–present
England Michael Vaughan Yorkshire 1993–2009
England 1999–2008
England Channel 5 2009–present
England BBC (Test Match Special) 2009–present
New Zealand Bryan Waddle None New Zealand Radio Sport
Australia ABC ?-present
England Ian Ward Surrey 1992–2003
Sussex 2003–2005
England 2001
England Sky Sports 2005–present
Australia Shane Warne Hampshire 2000–2007
Australia 1992–2006
Rajasthan Royals 2008–2010
Victoria 1990–2006
Australia Nine Network 2008–present
England Sky Sports 2009–present
India ESPN Star sports 2012–present
India BCCI 2012–present

Fox Sports (Australia) 2018- present

South Africa Kepler Wessels Queensland 1979–1986
Australia 1982–1985
South Africa 1992–94

Sussex 1976–1980

South Africa SuperSport (Super Cricket)
England Peter West None England BBC Television 1952–1986
England Arlo White None England BBC (Test Match Special) 2005–2008
England Alan Wilkins Glamorgan 1975–1979, 1983
Gloucestershire 1980–1982
England BBC 1987–1998
India ESPN Star Sports 2000–present
England Bob Willis Surrey, Warwickshire 1969–1984
England 1971–1984
England Sky Sports
India Sourav Ganguly Bengal 1989–2012
Lancashire 2000
Kolkata Knight Riders 2008–2010
Pune Warriors India 2011–2012
India 1992–2008
India ESPN Star sports 2010–present
India BCCI 2012–present
India Rahul Dravid Karnataka 1990–2012
Kent 2000
Scotland 2003
Royal Challengers Bangalore 2008–2010
Rajasthan Royals 2011–2013
India 1996–2012
India ESPN Star sports 2012–present
Australia ABC 2014–present
India BCCI 2012–present
England John Woodcock None England The Guardian
England The Times
England Norman Yardley Yorkshire 1935–1955
England 1938–1950
England BBC (Test Match Special) 1956–1969
Pakistan Waqar Younis Karachi, Lahore, Multan, National Bank of Pakistan, Rawalpindi, Redco Pakistan Ltd, United Bank Limited 1989–2003
Surrey 1990–1993
Glamorgan 1997–1998
Warwickshire 2003
Pakistan 1989–2003
United Arab Emirates TEN Sports 2010–present
England Charles Colville None England Sky Sports 1990–present
Zimbabwe Dean du Plessis None United States ESPNcricinfo 2001–present

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  • Christopher Martin-Jenkins: Ball by Ball – The Story of Cricket Broadcasting, Grafton Books, 1990, ISBN 0-246-13568-9