List of current heads of government in the United Kingdom and dependencies

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Map showing governing parties of UK administrations by political party as of July 2017 (click to enlarge)

In the United Kingdom, various titles are used for the head of government of each of the countries of the United Kingdom, Crown dependencies, and Overseas Territories. Following elections to the assembly or parliament, the party (or coalition) with a majority of seats is invited to form a government. The Monarch (in the United Kingdom) or governor / lieutenant governor (in the Overseas Territories and Crown dependencies) appoints the head of government, whose council of ministers are collectively responsible to the assembly.

The head of the British government is referred to as the Prime Minister, the leader of one of the constituent countries is referred to as a First Minister, and the terms Chief Minister, Premier, and Chief Executive are used in the Overseas Territories. In the Crown dependencies, the term Chief Minister is used in all apart from Guernsey, where the leader is referred to as the President of the Policy and Resources Committee.

Government of the United Kingdom[edit]

Note: As England does not have a devolved government, all English affairs are governed by the UK government.
Prime Minister Portrait Took office Party Ref
Boris Johnson Portrait Boris Johnson - No10-2019-520-0090 (cropped).jpg 24 July 2019
(10 months ago)

Devolved administrations[edit]

Country Position Name Portrait Took office Party[note 1] Ref
 Northern Ireland[1] First Minister Arlene Foster Arlene Foster MLA.jpg 11 January 2020
(4 months ago)
Democratic Unionist Party
Deputy First Minister Michelle O'Neill Michelle O'Neill (cropped from Martin McGuinness, Michelle O'Neill, Mary Lou McDonald and Gerry Adams).jpg 11 January 2020
(4 months ago)
Sinn Féin
 Scotland First Minister Nicola Sturgeon Nicola Sturgeon election infobox.jpg 20 November 2014
(5 years ago)
Scottish National Party [2]
 Wales First Minister Mark Drakeford Mark Drakeford - National Assembly for Wales.jpg 13 December 2018
(17 months ago)
Welsh Labour [3]

Crown dependencies[edit]

Crown dependency Position Name Portrait Took office Party Ref
 Jersey Chief Minister John Le Fondre 7 June 2018
(23 months ago)
Independent [4]
Guernsey Guernsey PRC President Gavin St Pier No image.svg 4 May 2016
(4 years ago)
Independent [5]
 Isle of Man Chief Minister Howard Quayle Howard Quayle.jpg 4 October 2016
(3 years ago)
Independent [6]

Overseas Territories[edit]

Overseas Territory Position Name Portrait Took office Party Ref
 Anguilla Premier Victor Banks Victor Banks 2015.jpg 14 May 2019
(12 months ago)
Anguilla United Front [7]
 Bermuda Premier Edward David Burt Edward David Burt 1 (cropped).jpg 19 July 2017
(2 years ago)
Progressive Labour Party [8]
 British Virgin Islands Premier Andrew Fahie Andrew Fahie.png 26 February 2019
(14 months ago)
Virgin Islands Party [9]
 Cayman Islands Premier Alden McLaughlin Alden McLaughlin, Premier, Cayman Islands.jpg 29 May 2013
(6 years ago)
People's Progressive Movement [10]
 Falkland Islands Chief Executive Barry Rowland No image.svg 3 October 2016
(3 years ago)
Independent [11]
 Gibraltar Chief Minister Fabian Picardo Fabian Picardo in London (portrait).jpg 9 December 2011
(8 years ago)
Gibraltar Socialist Labour Party [12]
 Montserrat Premier Easton Taylor-Farrell No image.svg 19 November 2019
(6 months ago)
Movement for Change and Prosperity [13]
 Pitcairn Islands Mayor Charlene Warren-Peu No image.svg 1 January 2020
(4 months ago)
Independent [14]
 Turks and Caicos Islands Premier Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson.jpg 20 December 2016
(3 years ago)
People's Democratic Movement [15]


Ieuan Wyn JonesMike German, Baron GermanMark DrakefordCarwyn JonesRhodri MorganMartin McGuinnessPeter Robinson (Northern Ireland politician)David TrimbleJohn SwinneyNicola SturgeonJim WallaceNicola SturgeonAlex SalmondJack McConnellNick CleggJohn PrescottBoris JohnsonTheresa MayDavid CameronGordon BrownTony Blair

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  1. ^ This column names only the leader's party. The executive they are heading may be a coalition of parties and independents; those are not listed here.


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