List of curling clubs in the United States

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This is a list of the curling clubs in the United States.


Term Explanation
Regional Association All United States Curling Association (USCA) clubs are organized into regional associations consisting of the clubs from one or more states. These associations serve as intermediaries between the clubs and the USCA.
Type (Club Type) This identifies how organized the club is and whether or not it has a place to play. Types are:
  • Arena: These clubs have their own equipment including rocks (either owned by the club or leased) and play at a facility where other ice sports are played on the same ice surface. An example would be a club that rents ice time at a hockey rink.
  • Dedicated: A club that owns/leases its own facility with ice that is only used for curling. The buildings usually include a clubhouse with kitchen, locker rooms, etc.
  • Paper: An active club of the USCA that at present has no place to play. An arena club that loses its lease at its ice rink becomes a paper club until it finds new ice. A newly formed club that has not yet found a facility is also considered a paper club.
  • Inactive: A club that has gone dormant but still retains USCA membership through a few people who hope to restart the club at a later time.
  • Forming: A brand-new club that has not yet gained membership in the USCA. These groups are typically people trying to gather enough interested parties to form a new club. They often communicate through a social networking site such as Facebook or they have their own web sites.
Sheets This indicate how many games can be played simultaneously, usually dictated by how much ice is in the facility and how many 16-rock sets of stones the club possesses.

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Regional Associations
Alaska State Curling Association
Grand National Curling Club
Great Lakes Curling Association
Midwest Curling Association
Mid-America Curling Association
Minnesota Curling Association
Mountain Pacific Curling Association
Dakota Territory Curling Association
Washington State Curling Association
Wisconsin State Curling Association
Unaffiliated Clubs
Empty States
Alaska Hawaii Massachusetts New Mexico South Dakota
Alabama Idaho Michigan New York Tennessee
Arizona Illinois Minnesota North Carolina Texas
Arkansas Indiana Mississippi North Dakota Utah
California Iowa Missouri Ohio Vermont
Colorado Kansas Montana Oklahoma Virginia
Connecticut Kentucky Nebraska Oregon Washington
Delaware Louisiana Nevada Pennsylvania West Virginia
Florida Maine New Hampshire Rhode Island Wisconsin
Georgia Maryland New Jersey South Carolina Wyoming

Interactive Google Map[edit]

For an up-to-date and well maintained Google Map of all clubs and other locations to curl, please visit:

Club list[edit]

Regional association State Club name City/town Type Sheets Year founded Notes and notable members
Alaska State Curling Association[1] Alaska Anchorage Curling Club[1]


Anchorage Dedicated 2 1954[2]
Barrow Hockey & Curling Association


Barrow Dedicated 2
Fairbanks Curling Club[1]


Fairbanks Dedicated[6] 6[6] 1905[6]
Homer Curling Club Homer Arena 2 2014
Grand National Curling Club[7]
Alabama Rocket City Curling Club[8][9] Huntsville Arena 5 2018 Currently curling at the Benton H. Wilcoxon Municipal Ice Complex.
Connecticut Hartford Curling Club


Newington Reforming 1908, 2015 Will be curling at the Newington Ice Arena
LBI Curling Club (Long Beach Island)[9][10][13] Norwalk Paper 2008
Norfolk Curling Club


Norfolk Dedicated[5][9][10] 2[5][9][10] 1956
Nutmeg Curling Club[4]


Bridgeport Dedicated[10] 3[10] 1960[15] New (2006) dedicated facility at Wonderland of Ice.[15]
Florida Daytona Curling[11]


South Daytona Arena 5 2017 Curling at Daytona Ice Arena. Orlando Curling Club hosts curling here including their annual Pirates bonspiel.
Florida Curling Club[17][18] Hobe Sound Paper N/A The mission of the Florida Curling Club is to promote and to support the growth of the winter Olympic sport of Curling in Florida.[17]
Florida Hospital Center Ice Curling[11]


Wesley Chapel Arena 5 2016
Orlando Curling Club[11]


Orlando Arena 5 2014 Arena curling at the RDV Sportsplex Ice Den.
Loggerhead Curling Club[21] Lake Worth Arena 4 2019 Arena curling at Palm Beach Skate Zone.
Panthers Curling Club[5]


