List of crossings of the Delaware River

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This is a list of bridges and other crossings of the Delaware River from the Atlantic Ocean upstream to its source(s).


Crossing Image Carries Location Coordinates

Delaware – New Jersey[edit]

Cape May–Lewes Ferry
(Delaware Bay)
Twincapes.jpg US 9 Lewes and Cape May 38°53′32″N 75°02′38″W / 38.89222°N 75.04389°W / 38.89222; -75.04389 (Cape May-Lewes Ferry)
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Forts Ferry Crossing (April–September) Delafort Ferry.JPG Fort DuPont State Park, Delaware and Fort Mott, New Jersey 39°35′6.7″N 75°33′54.52″W / 39.585194°N 75.5651444°W / 39.585194; -75.5651444 (Forts Ferry Crossing)
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Exelon Transmission Line Red Lion-Hope Creek 500 kv Delaware River crossing.jpg Red Lion–Hope Creek 500 kV AC power line Cedar Creek, Delaware and Salem, New Jersey 39°36′43″N 75°35′20″W / 39.612°N 75.589°W / 39.612; -75.589 (Pepco transmission line)
Delaware Memorial Bridge (toll) - Twin Span Delaware Memorial Bridges 20100615-jag9889.jpg I-295 / US 40 New Castle and Deepwater 39°41′20″N 75°31′09″W / 39.68889°N 75.51917°W / 39.68889; -75.51917 (Delaware Memorial Bridge)

Pennsylvania – New Jersey[edit]

