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Home and Away is a long-running Australian soap opera produced by the Seven Network. This list documents the current cast of actors and characters, recurring cast and characters, as well as new cast members and departing cast members, it is organised in order of the character's first on-screen appearance.

Present characters[edit]

Character Actor(s) Duration
Stewart, AlfAlf Stewart Meagher, RayRay Meagher 1988–
Stewart, RooRoo Stewart Parker, GeorgieGeorgie Parker 1988–1989, 2010–
Clarke, JustineJustine Clarke
Chambers, MarilynMarilyn Chambers Symons, EmilyEmily Symons 1989–1992, 1995–1999, 2001, 2010–
Roberts, IreneIrene Roberts McGranger, LynneLynne McGranger 1991–
Phillips, JacquyJacquy Phillips
Fraser Richards, OliviaOlivia Fraser Richards Banno, RaechelleRaechelle Banno 1998–1999, 2005, 2015–
Latimer, IvyIvy Latimer
actresses, VariousVarious actresses
Patterson-Baker, LeahLeah Patterson-Baker Nicodemou, AdaAda Nicodemou 2000–
Patterson, VJVJ Patterson Little, MattMatt Little 2001–
Dean, FelixFelix Dean
Scott, CooperCooper Scott
actors, VariousVarious actors
Palmer, JohnJohn Palmer Withington, ShaneShane Withington 2009–
Cooper, NateNate Cooper Pryor, KyleKyle Pryor 2013–2017
Ashford, MartinMartin Ashford Mason, GeorgeGeorge Mason 2014–
Chapman, KatarinaKatarina Chapman Miller, PiaPia Miller 2015–
King, HunterHunter King Lee, ScottScott Lee 2015–2017
Morgan, ToriTori Morgan McNamee, PennyPenny McNamee 2016–
Morgan, JustinJustin Morgan Stewart, JamesJames Stewart 2016–
Morgan, BrodyBrody Morgan Heywood, JacksonJackson Heywood 2016–
Morgan, MasonMason Morgan Pledger, OrpheusOrpheus Pledger 2016–
Morrison, RaffyRaffy Morrison Deeble, OliviaOlivia Deeble 2016–

Recurring and guest characters[edit]

Character Actor(s) Duration
Stevenson, NealNeal Stevenson Mattiuzzi, Michele-AntonioMichele-Antonio Mattiuzzi 2011–
James, JettJett James McDonald, WillWill McDonald 2012–2015, 2017
Murray, BenBen Murray Jory, John-PaulJohn-Paul Jory 2012–2013, 2015–
Sarah, NurseNurse Sarah Ward, SamanthaSamantha Ward 2015–
Griffin, AnnaAnna Griffin Edwards, PipPip Edwards 2015–
McCarthy, PhillipPhillip McCarthy Cassim, NicholasNicholas Cassim 2016–
the Dog, BuddyBuddy the Dog , HimselfHimself 2016–
Patterson, LucLuc Patterson actors, VariousVarious actors 2017–
Ascot, LenaLena Ascot Mckay, FelicityFelicity Mckay 2017
Zannis, WilliamWilliam Zannis Alloway, CalebCaleb Alloway 2017
Snow, ScarlettScarlett Snow Nolan, TaniaTania Nolan 2017–

Cast changes[edit]

Upcoming and returning characters[edit]

Character Actor Debut/return date Reference
Peggy Caroline Gillmer 2017 [1]
Wally Burns Julian Garner 2017 [2]
Jennifer Dutton Brittany Santariga 2017 [3]
Mick Jennings Kristian Schmid 2017 [4]
TBC Anna Cocquerel 2017 [5]
TBC Rohan Nichol 2017 [6]
TBC Sophie Dillman 2017 [7]
TBC Kestie Morassi 2017 [7]
TBC Jake Ryan 2017 [8]
TBC Anneliese Apps 2017 [9]
TBC Blair McDonough 2017 [10]

Departing characters[edit]

Character Actor Departure date Reference
Nate Cooper Kyle Pryor 7 June 2017 [11]
Hunter King Scott Lee 2017 [12]


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