Coral Springs Arena 4 Inactive
Tampa Bay Curling Club[5]


Wesley Chapel Arena 5 2017 Curling at Florida Hospital Center Ice.
Georgia Atlanta Curling Club[5]


Atlanta Arena 6 2010[24] Arena curling at Center Ice Arena [24] This club curls all year and has the world's only under-ice LED lighting system (houses and hog lines).
Peachtree Curling Association[11][25] Marietta Dedicated Ice[25] 3 2015[25]
Louisiana Louisiana Curling Club


New Orleans Forming
Maine Belfast Curling Club[4]


Belfast Dedicated[9][10][26] 3[9][10][26] 1959[26]
Pine Tree Curling Club


Portland Arena Ice[9][10][11] 5[9][10][11] 2015[26][11]
Maryland Chesapeake Curling Club[4]


Easton Dedicated[9][10][28] 3[9][10][28] 1980[28]
Potomac Curling Club[4]


Laurel Dedicated[9][10][29] 4[9][10][29] 1961[29]
Massachusetts Blackstone Valley Curling Club[11][30] Hopedale Arena 4-5 2016 Arena curling at Blackstone Valley IcePlex
Boston Curling Club[4]


Sudbury Paper[10] 1859
Broomstones Curling Club[4]


Wayland Dedicated[9][10][31] 4[9][10][31] 1911[31] For the first time in the world, a curling match was played on artificial ice made JUST for curling.[31]
Canadian Club of Boston[5]


West Roxbury Paper[9] 4[9] 1960[32] Plays at The Country Club (of Chestnut Hill, MA).[9]
Cape Cod Curling Club[4]


Falmouth Dedicated[5][9][10] 3[5][9][10] 1969[33]
Curl Berkshires


North Adams Forming[11] 2014
Greater Lowell Curling Club


Dracut Paper[9]
Colonial Curling Association


Marlborough Arena[11] 2015 Formerly the Marlborough Curling Club. Now curling at the Worcester Ice Center and Boston Sports Institute in Wellesley, MA.
Nantucket Curling Club


Nantucket Arena[11] 4 2016 Arena curling at Nantucket Ice Community Rink
New Pond Curling Club


Walpole Outdoor[5][9] 1 1998
Petersham Curling Club[4]


Petersham Dedicated[9][10][38] 2[9][10][38] 1960[38]
The Country Club (of Chestnut Hill, MA)[4]


Chestnut Hill Dedicated[9] 4[9]
South Shore Curling Club


Bridgewater Arena[5] 5 2010 Arena curling at Bridgewater Ice Arena
Weston Curling Club[4]


Weston Dedicated / Paper 4 Same ice as Broomstones Curling Club
New Hampshire Granite Curling Club (Hollis, NH)


Hollis Paper 1972
Merrimack Valley Curling Club


Merrimack Dedicated 3 2006 Curls at Nashua Country Club
Monadnock Curling Club


Keene Paper[9]
Mount Washington Valley Curling Club


Conway Arena 4 2011
Nashua Country Club[4]


Nashua Dedicated[9][10] 3[9][10] 1928
New Jersey Curl South Jersey[11][45] Mount Laurel 2014 Promotes curling throughout southern New Jersey by organizing open house, learn-to-curl, league games, and private curling events at local venues.
Garden State Curling Club[4]


Summit 1978
Jersey Pinelands Curling Club[11][47] Mount Laurel Arena 4 2014
Plainfield Curling Club[4]


South Plainfield Dedicated[5][9][10] 2[5][9][10] 1963[48]
New York Albany Curling Club[4]


Albany Dedicated[9][10] 2[9][10] 1955[49]
Amherst Curling Club, Inc[4]


Macedon Paper
Ardsley Curling Club[4]


Irvington Dedicated[9][10] 3[9][10] 1932
Brooklyn Lakeside Curling Club[11][51] Brooklyn Arena 4 2014
Buffalo Curling Club[11][52] Buffalo Dedicated 4 Reestablished 2014 Curling at Buffalo Curling Club at Old Buffalo China Complex
Canadian Club of New York[5]