Commodore Barry Bridge (toll) Commodore Barry Bridge 20100625-jag9889.jpg US 322 / CR 536 Chester and Bridgeport 39°49′40″N 75°22′17″W / 39.82778°N 75.37139°W / 39.82778; -75.37139 (Commodore Barry Bridge)
Walt Whitman Bridge (toll) Walt Whitman Bridge 20100611-jag9889.jpg I-76 Philadelphia and Gloucester City 39°54′19″N 75°07′47″W / 39.90528°N 75.12972°W / 39.90528; -75.12972 (Walt Whitman Bridge)
RiverLink Ferry (summer) RiverLinkFerryCamden2.JPG Philadelphia and Camden
Benjamin Franklin Bridge (toll) Benjamin Franklin Bridge 20100602-jag9889.jpg I-676 / US 30
PATCO Speedline
39°57′10″N 75°08′05″W / 39.95278°N 75.13472°W / 39.95278; -75.13472 (Benjamin Franklin Bridge)
Delair Bridge Delair Railroad Bridge 20100603-jag9889.jpg CSAO Delair Branch
NJ Transit Atlantic City Line
Former NJ Transit ACES
Philadelphia and Pennsauken 39°58′57″N 75°04′08″W / 39.98250°N 75.06889°W / 39.98250; -75.06889 (Delair Bridge)
Betsy Ross Bridge (toll) Betsy Ross Bridge 20100603-jag9889.jpg Route 90 39°59′05″N 75°03′58″W / 39.98472°N 75.06611°W / 39.98472; -75.06611 (Betsy Ross Bridge)
Tacony–Palmyra Bridge (toll) Tacony Palmyra Bridge 20100604-jag9889.jpg PA 73
Route 73
Philadelphia and Palmyra 40°00′45″N 75°02′36″W / 40.01250°N 75.04333°W / 40.01250; -75.04333 (Tacony-Palmyra Bridge)
Burlington–Bristol Bridge (toll) Burlington-Bristol Bridge 20091115-jag9889.jpg PA 413
Route 413
Bristol Township and Burlington 40°04′53″N 74°52′10″W / 40.08139°N 74.86944°W / 40.08139; -74.86944 (Burlington-Bristol Bridge)
Delaware River–Turnpike Toll Bridge Turnpike Connector Bridge 20091115-jag9889.jpg Pennsylvania Turnpike logo.svg Pennsylvania Turnpike
New Jersey Turnpike Shield.svg New Jersey Turnpike Ext.
I-95.svg I-95
Bristol Township and Burlington Township 40°07′02″N 74°49′49″W / 40.11722°N 74.83028°W / 40.11722; -74.83028 (Delaware River–Turnpike toll bridge)
Morrisville–Trenton Railroad Bridge Morrisville-Trenton Railroad Bridge 20091103-jag9889.jpg Stone Arch Railroad Bridge, ex Pennsylvania Railroad, now owned by Amtrak Northeast Corridor
SEPTA Trenton Line
Former NJ Transit ACES
NJ Transit Morrisville Yard access
Morrisville and Trenton 40°12′30″N 74°46′02″W / 40.2082°N 74.7672°W / 40.2082; -74.7672 (Morrisville-Trenton Railroad Bridge)
Trenton–Morrisville Toll Bridge Trenton-Morrisville Toll Bridge 20091103-jag9889.jpg US 1 40°12′33″N 74°46′04″W / 40.2092°N 74.7677°W / 40.2092; -74.7677 (Trenton-Morrisville Toll Bridge)
Lower Trenton Bridge (free) Lower Trenton Bridge 20091103-jag9889.jpg US 1.svg US 1 BUS 40°12′38″N 74°46′06″W / 40.2105°N 74.7683°W / 40.2105; -74.7683 (Lower Trenton Bridge)
Calhoun Street Bridge (free) Calhoun Street Bridge 20091103-jag9889.jpg 40°13′12″N 74°46′40″W / 40.22001°N 74.77787°W / 40.22001; -74.77787 (Calhoun Street Bridge)
West Trenton Railroad Bridge, ex Reading Railroad West Trenton Railroad Bridge 20091029-jag9889.jpg CSX Trenton Subdivision
SEPTA West Trenton Line
Yardley and Ewing Township 40°14′30″N 74°49′27″W / 40.2417°N 74.8241°W / 40.2417; -74.8241 (Yardley–Ewing Railroad Bridge)
Yardley–Wilburtha Bridge
(destroyed by flood in 1955, temporarily rebuilt until torn down completely in 1961 except for western abutment (pictured), replaced by Scudder Falls Bridge)
Yarldley-Wilburtha Bridge 20091029-jag9889.jpg 40°14′46″N 74°50′08″W / 40.246°N 74.8356°W / 40.246; -74.8356 (Yardley-Wilburtha Bridge)
Scudder Falls Bridge (toll)[1] Scudder Falls Bridge 20091029-jag9889.jpg I-295.svg I-295 Lower Makefield Township and Ewing Township 40°15′31″N 74°50′50″W / 40.25861°N 74.84722°W / 40.25861; -74.84722 (Scudder Falls Bridge)
Washington Crossing Bridge (free) Washington Crossing Bridge 20091029-jag9889.jpg Upper Makesfield Township and Hopewell Township 40°17′43″N 74°52′5″W / 40.29528°N 74.86806°W / 40.29528; -74.86806 (Washington Crossing Bridge)
New Hope–Lambertville Bridge (free) New Hope-Lambertville Bridge PB050013-jag9889.jpg PA 179
Route 179
New Hope and Lambertville 40°21′53″N 74°56′53″W / 40.36472°N 74.94806°W / 40.36472; -74.94806 (New Hope-Lambertville Bridge)
New Hope–Lambertville Toll Bridge New Hope-Lambertville Toll Bridge 20071105-jag9889.jpg US 202 Solebury Township and Delaware Township 40°22′45″N 74°57′19″W / 40.37917°N 74.95528°W / 40.37917; -74.95528 (New Hope-Lambertville toll bridge)
Centre Bridge–Stockton Bridge (free) Centre Bridge-Stockton Bridge 20071105-jag9889.jpg PA 263 Centre Bridge, and Stockton. 40°24′11″N 74°58′46″W / 40.40306°N 74.97944°W / 40.40306; -74.97944 (Centre Bridge-Stockton Bridge)
Lumberville–Raven Rock Bridge Lumberville-Raven Rock Bridge 20071105-jag9889.jpg (formerly a road bridge, closed in 1944 to auto traffic, rebuilt as a pedestrian crossing in 1947) Lumberville and Raven Rock 40°24′28″N 75°02′14″W / 40.4078°N 75.0373°W / 40.4078; -75.0373 (Lumberville-Raven Rock Bridge)
