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This article comprises a list of fictional crossovers that have occurred between different fictional characters/properties over different media.

General crossovers[edit]

Most of these crossovers can be assumed to be in continuity for one or both of the characters or universes involved, although the events of the crossover may not be mentioned afterward by either party. See fictional universe for more closely linked crossovers. Many spinoffs cross over with their parent series or originated as a one-time crossover.


Jerry Bruckheimer Productions[edit]

Must See TV[edit]


CBS Shameless Monday[edit]

Two to three-part episodes[edit]


Interactions between related shows[edit]

International Crossovers[edit]

Finishing story plot lines[edit]

Animation and cartoons[edit]




Video games[edit]


Explicitly outside continuity[edit]

These are crossovers that exist outside of their own setting, as an alternate universe or a "what if" scenario. Non-continuity crossovers may still borrow or resolve plots from their respective series, but have no evidence to support their occurrence officially in either setting.

Celebrity guest appearance[edit]

A real life celebrity or figure appears within a fictional setting (does not have to be portrayed by the actual person).

Gag cameo[edit]

A character appears only briefly in another setting, mainly for joke purposes.

Crossover concepts or ideas[edit]

Appearances and/or references of plots, items, materials, and/or objects that appear in another setting. Often used as a non-sequitur or anachronistic gag.


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