New York City Paper
Curl NYC[11][53] Bronx Dedicated (Forming) 6 2013 Will be curling at the Kingsbridge National Ice Center
Finger Lakes Curling Club[54] Ithaca Arena[9][10] 4 2017 Arena curling at the Community Recreation Center - The Rink.
Kayuta Lake Curling Club


Forestport Outdoor[9][10] 2001
Lake Placid Curling Club[4]


Lake Placid Arena[9][10] 4[9][10] Arena curling at Herb Brooks Arena at the Lake Placid Olympic Center.[55]
Long Island Curling Club


Syosset Arena[9] 4[9] 2008 Arena curling at the Long Island Sports Hub in Syosset.[9]
Massena Curling Club


Massena Arena 2007 Arena curling at Massena Arena.
New York Caledonian Curling Club


Bronxville Dedicated[5][9][10] 3[5][9][10] 1855 Plays at the Ardsley Curling Club.[9]
Rochester Curling Club[4]


Rochester Dedicated[9][10][58] 4[9][10][58] 1961[58]
Schenectady Curling Club[4]


Schenectady Dedicated[9][10] 4[9][10] 1907[60]
The Curling Club of Aruba


Guilderland Paper[5] F2002
Utica Curling Club[4]


Whitesboro Dedicated[5][9][10] 6[5][9][10] 1868[61]
North Carolina Charlotte Curling Association
(Formerly Charlotte Centre Curling Club)[5]


Charlotte Dedicated[64] 4[64] 2010[63] Dedicated facility opened 1 November 2014[64]
Notable Member: Jamie Sinclair[65]
Coastal Carolina Curling Club[11][9][66] Wilmington Arena[9] 4[9] 2011[9] Arena curling at The Wilmington Ice House.
Triangle Curling Club[4]


Durham Dedicated[9][67] 4[9][67] 1995[5] Dedicated facility opened April 23, 2015
Pennsylvania Anthracite Curling Club (Formerly Scranton Curling Club)[4]


Wilkes-Barre Arena 4 2006 Arena curling at Coal St Park.[68]
Bucks County Curling Club


Warminster Dedicated 4 2010 Dedicated as of 3/27/2015 Bucks County Ice Sports Center
French Creek Curling Club[70] Meadville Arena 4 2016[71] Arena curling at Meadville Area Recreational Complex.[72]
Nittany Valley Curling Club State College Arena 4 2019 Arena Curling at the Pegula Ice Arena
Philadelphia Curling Club[4]


Paoli Dedicated[5][9][10] 2[5][9][10] 1957[73]
Pittsburgh Curling Club[4]


Pittsburgh Dedicated[74] 4[74] 2002 Dedicated as of February 2020
Rail City Curling Club Altoona Arena 2018[75]
Rhode Island Ocean State Curling Club


Cranston Cranston Arena[9] 4[9] 2009 Arena curling at Cranston Veterans Memorial Arena.[9]
South Carolina Columbia Curling Club[11][77] Irmo Paper 2012 Forming
Charleston Curling Club


Charleston Arena 2 2017 Arena curling at Carolina Ice Palace, North Charleston, SC
Palmetto Curling Club[5]


Greenville Arena[79] 4 2010[79] Arena curling at Greenville County Pavilion Recreation Complex.
Vermont Equinox Curling Club


Manchester Arena[9] 2[9] 2010
Green Mountain Curling Club[4]


Morrisville Dedicated[9] 2[9] 2005 Curling at the Bedford Curling Club in Bedford, Quebec
Rutland Curling Club


Rutland Arena 4
Upper Valley Curling Club[83] Woodstock Arena[83] 3[83] 2007[83] Formerly Union Arena Curling Club
Woodstock Curling Club[5]


Woodstock Arena[9] 3 2008 Arena curling at Union Arena Community Center.
Virginia Blue Ridge Curling Club[11]


Charlottesville Arena[11] 4 2016 Arena curling at Main Street Arena. Curling began at the Main Street Arena as in-house leagues.[86] In 2016 the Blue Ridge Curling Club was officially formed.[85]
Curling Club of Virginia[5]


Richmond Arena[9] 4 2011 Arena curling at the Richmond Ice Zone.
Great Lakes Curling Association[88] Indiana Circle City Curling Club[5]


