List of crossings of the Delaware River

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The railroad bridge at Millrift, Pennsylvania and Sparrowbush, New York, once used by the Erie Railroad

This is a list of bridges and other crossings of the Delaware River from the Atlantic Ocean upstream to its source(s).


Crossing Carries Location Coordinates

Delaware – New Jersey[edit]

Cape May-Lewes Ferry
(Delaware Bay)
US 9 Lewes and Cape May 38°53′32″N 75°02′38″W / 38.89222°N 75.04389°W / 38.89222; -75.04389 (Cape May-Lewes Ferry)
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Forts Ferry Crossing (April–September) Fort DuPont State Park, Delaware and Fort Mott, New Jersey
Exelon Transmission Line Cedar Creek, Delaware and Salem, New Jersey 39°36′43″N 75°35′20″W / 39.612°N 75.589°W / 39.612; -75.589 (Pepco transmission line)
Delaware Memorial Bridge (toll) - Twin Span I‑295 / US 40 New Castle and Deepwater 39°41′20″N 75°31′09″W / 39.68889°N 75.51917°W / 39.68889; -75.51917 (Delaware Memorial Bridge)

Pennsylvania – New Jersey[edit]

Commodore Barry Bridge (toll) US 322 / CR 536 Chester and Bridgeport 39°49′40″N 75°22′17″W / 39.82778°N 75.37139°W / 39.82778; -75.37139 (Commodore Barry Bridge)
Walt Whitman Bridge (toll) I-76 Philadelphia and Gloucester City 39°54′19″N 75°07′47″W / 39.90528°N 75.12972°W / 39.90528; -75.12972 (Walt Whitman Bridge)
RiverLink Ferry (summer) Philadelphia and Camden
Skylink Aerial Tram (Partially Built) Philadelphia and Camden
Benjamin Franklin Bridge (toll) I‑676 / US 30
PATCO Speedline
Philadelphia and Camden 39°57′10″N 75°08′05″W / 39.95278°N 75.13472°W / 39.95278; -75.13472 (Benjamin Franklin Bridge)
Delair Bridge CSAO Delair Branch
NJ Transit Atlantic City Line
Former NJ Transit ACES
Philadelphia and Pennsauken 39°58′57″N 75°04′08″W / 39.98250°N 75.06889°W / 39.98250; -75.06889 (Delair Bridge)
Betsy Ross Bridge (toll) Route 90 Philadelphia and Pennsauken 39°59′05″N 75°03′58″W / 39.98472°N 75.06611°W / 39.98472; -75.06611 (Betsy Ross Bridge)
Tacony-Palmyra Bridge (toll) PA 73
Route 73
Philadelphia and Palmyra 40°00′45″N 75°02′36″W / 40.01250°N 75.04333°W / 40.01250; -75.04333 (Tacony-Palmyra Bridge)
Burlington-Bristol Bridge (toll) PA 413
Route 413
Bristol Township and Burlington 40°04′53″N 74°52′10″W / 40.08139°N 74.86944°W / 40.08139; -74.86944 (Burlington-Bristol Bridge)
Delaware River – Turnpike Toll Bridge Pennsylvania Turnpike logo.svg Pennsylvania Turnpike
New Jersey Turnpike Shield.svg New Jersey Turnpike Ext.
I-276.svg I-276
Future plate blue.svg
I-95.svg Future I-95
Bristol Township and Burlington Township 40°07′02″N 74°49′49″W / 40.11722°N 74.83028°W / 40.11722; -74.83028 (Delaware River-Turnpike toll bridge)
Morrisville-Trenton Railroad Bridge Stone Arch Railroad Bridge, ex Pennsylvania Railroad, now owned by Amtrak Northeast Corridor
SEPTA Trenton Line
Former NJ Transit ACES
NJ Transit Morrisville Yard access
Morrisville and Trenton
Trenton-Morrisville Toll Bridge US 1 Morrisville and Trenton
Lower Trenton Bridge (free) US 1.svg US 1 BUS Morrisville and Trenton
Calhoun Street Bridge (free) Morrisville and Trenton 40°13′12″N 74°46′40″W / 40.22001°N 74.77787°W / 40.22001; -74.77787 (Calhoun Street Bridge)
Yardley-Ewing Railroad Bridge, ex Reading Railroad CSX Trenton Subdivision
SEPTA West Trenton Line
Yardley and Ewing Township
Yardley-Wilburtha Bridge
(destroyed by flood in 1955, temporarily rebuilt until torn down completely in 1961, replaced by I-95 Scudder Falls Bridge)
Yardley and Ewing Township
Scudder Falls Bridge (free)

