List of United States Navy ships named after US states

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The table below shows commissioned US Navy ships named after one of the fifty states of the United States of America. If a state has no in-commission ship named for it, the most recently decommissioned ship is noted.

Thirty in-commission ships are named after US states. Fifteen states have ships that are under construction. The five remaining states (Arizona, Kansas, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Wisconsin) lack a named ship.

The Virginia-class submarine building program envisions a class size of over thirty ships. Virginia-class submarines are, with two exceptions (USS John Warner (SSN-785) and USS Hyman G. Rickover (SSN-795)), named after US states. As of June 2016, twenty-eight of the planned class of thirty+ hulls have been named.

US Navy Ships named after US States
State Currently Commissioned Formerly Commissioned Remarks
 Alabama SSBN-731 BB-60, SP-1052, BB-8
 Alaska SSBN-732 CB-1 and ID-3035 were named for the Territory of Alaska, not the state
 Arizona BB-39
 Arkansas CGN-41, BB-33, BM-7 SSN-800 under construction
 California SSN-781 CGN-36, BB-44, SP-647, SP-249, ACR-6
 Colorado BB-45, ACR-7 SSN-788 under construction
 Connecticut SSN-22 BB-18
 Delaware BB-28 SSN-791 under construction
 Florida SSGN-728 BB-30, BM-9
 Georgia SSGN-729 BB-15
 Hawaii SSN-776 CB-3 was named for the Territory of Hawaii, not the state
 Idaho BB-42, SP-545, BB-24 SSN-799 under construction
 Illinois BB-65 (cancelled), BB-7 SSN-786 under construction
 Indiana BB-58, BB-50 (cancelled), BB-1 SSN-789 under construction
 Iowa BB-61, BB-53 (cancelled), BB-4 SSN-797 under construction
 Kansas BB-21
 Kentucky SSBN-737 BB-66 (cancelled), BB-6
 Louisiana SSBN-743 BB-71 (cancelled), BB-19
 Maine SSBN-741 BB-69 (cancelled), BB-10, ACR-1
 Maryland SSBN-738 BB-46, ACR-8
 Massachusetts BB-59, BB-54 (cancelled), BB-2 SSN-798 under construction
 Michigan SSGN-727 BB-27
 Minnesota SSN-783 BB-22
 Mississippi SSN-782 CGN-40, BB-41, BB-23
 Missouri SSN-780 BB-63, BB-11
 Montana BB-67 (cancelled), BB-51 (cancelled), ACR-13 SSN-794 under construction
 Nebraska SSBN-739 BB-14
 Nevada SSBN-733 BB-36, BM-8
 New Hampshire SSN-778 BB-70 (cancelled), BB-25
 New Jersey BB-62, BB-16 SSN-796 under construction
 New Mexico SSN-779 BB-40
 New York LPD-21 BB-34, ACR-2
 North Carolina SSN-777 BB-55, BB-52 (cancelled), ACR-12
  North Dakota SSN-784 BB-29
 Ohio SSGN-726 BB-68 (cancelled), BB-12
 Oklahoma BB-37
 Oregon BB-3 SSN-793 under construction
 Pennsylvania SSBN-735 BB-38, ACR-4
 Rhode Island SSBN-740 BB-17
 South Carolina CGN-37, BB-26
 South Dakota BB-57, BB-49 (cancelled), ACR-9 SSN-790 under construction
 Tennessee SSBN-734 BB-43, ACR-10
 Texas SSN-775 CGN-39, BB-35
 Utah BB-31 SSN-801 under construction
 Vermont BB-20 SSN-792 under construction
 Virginia SSN-774 CGN-38, SP-1965, SP-746, SP-274, BB-13
 Washington BB-56, BB-47, ACR-11 SSN-787 under construction; CVN-73, SSBN-598, and ID-3018 are named after the president, not the state
 West Virginia SSBN-736 BB-48, ACR-5
 Wisconsin BB-64, BB-9
 Wyoming SSBN-742 BB-32, BM-10