Indianapolis Arena 4 2007[89] Arena curling at Indiana State Fairgrounds Pop Weaver Youth Hockey rink (adjacent to Coliseum.)
Fort Wayne Curling Club[5]


Fort Wayne Dedicated 3 2010[92]
Michigan Ann Arbor Curling Club[11]


Ann Arbor Forming[11] 2014
Copper Country Curling Club[4]


Calumet Dedicated[90][91] 2[90][91] 1993 Curling at the Drill House on natural ice (no refrigeration).
Delta Rocks Curling Club[4]


Gladstone Arena[90] 3[90]
Detroit Curling Club[4]


Ferndale Dedicated[5][90][91] 4[5][90][91] 1885[96]
Grand Rapids Curling Club[97][98] Grand Rapids Forming[97] 2020
Kalamazoo Curling Club[5]


Kalamazoo Dedicated[90] 5[90] 2008 Curling at Wings Stadium.
Lansing Curling Club[5]


Lansing Arena[90] 5[90] 2010 Arena curling at Summit Sports and Ice Complex.
Lewiston Curling Club[4]


Lewiston Dedicated[90][91] 2[90][91] 1960[101]
Midland Curling Club[4]


Midland Dedicated[5][91][102] 4[5][91][102] 1962[102]
South Haven[11][103] South Haven Forming[11] 3[11] 2015[103] Curling offered through the Parks and Rec department at the South Haven Ice Rink
Traverse City Curling Club


Traverse City Arena[11] 3[11] 2014[11] Arena curling at Centre Ice Arena.
Ohio Bowling Green Curling Club[4]


Bowling Green Dedicated[90][91] 4[90][91] 1968 Dedicated facility opened October 21, 2017.
Cincinnati Curling Club[5]


Cincinnati Dedicated 3 2008
Cleveland Skating Club[5]


Shaker Heights Arena[5][90][91] 5[5][90][91]
Columbus Curling Club[4]


Columbus Dedicated[90][91][108] 3[90][91][108] 2004
Curl Troy[109] Troy
Arena and Outdoor Arena (Riverscape) 4 2010[109] Arena curling at Hobart Arena in Troy
Arena curling at NTPRD Chiller Ice Rink in Springfield
Arena Curling at Riverscape MetroPark in Dayton
Mayfield Curling Club[4]


South Euclid Dedicated[90][91] 3[90][91] 1962
Tennessee Great Smoky Mountains Curling Club[5]


Knoxville Arena[90] 5[90] 2004 Arena curling at Ice Chalet.[111]
Nashville Curling Club


Nashville Paper
Midwest Curling Association[112] Illinois Chicago Curling Club[4]


Northbrook Dedicated[114][116] 4[114][116] 1948[113][115] Home of the American Curling History Museum.[117][118]
Curling Club of Kankakee[116]


Kankakee Inactive Arena curling at Oak Orthopedic Sports Arena.
Exmoor Curling Club[4]


Highland Park Dedicated[114][116] 4[114][116] 1938[115]
Illinois Central Curling Club


Bloomington Inactive Curling at the Pepsi Ice Center
Indian Hill Curling Club


Winnetka Inactive[5] 1936[115]
North Shore Curling Club[4]


Glenview Inactive 1951[115]
Oak Park Curling Club


River Forest Inactive (2016) 1950[115] The country club closed the curling house in 1990.[115] The club merged with Wilmette Curling Club in Spring of 2016.
Quad Cities Curling Club[11] Rock Island Paper
Rockford Metro Area Curling Club Rockford Paper
Waltham Curling Club[4]


Triumph Dedicated[5][114][115][116] 3[5][114][115][116] 1884[115]
Wilmette Curling Club[4]


Wilmette Dedicated/Paper[114] 4 1968[115] The club rents ice at the Chicago Curling Club.[114][115]
Windy City Curling Club[11][124] Villa Park Dedicated[11] 3[11] 2014 Arena club until 2019.
Iowa Des Moines Curling Club[125] Des Moines Arena[11] 4[11] 2013[11] Curling at the Metro Ice Sports Facility in Urbandale
Cedar Rapids Curling[11][126] Cedar Rapids Arena[11] 6[11] 2012[11] Curling at the Cedar Rapids Ice Arena
Cedar Valley Curling Association[11][127] Waterloo Paper[11] 2017 Currently searching for a place to curl!
Iowa Curling Association[5] Des Moines Inactive 2013 Works as an association to help new clubs form.
Sioux City Curling Club[11]


