List of crossings of the Minnesota River

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The following is a list of crossings of the Minnesota River. The Minnesota River is a tributary of the Mississippi River, approximately 332 miles (534 km) long, in the U.S. state of Minnesota. It drains a watershed of nearly 17,000 square miles (44,000 km2), 14,751 square miles (38,200 km2) in Minnesota and about 2,000 sq mi (5,200 km2) in South Dakota and Iowa. It rises in southwestern Minnesota, in Big Stone Lake on the Minnesota–South Dakota border just south of the Laurentian Divide at the Traverse Gap portage. It flows southeast to Mankato, then turns northeast. It joins the Mississippi south of the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, near the historic Fort Snelling.


Crossing Carries Location Coordinates
Fort Snelling Park Foot Bridge Pedestrians
Mendota Bridge MN-55.svg MN 55 Fort Snelling and Mendota
I-494 Bridge I-494.svg I-494
Cedar Avenue Bridge MN-77.svg MN 77 Bloomington and Eagan
Old Cedar Avenue Bridge Former MN-36.svg MN 36
Old Lyndale Avenue Bridge Former US 65.svg US 65
I-35W Minnesota River bridge I-35W.svg I-35W Bloomington and Burnsville
Dan Patch Line Bridge Canadian Pacific
Bloomington Ferry Trail Bridge Bloomington Ferry Bicycle Trail
Bloomington Ferry Bridge US 169.svg US 169
Shakopee Bridge County 101 (MN).svg CSAH 101 and County 101 square.svg CSAH 101 (formerly MN-101.svg MN 101) Shakopee and Chanhassen
Old Shakopee Bridge
Chaska Bridge MN-41.svg MN 41 Chaska
Old Chaska Bridge Former MN-41.svg MN 41
Quaker Avenue Bridge County 9 (MN).svg CSAH 9 and County 11 square.svg CSAH 11 Jordan
Belle Plaine Bridge MN-25.svg MN 25 Belle Plaine
Blakeley Bridge County 1 (MN).svg CSAH 1 and County 5 (MN).svg CSAH 5 Blakeley
Bridge No. 40001 MN-19.svg MN 19 Henderson
Bridge No. 40008 US 169.svg US 169 Le Sueur
Le Sueur Bridge MN-93.svg MN 93
Broadway Bridge MN-99.svg MN 99 St Peter
Bridge No. 40002 MN-22.svg MN 22
Highway 14 Bridge US 14.svg US 14 and MN-60.svg MN 60 Mankato
Veterans Memorial Bridge Belgrade Avenue
Northstar Bridge US 169.svg US 169 and MN-60.svg MN 60
County 23 / County 42 Bridge County 23 square.svg CSAH 23 and County 42 (MN).svg CSAH 42 Judson
Courtland Bridge County 24 square.svg CSAH 24 and County 45 (MN).svg CSAH 45 Courtland
DM&E Railway Bridge Dakota, Minnesota and Eastern Railroad New Ulm
20th Street Bridge County 37 square.svg CSAH 37
Bridge No. 9200 US 14.svg US 14 and MN-15.svg MN 15
County 13 / County 14 Bridge County 14 square.svg CSAH 14 and County 13 (MN).svg CSAH 13
Highway 4 Bridge MN-4.svg MN 4