(Soon to be Toll)

I-95.svg I-95
No image.svgFuture plate blue.svg
I-295.svg Future I-295
Lower Makefield Township and Ewing Township 40°15′31″N 74°50′50″W / 40.25861°N 74.84722°W / 40.25861; -74.84722 (Scudder Falls Bridge)
Washington Crossing Bridge (free) PA 532
CR 546
Upper Makesfield Township and Hopewell Township 40°17′43″N 74°52′5″W / 40.29528°N 74.86806°W / 40.29528; -74.86806 (Washington Crossing Bridge)
New Hope-Lambertville Bridge (free) PA 179
Route 179
New Hope and Lambertville 40°21′53″N 74°56′53″W / 40.36472°N 74.94806°W / 40.36472; -74.94806 (New Hope-Lambertville Bridge)
New Hope-Lambertville Toll Bridge US 202 Solebury Township and Delaware Township 40°22′45″N 74°57′19″W / 40.37917°N 74.95528°W / 40.37917; -74.95528 (New Hope-Lambertville toll bridge)
Centre Bridge-Stockton Bridge (free) PA 263 Centre Bridge, and Stockton. 40°24′11″N 74°58′46″W / 40.40306°N 74.97944°W / 40.40306; -74.97944 (Centre Bridge-Stockton Bridge)
Lumberville-Raven Rock Bridge (formerly a road bridge, closed in 1944 to auto traffic, rebuilt as a pedestrian crossing in 1947) Lumberville and Raven Rock
Point Pleasant-Byram Bridge
(destroyed by flood in 1955)
Point Pleasant and Byram
Uhlerstown–Frenchtown Bridge (free) Route 12 Tinicum Township and Frenchtown
Upper Black Eddy-Milford Bridge (free) PA 32
CR 519
Upper Black Eddy and Milford
Riegelsville Bridge (free)
Interstate 78 Toll Bridge I‑78 Williams Twp and Phillipsburg
Lehigh Valley Railroad Bridge (abandoned) Easton and Phillipsburg
Central Railroad of New Jersey Bridge Norfolk Southern Lehigh Line Easton and Phillipsburg
Lehigh and Hudson River Railway Bridge Norfolk Southern Portland Secondary Easton and Phillipsburg
Northampton Street Bridge (free) Easton and Phillipsburg (
Easton-Phillipsburg Toll Bridge US 22 Easton and Phillipsburg
Martins Creek Branch Bridge Rail
Roxburg (PRR) Bridge Rail
Riverton-Belvidere Bridge (free)
Darlington's Bridge at Delaware Station (demolished) US 46 Portland and Delaware 40°53′58″N 75°04′29″W / 40.89947°N 75.07480°W / 40.89947; -75.07480 (Delaware Bridge (demolished))
Lackawanna Railroad's "Old Road" Bridge
Portland-Columbia Toll Bridge Route 94 Portland and Columbia 40°55′18″N 75°05′30″W / 40.9216°N 75.0917°W / 40.9216; -75.0917 (Portland-Columbia Toll Bridge)
Portland-Columbia Pedestrian Bridge Pedestrian Portland and Columbia 40°55′27″N 75°05′44″W / 40.92415°N 75.09554°W / 40.92415; -75.09554 (Portland-Columbia Pedestrian Bridge)
Lehigh and New England Railroad Bridge (torn down completely in 1967)
Delaware River Viaduct (Lackawanna Cut-Off) Rail Portland and Columbia 40°56′15″N 75°06′21″W / 40.9376°N 75.1057°W / 40.9376; -75.1057 (Delaware River Viaduct)
Delaware Water Gap Toll Bridge I‑80 Delaware Water Gap and Hardwick Township 40°58′37″N 75°08′07″W / 40.9770°N 75.1354°W / 40.9770; -75.1354 (Delaware Water Gap Toll Bridge)
New York, Susquehanna and Western Railroad Bridge (abandoned, bridge spans taken down in the early 1940s)
Dingman's Ferry Bridge (toll) PA QR 2019.svg SR 2019
CR 560
Delaware Township and
Sandyston Township
41°13′12″N 74°51′33″W / 41.2201°N 74.8593°W / 41.2201; -74.8593 (Dingman's Ferry Bridge)
Milford-Montague Toll Bridge US 206 Milford and Montague Township

Pennsylvania – New York[edit]