Point Pleasant–Byram Bridge
(destroyed by flood in 1955)
Delaware River Bridge Remains, Point Pleasant PA 02.JPG Point Pleasant and Byram 40°25′23″N 75°03′40″W / 40.423°N 75.061°W / 40.423; -75.061 (Point Pleasant-Byram Bridge)
Uhlerstown–Frenchtown Bridge (free) Uhlerstown-Frenchtown Bridge 20091026-jag9889.jpg Route 12 Tinicum Township and Frenchtown 40°31′34″N 75°03′54″W / 40.5262°N 75.0651°W / 40.5262; -75.0651 (Uhlerstown–Frenchtown Bridge)
Upper Black Eddy–Milford Bridge (free) Upper Black Eddy-Milford Bridge 20091026-jag9889.jpg Upper Black Eddy and Milford 40°33′59″N 75°05′55″W / 40.5664°N 75.0986°W / 40.5664; -75.0986 (Upper Black Eddy–Milford Bridge)
Riegelsville Bridge (free) Riegelsville Bridge 20071102-jag9889.jpg Delaware Road Riegelsville, Pennsylvania and Riegelsville, New Jersey 40°35′39″N 75°11′27″W / 40.59422°N 75.19077°W / 40.59422; -75.19077 (Riegelsville Bridge)
Interstate 78 Toll Bridge Interstate 78 Bridges 20071102-jag9889.jpg I-78 Williams Township and Phillipsburg 40°40′20″N 75°10′40″W / 40.6721°N 75.1778°W / 40.6721; -75.1778 (Interstate 78 Toll Bridge)
Lehigh Valley Railroad, Delaware River Bridge Lehigh Valley Railroad, Delaware River Bridge - looking northwest.jpg Lehigh Valley Railroad Easton and Phillipsburg 40°41′15″N 75°12′08″W / 40.687566°N 75.202298°W / 40.687566; -75.202298 (Lehigh Valley Railroad Bridge (abandoned))
Central Railroad of New Jersey Bridge Central Railroad of New Jersey, Delaware River Bridge - looking south.jpg Central Railroad of New Jersey 40°41′16″N 75°12′09″W / 40.687784°N 75.202403°W / 40.687784; -75.202403 (Central Railroad of New Jersey Bridge)
Lehigh and Hudson River Railway Bridge Lehigh and Hudson River Railroad, Delaware River Bridge - looking northwest.jpg Lehigh and Hudson River Railway 40°41′20″N 75°12′12″W / 40.688958°N 75.203299°W / 40.688958; -75.203299 (Lehigh and Hudson River Railway Bridge)
Northampton Street Bridge (free) Northampton Street Bridge 20071030-jag9889.jpg 40°41′30″N 75°12′14″W / 40.691545°N 75.204004°W / 40.691545; -75.204004 (Northampton Street Bridge)
Easton–Phillipsburg Toll Bridge Easton-Phillipsburg Toll Bridge 20071102-jag9889.jpg US 22 40°41′40″N 75°12′13″W / 40.6945°N 75.2036°W / 40.6945; -75.2036 (Easton–Phillipsburg Toll Bridge)
Martins Creek Branch Rail Bridge Martins Creek Branch 40°46′32″N 75°10′25″W / 40.7755943°N 75.1736126°W / 40.7755943; -75.1736126 (Martins Creek Branch Rail Bridge)
Roxburg Branch Rail Bridge Roxburg Branch 40°47′22″N 75°06′57″W / 40.7894024°N 75.1159515°W / 40.7894024; -75.1159515 (Martins Creek Branch Rail Bridge)
Riverton–Belvidere Bridge (free) Riverton-Belvidere Bridge 20071030-jag9889.jpg Riverton and Belvidere 40°41′40″N 75°12′13″W / 40.6945°N 75.2036°W / 40.6945; -75.2036 (Riverton-Belvidere Bridge)
Darlington's Bridge at Delaware Station (demolished) US 46 Portland and Delaware 40°53′58″N 75°04′29″W / 40.89947°N 75.07480°W / 40.89947; -75.07480 (Delaware Bridge (demolished))
Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad Bridge (abandoned) Delaware Lackawanna Western Railroad Bridge 20071022-jag9889.jpg DL&W Railroad Mount Bethel and Delaware 40°53′59″N 75°04′30″W / 40.899838°N 75.074937°W / 40.899838; -75.074937 (Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad Bridge (abandoned))
Portland–Columbia Toll Bridge Portland-Columbia Toll Bridge 20071022-jag9889.jpg Route 94 Portland and Columbia 40°55′18″N 75°05′30″W / 40.9216°N 75.0917°W / 40.9216; -75.0917 (Portland-Columbia Toll Bridge)
Portland–Columbia Pedestrian Bridge Portland-Columbia Footbridge 20071022-jag9889.jpg Pedestrian 40°55′27″N 75°05′44″W / 40.92415°N 75.09554°W / 40.92415; -75.09554 (Portland–Columbia Pedestrian Bridge)
Delaware River Viaduct (Lackawanna Cut-Off) Delaware River Viaduct 20071022-jag9889.jpg Rail Upper Mt Bethel Township and Columbia 40°56′15″N 75°06′21″W / 40.9376°N 75.1057°W / 40.9376; -75.1057 (Delaware River Viaduct)
Delaware Water Gap Toll Bridge Delaware Water Gap Bridges 20071022-jag9889.jpg I-80 Delaware Water Gap and Hardwick Township 40°58′37″N 75°08′07″W / 40.9770°N 75.1354°W / 40.9770; -75.1354 (Delaware Water Gap Toll Bridge)
Dingman's Ferry Bridge (toll) Dingmans Ferry Bridge 20061016-jag9889.jpg PA QR 2019.svg SR 2019
CR 560
Delaware Township and
Sandyston Township
41°13′12″N 74°51′33″W / 41.2201°N 74.8593°W / 41.2201; -74.8593 (Dingman's Ferry Bridge)
Milford–Montague Toll Bridge Milford-Montague Bridge 20061016-jag9889.jpg US 206 Milford and Montague Township 41°18′26″N 74°48′01″W / 41.3071°N 74.8002°W / 41.3071; -74.8002 (Milford-Montague Toll Bridge)