Sioux City Paper
Spirit Lake Curling[11] Forming 2014 Contact Boji Bay Ice Arena [129] about starting a club.
Missouri St. Louis Curling Club[5]


St. Louis Arena[130] 5 2007 Creve Coeur Ice Arena
Mid-America Curling Association Colorado Aspen Curling Club[5]


Aspen Arena 4 2006[132] Arena curling at Aspen Ice Garden.[132]
Broadmoor Curling Club[4]


Colorado Springs Arena 4 Arena curling at Colorado Sports Center Ice Skating Rink.[133]
Denver Curling Club[4]


Denver Dedicated [134] 4 1965 [134]
Poudre Valley Curling Club[11][131][135] Fort Collins Arena 4
4 Sheets at NoCo Ice Center
3 Sheets at EPIC
Telluride Curling Club[11] Telluride Arena 2 2014 Arena Curling at Hanley Rink
Kansas Wichita Curling Club[5]


Wichita Paper 2008
Missouri Kansas City Curling Club[4]


Kansas City Arena[5] 5[5] Line Creek Community Center.
Nebraska Aksarben Curling Club[5]


Omaha Arena[138] 5[138] 1958[138] Arena curling at UNO's Baxter Arena in Omaha
Oklahoma Oklahoma Curling Club[131]


Oklahoma City Arena 4 2010[139] Arena curling at Arctic Edge Arena.[139]
Tulsa Curling Club Tulsa Arena 3 2012 Arena curling at Oilers Ice Center.
Texas Armadillo Curling Club San Antonio Inactive Formerly
Curling Club of Houston[4]


Houston Arena 5[140] 1973 Arena curling at Bellerive Ice Arena.
Dallas/Fort Worth Curling Club[5]


Dallas Arena 5[11] 2002 Arena curling at Dr. Pepper Stars Center.
Lone Star Curling Club[5]


Austin Arena


Dedicated starting September 2021

4[11][142] 2006 Arena curling at The Pond Hockey Club.[142]
Minnesota Curling Association[143] Minnesota Arden Hills Curling Club


St. Paul Dedicated[144] 8 Plays at the St. Paul Curling Club.[144]
Austin Curling Club[11] Austin Minnesota Arena 4 2014
Bemidji Curling Club[4]


Bemidji Dedicated[145] 6[145] 1935[147]
Brainerd Lakes Curling Association[5]


Brainerd Dedicated[148] 4 2006[148] Located at the Crow Wing County Fairgrounds.[148]
Buhl Curling Club[4]


Buhl Dedicated[5][145] 4[5][145]
Cambridge Curling Club[4]


Cambridge Dedicated[5] 4[5] 1974[150] Formerly known as Gateway Curling Club
Chaska Curling Club[151] Chaska Dedicated[151] 6[151] 2015[151] Curling at the Chaska Curling Center
Chisholm Curling Club


Chisholm Dedicated[5][145] 4[5][145]
Cook County Curling Club


Grand Marais Dedicated 4[145]
Curl Mesabi[5]


Eveleth Dedicated[145][154] 8[145][154] 1998[154]
Dakota Curling[4]


Lakeville Dedicated 4[11] 2006 moved from arena to Dedicated January 2017
Duluth Curling Club[4]


Duluth Dedicated[145] 8[145] 1891
Edina Curling Club[5]


Edina 2006 Inactive
Four Seasons Curling Club Blaine Dedicated 6 2012
Frogtown Curling Club[11][157] St. Paul Dedicated 6 2010 Curls at the Biff Adams Ice Arena
Glacial Ridge Curling[4]


Willmar Arena 5 2004 Formerly known as the Willmar Curling Club
Hallock Curling Club


Hallock Dedicated 3[145]
Heather-Mapleton Curling Club[4]


Mapleton Dedicated 4[145]
Hibbing Curling Club[4]


