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A culture hero is a mythological hero specific to some group (cultural, ethnic, religious, etc.) who changes the world through invention or discovery. A typical culture hero might be credited as the discoverer of fire, or agriculture, songs, tradition, law or religion, and is usually the most important legendary figure of a people, sometimes as the founder of its ruling dynasty.

Abenaki mythology[edit]

Abrahamic Mythology (Judaism, Christianity, Islam)[edit]

Ainu mythology[edit]

Albanian mythology[edit]

Armenian mythology[edit]

Ashanti mythology[edit]

Australian Aboriginal mythology[edit]

Aztec mythology[edit]

Banks Islands mythology[edit]

Buddhist mythology[edit]

Caroline Islands mythology[edit]

Celtic mythology (Irish, Welsh, Scottish)[edit]

Chinese mythology[edit]

Egyptian mythology[edit]

English mythology[edit]

Etruscan mythology[edit]

Finnish mythology[edit]

Germanic mythology[edit]

Greek mythology[edit]

Hungarian mythology[edit]

Inca mythology[edit]

Indian Mythology[edit]

Ho-Chunk mythology[edit]

Inuit mythology[edit]

Japanese mythology[edit]

Lakota mythology[edit]

Maya mythology[edit]

Mesopotamian mythology[edit]

Navajo mythology[edit]

Norse mythology[edit]

Ohlone mythology[edit]

Ojibwe mythology[edit]

Persian mythology[edit]

Polynesian mythology[edit]

Roman mythology[edit]

Serbian mythology[edit]

Slavic mythology[edit]

Solomon Islands mythology[edit]

Talamancan mythology[edit]

Ugarit mythology[edit]

Ute mythology[edit]

Vietnamese mythology[edit]

Weenhayek mythology[edit]

Zuni mythology[edit]

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