Pennsylvania – New York[edit]

Interstate 84 Bridge (Free) I-84 Delaware River bridges, August 2021.jpg I-84 Matamoras and Port Jervis 41°21′28″N 74°41′43″W / 41.357818°N 74.695372°W / 41.357818; -74.695372 (Interstate 84 Bridge)
Mid-Delaware Bridge (Pike Street) Mid-Delaware Bridge 20071016-jag9889.jpg US 6 / US 209 Matamoras and Port Jervis 41°22′18″N 74°41′52″W / 41.37167°N 74.69778°W / 41.37167; -74.69778 (Mid-Delaware Bridge (Pike Street))
Millrift Railroad Bridge Millrift River bridge.JPG Norfolk Southern Railroad Millrift and Sparrowbush 41°24′23.4″N 74°44′30.4″W / 41.406500°N 74.741778°W / 41.406500; -74.741778 (Millrift Railroad Bridge)
Pond Eddy Bridge Pond Eddy 2018-11-01 596.jpg SR 1011
CR 41
Pond Eddy, New York, Pond Eddy, Pennsylvania 41°26′21″N 74°49′13″W / 41.439167°N 74.820278°W / 41.439167; -74.820278 (Pond Eddy Bridge)
Barryville–Shohola Bridge Barryville-Shohola Bridge 20071016-jag9889.jpg PA 434
NY 55
Shohola Township and Barryville 41°28′33″N 74°54′46″W / 41.4758°N 74.9128°W / 41.4758; -74.9128 (Barryville–Shohola Bridge)
Roebling's Delaware Aqueduct Roeblings Delaware Acqueduct 20071016-jag9889.jpg CR 168 Lackawaxen and Minisink Ford 41°28′57″N 74°59′04″W / 41.482571°N 74.9844105°W / 41.482571; -74.9844105 (Roebling's Delaware Aqueduct)
Tusten Station Railroad Bridge Tusten Rail Bridge.jpg Norfolk Southern Railroad Shohola Township and Tusten 41°33′53.6″N 75°01′51.0″W / 41.564889°N 75.030833°W / 41.564889; -75.030833 (Tusten Station Railroad Bridge)
Narrowsburg–Darbytown Bridge NarrowsburgDarbytownBridge.jpg PA 652
NY 52
Darbytown and Narrowsburg 41°36′35″N 75°03′43″W / 41.609715°N 75.061855°W / 41.609715; -75.061855 (Narrowsburg–Darbytown Bridge)
Skinners Falls–Milanville Bridge SkinnersFallsMilanvilleBridge.jpg
Cochecton–Damascus Bridge
Cochecton-Damascus Bridge from PA bank.jpg
PA 371 Damascus Township and Cochecton 41°42′17″N 75°04′01″W / 41.70485°N 75.06699°W / 41.70485; -75.06699 (Cochecton–Damascus Bridge)
Callicoon Bridge Callicoon Bridge from New York side.jpg CR 133 Damascus Township and Callicoon 41°45′55″N 75°03′38″W / 41.76528°N 75.06056°W / 41.76528; -75.06056 (Callicoon Bridge)
Little Equinunk Bridge (Kellams Bridge) Kellams Bridge.jpg Stalker and Hankins 41°49′24″N 75°06′49″W / 41.823333°N 75.113611°W / 41.823333; -75.113611 (Kellams Bridge)
Lordville–Equinunk Bridge Lordville-Equinunk Bridge.jpg SR 1023 Equinunk and Lordville 41°52′04″N 75°12′50″W / 41.867779°N 75.21388°W / 41.867779; -75.21388 (Lordville–Equinunk Bridge)

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