Hibbing Dedicated[5][145] 7[5][145] 1913[162]
International Falls Curling Club


International Falls Dedicated 6 Rents ice at Fort Frances Country Club, Ontario, Canada.[145]
Itasca Curling Club[4]


Grand Rapids Dedicated[5][145] 4[5][145] 1968[163]
Lakes Curling Club[4]


Detroit Lakes Dedicated[5][145] 4[5][145] 1980[164]
Mankato Curling Club[5]


Mankato Dedicated 5 1903[165] Formerly known as Caledonia Curling Club[166]
Owatonna Curling Club[4]


Owatonna Dedicated[145][167] 2[145][167]
Richfield Curling Club[168] Richfield Forming (Arena) 4[169] 2018
Curling Club of Rochester[5][144][145][170] Rochester Arena 4 2017
St. Croix Curling Center[171][172] Lakeland Arena 5 2018[171]
St. Paul Curling Club[4]


St. Paul Dedicated[145][173] 8[145][173] 1888[173]
Stephen Curling Club


Stephen Dedicated[5][145] 3[5][145]
Thief River Falls Curling Club


Thief River Falls Dedicated[145] 4[145]
Twin Cities Curling Association[5]


Minneapolis Works as an association to help new clubs form.[145]
Two Harbors Curling Club


Two Harbors Dedicated[145] 4[145] 1963
Vikingland Curling Club[5]


Alexandria Arena[145] 5[145] 2005 Arena curling at Runestone Community Center.[176]
Walker Curling Club[144]


Walker Arena[177] 4 2007[177] Arena curling at Walker Area Community Center.[177]
Mountain Pacific Curling Association[178] Arizona Coyotes Curling Club[5]


Tempe Dedicated[180] 4[180] 2003
California Bakersfield Curling Club[182] Bakersfield Arena 2018 Arena curling at Ice Center of Bakersfield.
Curl San Diego[5]


San Diego Arena 5 2006 Arena curling at IceTown Carlsbad.[183]
Granite Curling Club of California, Inc.[5]


Stockton Arena[184] 3[184] 1962 Arena curling at SMG Stockton family of rinks.
Hollywood Curling[5]


Los Angeles Dedicated[185] 6[185] 2007 Uses Southern California Curling Center as home facility
Orange County Curling Club[5]


Westminster Arena 4 2010 Arena curling at Westminster ICE.[187]
San Francisco Bay Area Curling Club[5]


Oakland Arena[181] 5[181] 1958 Arena curling at Oakland Ice Center.
Silicon Valley Curling Club[189] San Jose and Fremont[190] Arena[191] 5 2017[191] Arena curling at Solar4America Ice at San Jose and Solar4America Ice at Fremont.
Wine Country Curling Club of Northern California[5]


Roseville Arena 5 2006 Arena curling at Skatetown Ice Arena.
Hawaii Hawai'i Curling Club Honolulu Paper 2013
Idaho Boise Curling Club[5]


Boise Arena[181][193] 5[181][193] 2004 Arena curling at Idaho Ice World.[193]
McCall Curling Club[4]


McCall Arena 4 2004[194] Arena curling at Manchester Ice and Event Centre.
Coeur d'Alene Curling Club[178][5][195] Coeur d'Alene Arena 4 Arena curling at Frontier Ice Arena
Montana Missoula Curling Club


Missoula Arena 5 2010 Arena curling at Glacier Ice Rink
Nevada Lake Tahoe Epic Curling[11][197] Stateline Dedicated 2 2012 Opened a dedicated facility in May 2019
Las Vegas Curling[11][198] Las Vegas Arena 5 2012 Arena curling at Las Vegas Ice Center.
New Mexico Road Runner Curling Club [1] Albuquerque Arena 2[199] 2018 Two tunnels at the Outpost Ice Arena in Albuquerque.
Santa Fe Curling Club[200] Santa Fe Arena[200] 2[200] 2014[200] Arena curling at Genoveva Chavez Community Center[200]
Oregon Bend Curling Club[11][201] Bend Arena[11] 4[11] 2015[201] Began curling at The Pavilion in Bend, OR in 2015
Evergreen Curling Club[4]


Portland Dedicated[181] 3[181] 2002[202] Opened their own ice Evergreen Curling Club.[202]
Klamath Falls Curling Club


