List of crustaceans of the Indiana Dunes

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The Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore is a National Park Service unit on the shore of Lake Michigan in Indiana, United States. A BioBlitz took place there on May 15 and 16, 2009.[1] A first attempt was made to create a list of crustaceans present in the Lakeshore area. Further research is required to document all that may be present.[2]


Cladocera, water fleas [3]

  1. Alona costata
  2. Bosmina longirostris
  3. Ceriadaphnia reticulata
  4. Daphnia laevis
  5. Macrothrix rosea
  6. Alonella, Family Chydoridae
  7. Ceriodaphnia, Family Daphniidae
  8. Daphnia, Family Daphniidae


Copepods [3]

  1. Canthocamptus assimilis
  2. Diaptomus leptapus
  3. Eucyclops agilis
  4. Thermocyclops dybowskii
  5. Paracyclops fimbriatus
  6. nauplii


  1. Notodromas monacha [3]


  1. Isopoda, woodlice and/or pill bug species
    1. Porcellio scaber, woodlouse
  2. Orconectes immunis, crayfish


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