Interstate 84 Bridge (Free) I-84 Matamoras and Port Jervis
Mid-Delaware Bridge (Pike Street) US 6 / US 209 Matamoras and Port Jervis 41°22′18″N 74°41′52″W / 41.37167°N 74.69778°W / 41.37167; -74.69778 (Mid-Delaware Bridge (Pike Street))
Millrift Railroad Bridge Central New York Railroad Port Jervis, New York, Millrift, Pennsylvania 41°24′23″N 74°44′29″W / 41.4064°N 74.7415°W / 41.4064; -74.7415 (Millrift Rail Bridge)
Pond Eddy Bridge CR 41 Pond Eddy, New York, Pond Eddy, Pennsylvania
Barryville–Shohola Bridge PA 434
NY 55
Roebling's Delaware Aqueduct CR 168 Lackawaxen and Minisink Ford 41°28′57″N 74°59′04″W / 41.482571°N 74.9844105°W / 41.482571; -74.9844105 (Roebling's Delaware Aqueduct)
Tusten Station Railroad Bridge Central New York Railroad Tusten Station 41°33′53″N 75°01′51″W / 41.5647°N 75.0307°W / 41.5647; -75.0307 (Tusten Rail Bridge)
Narrowsburg–Darbytown Bridge PA 652
NY 52
Darbytown and Narrowsburg
Skinners Falls-Milanville Bridge
Cochecton–Damascus Bridge PA 371 Damascus Twp. and Cochecton 41°42′17″N 75°04′01″W / 41.70485°N 75.06699°W / 41.70485; -75.06699 (Cochecton–Damascus Bridge)
Callicoon Bridge Damascus Twp. and Callicoon 41°45′55″N 75°03′38″W / 41.76528°N 75.06056°W / 41.76528; -75.06056 (Callicoon Bridge)
Little Equinunk Bridge
Lordville-Equinunk Bridge
New York, Ontario and Western Railroad Bridge (abandoned circa 1957, scrapped)
Lake Como-Hancock Bridge (West Branch) PA 191 Hancock

New York (West Branch)[edit]

County Road 4 Bridge
Route 17 Bridge NY 17 Deposit
Railroad Bridge Deposit
Pine St. Extension Pine and Oak Streets Deposit
Route 8 Bridge NY 8
Cannonsville Reservoir Bridge NY 10
Route 268 Bridge NY 268
Route 10 Bridge NY 10
Beerston Bridge NY 10 Beerston
Walton Bridge NY 206 Walton
County Road 26 Bridge
Hamden Covered Bridge Hamden
Andes-Delancey Bridge Delancey
Sherwood Rd. Bridge
Kingston St. Bridge NY 28 Delhi
Delhi Bridge Delhi
Fitches Covered Bridge
Hoag Crossroad Bridge
River St. Bridge Bloomville
Catskill Scenic Trail Bridge #1
Catskill Scenic Trail Bridge #2
Catskill Scenic Trail Bridge #3
South Kortright Bridge South Kortright
Farm Bridge
Hobart Reservoir Bridge Hobart
Cornell Avenue Bridge Hobart
Catskill Scenic Trail Bridge #4
Farm Bridge
Railroad Avenue Bridge Stamford
Catskill Scenic Trail Bridge #5
South Street Bridge Stamford
Stamford Bridge NY 23 Stamford
Roosevelt Avenue Bridge Stamford
River Street Bridge Stamford
Route 10 Bridge NY 10

New York (East Branch)[edit]

Railroad Bridge Hancock
Stockport Rd. Bridge NY 97 Hancock
Fishs Eddy Bridge Fishs Eddy
Route 17 Bridge #1 NY 17
Route 17 Bridge #2 NY 17
County Road 17 Bridge East Branch
East Branch Bridge NY 17 East Branch
Harvard Rd. Bridge
Shinhopple Bridge Shinhopple
Corbett Road Bridge
Downsville Bridge Downsville
Route 30 Bridge NY 30 / NY 206 Downsville
Pepacton Reservoir Bridge NY 30
Route 28 Bridge NY 28 / NY 30
Fair Street Bridge NY 30 Margaretville
Margaretville Bridge Margaretville
County Road 38 Bridge
Route 30 Bridge NY 30
Farm Bridge
Hubbell Hill Road Bridge
Herrieks Road Bridge
Railroad Bridge Halcottsville
Wawaka Lake Bridge Halcottsville
Old River Road Bridge
Horse Farm Road Bridge
Cold Spring Road Bridge
Briggs Road Bridge
Roxbury Bridge Roxbury
Main Street Bridge NY 30 Roxbury
Montgomery Hollow Road Bridge
Teichman Road Bridge
Schuman Road Bridge

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