List of crossings of the Niagara River

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This is a list of bridges and crossings over the Niagara River in order from Lake Erie downstream (generally northward) to Lake Ontario. Bridges and crossings marked * cross branches of the river within the United States, while those marked † cross within Canada. All others cross the full river and connect the U.S. and Canada. The endpoints of each bridge or crossing are shown in order from right to left facing downstream.

County(ies) Crossing Carries Location Coordinates
Erie-Welland Peace Bridge Ontario QEW.svg Queen Elizabeth Way Buffalo, NYFort Erie, ON 42°54′25.02″N 78°54′21.20″W / 42.9069500°N 78.9058889°W / 42.9069500; -78.9058889
Erie-Welland International Railway Bridge Canadian National Railway freight trains 42°55′44.25″N 78°54′38.87″W / 42.9289583°N 78.9107972°W / 42.9289583; -78.9107972
Erie *South Grand Island Bridge I-190.svgNY-324.svg I-190/NY 324 TonawandaGrand Island, NY 42°59′55.16″N 78°56′13.02″W / 42.9986556°N 78.9369500°W / 42.9986556; -78.9369500
Erie-Niagara *North Grand Island Bridge I-190.svg I-190 Niagara Falls – Grand Island, NY 43°04′07.70″N 78°59′26.71″W / 43.0688056°N 78.9907528°W / 43.0688056; -78.9907528
Niagara *American Rapids Bridge First Street Mainland – Goat Island (Niagara Falls, NY) 43°04′55.36″N 79°03′49.41″W / 43.0820444°N 79.0637250°W / 43.0820444; -79.0637250
Niagara *Three Sisters Island Footbridge Footpath Goat Island – Three Sisters Island (Niagara Falls, NY) 43°04′42.79″N 79°03′57.53″W / 43.0785528°N 79.0659806°W / 43.0785528; -79.0659806
Niagara *Goat Island Bridge Road for Niagara Scenic Trolley (not open to cars) Mainland – Goat Island (Niagara Falls, NY) 43°05′02.63″N 79°03′57.10″W / 43.0840639°N 79.0658611°W / 43.0840639; -79.0658611
Niagara *Luna Island Footbridge Footpath Luna Island – Goat Island (Niagara Falls, NY) 43°04′59.74″N 79°04′14.00″W / 43.0832611°N 79.0705556°W / 43.0832611; -79.0705556
Niagara-Welland Rainbow Bridge NY 104 (First Street)/ NY 384 (Niagara Street) – Highway 420 (Roberts Street) Niagara Falls, NYNiagara Falls, ON 43°05′24.87″N 79°04′03.97″W / 43.0902417°N 79.0677694°W / 43.0902417; -79.0677694
Niagara-Welland Michigan Central Railway Bridge Disused (was Canadian Pacific Railway) 43°06′30.80″N 79°03′29.76″W / 43.1085556°N 79.0582667°W / 43.1085556; -79.0582667
Niagara-Welland Whirlpool Rapids Bridge Road (for NEXUS users only) and Amtrak/Via passenger trains 43°06′33.34″N 79°03′30.14″W / 43.1092611°N 79.0583722°W / 43.1092611; -79.0583722
Welland Whirlpool Aero Car Scenic cable car across Niagara Whirlpool Niagara Parkway at Victoria Avenue, north of Niagara Falls, Ontario 43°07′22″N 79°04′06″W / 43.122858°N 79.068294°W / 43.122858; -79.068294
Niagara-Welland Lewiston-Queenston Bridge I-190.svg I-190Ontario 405.png Highway 405 Lewiston, NYQueenston, ON 43°09′11.02″N 79°02′40.78″W / 43.1530611°N 79.0446611°W / 43.1530611; -79.0446611

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