List of curling clubs in British Columbia

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This is a list of curling clubs in the Canadian province of British Columbia. Curling in British Columbia is organized by the Curl BC. Curl BC divides the province into 11 regions:

Region 1 (West Kootenay)[edit]

Region 2 (East Kootenay)[edit]

Region 3 (South Okanagan)[edit]

Region 4 (North Okanagan/Shuswap)[edit]

Region 5 (Cariboo/Prince George)[edit]

Region 6 (Northwest)[edit]

Region 7 (Thompson)[edit]

Region 8 (South Island)[edit]

Region 9 (Mid Island)[edit]

Region 10 (North Island)[edit]

Region 11 (Lower Mainland/Fraser Valley)[edit]

Peace Curling Association[edit]

The PCA is organized under the Alberta Curling Federation, but has a few clubs in B.C.

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