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Canada is a federation that comprises ten provinces and three territories. Its government is structured as a parliamentary democracy, with a Prime Minister as its head of government; and a constitutional monarchy, with Queen Elizabeth II as its sovereign. Each of the country's provinces and territories has a head of government, called premier by anglophones and premier ministre - the same term used for the federal leader - by francophones. Collectively, the federal Prime Minister and provincial and territorial premiers are referred to as first ministers.

Of the fourteen current first ministers, two (Rachel Notley and Kathleen Wynne) are women, two (Bob McLeod and Joe Savikataaq) are indigenous, and none are from a visible minority.[note 1] The longest-serving first minister is Bob McLeod of the Northwest Territories, who has held the position since October 26, 2011; the newest first minister is Joe Savikataaq of Nunavut, who assumed office on June 14, 2018. The oldest first minister, Bob McLeod of Northwest Territories, was born in 1952, while the youngest, Brian Gallant of New Brunswick, was born in 1982. Of the current first ministers, eight are from a Liberal Party, two are from a New Democratic Party, one is from a Progressive Conservative Party, one is from the Saskatchewan Party, and two are non-partisan. Provincial parties are not, however, necessarily affiliated with or politically analogous to their federal counterparts.

Current Canadian first ministers[edit]

Premiers are listed in accordance with the provincial order of precedence: provinces before territories, and by order of joining confederation within those categories; where multiple jurisdictions joined confederation in the same year, they are ordered by population at the time of joining. Incumbency is current as of June 24, 2018.

First minister Jurisdiction Order Party Incumbency First mandate began Current mandate began Parlia-
Federation – Prime Minister of Canada
 Justin Trudeau APEC 2015 (cropped).jpg Justin Trudeau Canada 23rd  Liberal Party of Canada 2 years, 232 days 2015 Election 2015 Election 42nd [1]
Provinces – Provincial Premiers
 Kathleen Wynne March 2015.jpg Kathleen Wynne[note 2] Ontario 25th  Ontario Liberal Party 5 years, 133 days 2013 Designation 2014 Election 41st [3]
 Philippe Couillard 2014-11-11 E.jpg Philippe Couillard Quebec 31st  Quebec Liberal Party 4 years, 62 days 2014 Election 2014 Election 41st [4]
 Stephen McNeil color-balanced.jpg Stephen McNeil Nova Scotia 28th  Nova Scotia Liberal Party 4 years, 245 days 2013 Election 2017 Election 63rd [5]
 Premier Brian Gallant.jpg Brian Gallant New Brunswick 33rd  New Brunswick Liberal Association 3 years, 260 days 2014 Election 2014 Election 58th [6]
 Brian Pallister - 2017 (37090344135) (cropped).jpg Brian Pallister Manitoba 22nd  Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba 2 years, 52 days 2016 Election 2016 Election 41st [7]
 John Horgan 2015.jpg John Horgan British Columbia 36th  British Columbia New Democratic Party 341 days 2017 Designation 2017 Designation 41st [8]
 Wade MacLauchlan in DC (cropped).jpg Wade MacLauchlan Prince Edward Island 32nd  Prince Edward Island Liberal Party 3 years, 121 days 2015 Designation 2015 Election 65th [9]
 Scott Moe (cropped).jpg Scott Moe Saskatchewan 15th  Saskatchewan Party 142 days 2018 Designation 2018 Designation 28th [10]
 Rachel Notley crop.jpg Rachel Notley Alberta 17th  Alberta New Democratic Party 3 years, 31 days 2015 Election 2015 Election 29th [11]
 DwightBall (brightened, cropped).jpg Dwight Ball Newfoundland and Labrador 13th  Liberal Party of Newfoundland and Labrador 2 years, 192 days 2015 Election 2015 Election 48th [12]
Territories – Territorial Premiers
 Bob McLeod.jpg Bob McLeod Northwest Territories 12th  N/A (consensus government) 6 years, 240 days 2011 Election 2015 Election 18th [13]
 20170607-OSEC-LSC-093 (34351769463) (cropped).jpg Sandy Silver Yukon 9th  Yukon Liberal Party 1 year, 203 days 2016 Election 2016 Election 34th [14]
 No image.svg Joe Savikataaq Nunavut 5th  N/A (consensus government) 10 days 2018 Designation 2018 Designation 5th [15]

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  2. ^ Doug Ford is the Premier-designate of Ontario following his victory in the 2018 general election. Ford will be sworn in as Premier on June 29, 2018.[2]


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