Klamath Falls Arena (Outdoor) 2 2012 Arena curling at Bill Collier Community Ice Arena.[203]
Utah Cache Valley Stone Society[5]


Logan Arena[181] 5[181] 2002 Arena curling at Eccles Ice Center.[205]
Ogden Curling Club[5]


Ogden Arena 6 1998 Arena curling at Weber County Ice Sheet.
Park City Curling Club[5]


Park City Arena 6 2006 Arena curling at Park City Ice Arena.
Utah Olympic Oval Curling Club


Salt Lake City (Kearns) Arena 6 2016 Official Curling Club of the Utah Olympic Oval
Dakota Territory Curling Association[209] North Dakota Capital Curling Club[4]


Bismarck Dedicated[5][211][212] 4[5][211][212] 1982[210]
Crosby Curling Club


Crosby Dedicated[211][212] 3[211][212]
Drayton Curling Club[4]


Drayton Dedicated[211][212] 4[211][212] 1901[213]
Fargo-Moorhead Curling Club[4]


Fargo Dedicated[5][211][212] 6[5][211][212]
Grafton Curling Club[5]


Grafton Dedicated[212] 4[212]
Grand Forks Curling Club[5]


Grand Forks Dedicated[5][211] 4[5][211]
Lake Region Curling Club[4]


Devils Lake Dedicated[211][217] 4[211][217]
Langdon Curling Club


Langdon 4[211]
Minot Curling Club[4]


Minot Dedicated[5][211] 4[5][211]
Williston Basin Curling Club


Williston Dedicated[5][211] 4[5][211]
South Dakota Aberdeen Curling Club[11][219] Aberdeen Arena[11] 4[219] 2014[219] Arena curling at Holum Expo Building
Rushmore Curling Club[4]


Rapid City Arena[211] 4[211] 2003[220] Arena curling at Roosevelt Park Ice Arena Ice and Curling Rink.
Sioux Falls Curling[11][221] Sioux Falls Arena 4 2010 Arena Curling at Scheels Ice Plex
Watertown Sioux Falls Curling[11][222] Watertown Arena 2 Arena curling at Maas Ice Arena
Washington State Curling Association Washington Granite Curling Club[4]


Seattle Dedicated[224] 5[224] 1961
Lakewood Curling Club


Lilac City Curling Club[11]


Spokane Arena[11][224] 4[5][224] 2011[226]
Wisconsin State Curling Association[227] Wisconsin Alpine Curling Club[4]


Monroe Dedicated[230][228] 2[230][228] 1960
Appleton Curling Club[4]


Appleton Dedicated[230] 4[230] 1939
Arlington Curling Club[4]


Arlington Dedicated[230][232] 3[230][232] abt 1935[232]
Blackhawk Curling Club[4]


Janesville Dedicated[230] 3[230]
Centerville Curling Club[4]


Trempealeau Dedicated[230][234] 4[230][234] 1948[234]
Clintonville Curling Club


Clintonville Dedicated[5][230] 2[5][230] 1948[235]
Eau Claire Curling Club[4]


Eau Claire Dedicated[5][230] 4[5][230] 1876[236]
Green Bay Curling Club[4]


Green Bay Dedicated[230][237] 3[230][237] 1958[237]
Kettle Moraine Curling Club[4]


Hartland Dedicated[230][238] 5[230][238] 1962[238]
La Crosse Curling Club La Crosse Arena 5
Loch Wissota Curling Club


Eau Claire Outdoor[5] 1[5]
Lodi Curling Club[4]


Lodi Dedicated[230][239] 2[230][239] 1880[239]
Madison Curling Club[4]


McFarland Dedicated[5][230] 6[5][230] 1921[240]
Marshfield Curling Club, Inc.[4]


Marshfield Dedicated[5][230] 3[5][230] 1976[241]
Medford Curling Club[4]


Medford Dedicated[230] 4[230] 1914[242]
Milwaukee Curling Club[4]


Cedarburg Dedicated[5][230] 5[5][230] 1845[243]
Pardeeville Curling Club[4]


Pardeeville Dedicated[230] 2[230] 1875[244]
Portage Curling Club[4]


