List of crossings of the Monongahela River

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This is a complete list of current bridges and other crossings of the Monongahela River starting from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where the river helps to form the headwaters of the Ohio River, and ending in Fairmont, West Virginia, where the West Fork River and Tygart Valley River combine to form the Monongahela.


Crossing Carries Location Coordinates


Fort Pitt Bridge
I-376 / US 19 Truck / US 22 / US 30
Pittsburgh 40°26′20″N 80°00′40″W / 40.4388°N 80.0111°W / 40.4388; -80.0111
Smithfield Street Bridge Smithfield Street 40°26′06″N 80°00′07″W / 40.4351°N 80.0020°W / 40.4351; -80.0020
Panhandle Bridge Port Authority T Light Rail Line 40°25′59″N 79°59′53″W / 40.43306°N 79.99806°W / 40.43306; -79.99806
Liberty Bridge 40°25′58″N 79°59′48″W / 40.4328°N 79.9968°W / 40.4328; -79.9968
South Tenth Street Bridge South Tenth Street 40°25′57″N 79°59′21″W / 40.43250°N 79.98917°W / 40.43250; -79.98917
Birmingham Bridge 40°26′00″N 79°58′25″W / 40.433361°N 79.973499°W / 40.433361; -79.973499
Hot Metal Bridge Hot Metal Street Part of the Great Allegheny Passage rail/bike trail.
Glenwood Bridge PA-885.svg PA 885
Glenwood B&O Railroad Bridge Allegheny Valley Railroad
Homestead Grays Bridge (Homestead High Level Bridge) Pittsburgh PA Blue Belt shield.svg Blue Belt Pittsburgh and Homestead
Pinkerton's Landing Bridge (Munhall P&LE Railroad Bridge) CSX Pittsburgh Subdivision Rankin and Munhall
Carrie Furnace Hot Metal Bridge (abandoned) former Pennsylvania Union Railroad line Rankin and Whitaker
George Rankin, Jr. Memorial Bridge (Rankin Bridge) Pittsburgh PA Green Belt shield.svg Green Belt
Braddock Locks & Dam Braddock and West Mifflin
Union Railroad Port Perry Bridge Pennsylvania Union Railroad North Braddock and Duquesne 40°23′17″N 79°51′08″W / 40.3880°N 79.8522°W / 40.3880; -79.8522
PRR Port Perry Bridge Norfolk Southern Railway Port Perry Branch North Versailles Twp and Duquesne 40°23′14″N 79°51′05″W / 40.3871°N 79.8513°W / 40.3871; -79.8513
McKeesport-Duquesne Bridge Pittsburgh PA Green Belt shield.svg Green Belt McKeesport and Duquesne 40°21′28″N 79°50′38″W / 40.3579°N 79.8440°W / 40.3579; -79.8440
McKeesport Connecting Railroad Bridge (rails removed) Great Allegheny Passage bike trail McKeesport and West Mifflin 40°21′25″N 79°50′51″W / 40.3569°N 79.8474°W / 40.3569; -79.8474
W.D. Mansfield Memorial Bridge (Dravosburg Bridge) Pittsburgh PA Yellow Belt shield.svg Yellow Belt McKeesport and Dravosburg 40°20′43″N 79°53′08″W / 40.3452°N 79.8856°W / 40.3452; -79.8856
Senator Edward P. Zemprelli Bridge (Clairton-Glassport Bridge) Glassport and Clairton 40°18′47″N 79°53′13″W / 40.3131°N 79.8870°W / 40.3131; -79.8870
Union Railroad Clairton Bridge (Clairton Coke Works Bridge) (abandoned) former Pennsylvania Union Railroad line
Regis R. Malady Bridge (Elizabeth Bridge) PA-51.svg PA 51 Elizabeth and West Elizabeth
Elizabeth Locks & Dam
Monongahela City Bridge PA-136.svg PA 136 Forward Twp and Monongahela
Donora-Webster Bridge (awaiting demolition) Thomas Street/Tenth Street Rostraver Twp and Donora
Stan Musial Bridge (Donora-Monessen Bridge) C. Vance DieCas Highway Monessen and Donora
John K. Tener Memorial Bridge (Charleroi-Monessen Bridge) Lock Street Monessen and North Charleroi
Charleroi Locks & Dam Monessen and Charleroi
Speers Railroad Bridge Wheeling and Lake Erie Railway North Belle Vernon and Speers
Belle Vernon Bridge I-70.svg Interstate 70
West Brownsville Junction Bridge Norfolk Southern Railway Monongahela Subdivision Brownsville Twp and West Brownsville
Lane Bane Bridge US 40.svg US 40 Brownsville and West Brownsville
Brownsville Bridge Bridge Boulevard
Maxwell Lock & Dam Luzerne Twp and Centerville
Ronald C. "Smokey" Bakewell Memorial Bridge (Mon-Fayette Expressway Bridge) Turnpike-43.svg PA Turnpike 43
Masontown Bridge PA 21 Masontown and Monongahela Twp
Grays Landing Lock & Dam Nicholson Twp and Monongahela Twp
New Geneva Bridge Norfolk Southern Railway Monongahela Subdivision
Albert Gallatin Memorial Bridge (Point Marion Bridge) PA 88 Point Marion and Dunkard Twp
Point Marion Lock & Dam Springhill Twp and Dunkard Twp

West Virginia[edit]

Edith Barill Bridge (Star City Bridge) US 19 / WV 7 Star City and Granville 39°39′28″N 79°59′32″W / 39.65778°N 79.99222°W / 39.65778; -79.99222
Westover Bridge US 19 (Pleasant Street) Morgantown and Westover 39°37′51″N 79°57′36″W / 39.63083°N 79.96000°W / 39.63083; -79.96000
Morgantown Lock and Dam 39°37′10″N 79°58′03″W / 39.61944°N 79.96750°W / 39.61944; -79.96750
Uffington Bridge I‑79 Uffington 39°35′17″N 79°58′45″W / 39.58806°N 79.97917°W / 39.58806; -79.97917
Hildebrand Lock and Dam Hilderbrand 39°34′58″N 80°00′40″W / 39.58278°N 80.01111°W / 39.58278; -80.01111
Opekiska Lock and Dam Lowsville 39°33′45″N 80°03′05″W / 39.56250°N 80.05139°W / 39.56250; -80.05139
Prickett's Fort Bridge (abandoned) former B&O Railroad line Everettville
Fairmont Railroad Bridge CSX Fairmont Subdivision Fairmont 39°30′24″N 80°07′48″W / 39.50667°N 80.13000°W / 39.50667; -80.13000
Robert H. Mollohan-Jefferson St. Bridge (High Level Bridge) CR 1973 (Jefferson Street) 39°28′57″N 80°08′26″W / 39.48250°N 80.14056°W / 39.48250; -80.14056
David Morgan Bridge (Third Street Bridge) WV 310 (Merchant Street) 39°28′45″N 80°08′39″W / 39.47917°N 80.14417°W / 39.47917; -80.14417
Grafton Truss Bridge CSX Fairmont Subdivision

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