List of crochet stitches

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Crochet stitches have different terminology in different countries. Schematic crochet symbols have a consistent meaning internationally.

Basic stitches[edit]

Photograph Schematic U.S. term U.K. term Turning chain
Crochet slip.png slip stitch slip stitch / single crochet N/A
Chainstitch.jpg Crochet chain.svg chain stitch chain stitch N/A
Crochet single crochet.svg
single crochet double crochet Singleturning.jpg
Halfdoublestitch.jpg Crochet half double crochet.svg half double crochet half treble Halfdoubleturning.jpg
Doublestitch.jpg Crochet double crochet.svg double crochet treble Doubleturning.jpg
Triplestitch.jpg Crochet double triple.svg triple/treble crochet double treble Tripleturning.jpg
Doubletriple.jpg Crochet triple triple.svg double treble crochet triple/treble treble Doubletripleturning.jpg


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