Portage Dedicated[230][245] 4[230][245] 1850[245]
Poynette Curling Club[4]


Poynette Dedicated[230] 2[230] 1875[246]
Racine Curling Club[4]


Racine Dedicated[230][247] 2[230][247] 1954[247]
Rice Lake Curling Club[4]


Rice Lake Dedicated[5][230] 4[5][230] 1967[248]
Stevens Point Curling Club[4]


Stevens Point Dedicated [250] 4[250] 1959[230] At Sentry Curling Center since 2020.[250]
Superior Curling Club[4]


Superior Dedicated[251] 4[251] 1893[251]
Tri-City Curling Club[4]


Wisconsin Rapids Dedicated[5][230] 2[5][230] 1958[252]
Waukesha Curling Club


Waukesha Dedicated[5][230] 3[5][230]
Waupaca Curling Club[4]


Waupaca Dedicated[230][253] 4[230][253] 1879[254]
Wausau Curling Club[4]


Wausau Dedicated[5][230] 8[5][230] 1896[255]
Wauwatosa Curling Club[5]


Wauwatosa Dedicated[230] 4[230] 1921[256]
Unaffiliated Clubs

Clubs with no current Regional or National affiliation

Arkansas NWA Curling Club[11][257] Springdale Arena 2 ? Arena curling at The Jones Center.
California SoCal Curling Club[5]


Simi Valley Arena[258] 2006[258] Arena curling at Simi Valley IceoPlex.[258]
Team USA Curling[5]


Various Paper 2010 Conglomerate of various University of California curling clubs. Numerous regional meetups.
Colorado Breckenridge Curling [11][260] Breckenridge Arena 2 Arena curling at Stephen C. West Ice Arena
Cloud City Curling Club[11][261] Leadville Outdoor 2 Outdoor curling at Leiter Ice Rink
Curling Club of the University of Denver[262] Denver Arena 2006
Frosty Fox Curling Club[11] Crested Butte Outdoor[11] 2[11]
Nederland Curling Club


Nederland Arena[11] 1[11]
University of Denver Curling Club[5]


Denver Arena[5] 2006[264]
Delaware Curl Wilmington[265] Wilmington Arena 2 2015
Diamond State Curling [266] Newark Arena 5 2016
Kentucky Derby City Curling Club [267] Louisville Arena 4 2018[268] Arena curling at Alpine Ice Arena
Mississippi Mid South Curling Club[269] Olive Branch Arena 4 2016[270] Mid-South Ice House
Missouri St. Joseph Curling Club St. Joseph Arena 4
Montana Billings Curling Club[271] Billings Arena 3 2012 Arena curling at Centennial Ice Arena
Bozeman Curling Club[272] Bozeman Arena 4 2015 Arena curling at Haynes Pavilion
Copper City Curling Club


Butte Arena 3 2011 Arena curling at Butte Community Ice Center.
Gallatin Valley Curling Club[5]


Bozeman Paper 2008 Club may never have materialized. See Bozeman Curling Club.
Hi Line Curling Club


Havre Arena 4 2014 Arena curling at Havre Ice Dome.
Whitefish Curling Club[5]


Whitefish Arena 3 2009 Currently on hiatus
New Hampshire Lakes Region Curling Association Wolfeboro Arena[277] 5 2014 Arena Curling at Pop Whalen Ice & Arts Center
Pennsylvania Curling Club at Penn State State College Arena 4 2018 Arena Curling at Pegula Ice Arena
South Dakota Aberdeen Curling Club [11][278] Aberdeen Arena[11] 4 2014
Watertown SD Curling[11][279] Watertown Arena[11] 2 2014[11]
Washington Wenatchee Curling Club[5]


Wenatchee Arena[5][224] 5[5][224] 2006[226] Arena curling at Town Toyota Center.[226]
Wyoming Casper Curling Club[5]


Casper Arena
Cody Curling Club


Cody Paper
Sheridan Curling Club[5] Sheridan Inactive 0 Sheridan Ice [280] built the M&M's Center in 2015. The club has been inactive since the 2013/2014 season.
West Virginia Due to Geographic considerations, any new clubs in this state would likely become part of the Grand National Curling Club, or the Great Lakes Curling Association, or there could be a new association formed just for that state.

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