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The list of active ships of the Chilean Navy is a list of the ships that are currently in service in the Chilean Navy. The navy has several naval units that allow it to offer the Chilean State a naval power and an effective maritime service, to safeguard the sovereignty and territorial integrity, maintain the security of the nation and support national interests in any place.

Summary and method[edit]

The Chilean Navy currently has more than 121 active ships. You can not give an exact number because there is no precise information on the total number of patrol vessels, which in any case exceed 83 units. The following summary of the Chilean ships has been taken mainly from the official site of the navy.[1][2]

According to the type or specialty of the ship they are:

The tables below list and group the different ships according to their type and class. The tables begin with the name of the ship, followed by its pennant number (No.), origin (place where it was built), class, type, displacement, year of commission (Comm.) and, finally, the homeport. New ships that have been commissioned appear first in the list, as long as they are not smaller in displacement than the older ships, and the ships that follow are listed below, ordered by age.

In the event that a ship has been previously used by another navy, it will also take the year of the original commission of the respective country. The spaces in the table where the information is unknown or does not exist will bear the following symbol (—).

Active ships[edit]


Ship No. Origin Class Type Displacement Comm. Homeport
Carrera SS-22 France/Spain Scorpène class Attack submarine 1,430 t surface/
1,570 t submerged
2006 Talcahuano
O'Higgins SS-23 2005
Simpson SS-21 Germany Thomson class
(Type 209/1400-L)
Attack submarine 1,260 t surface/
1,390 t submerged
1984 Talcahuano
Thomson SS-20 1984


Ship No. Origin Class Type Displacement Comm. Homeport
Almirante Williams (Flagship) FF-19 United Kingdom Type 22 Batch 2
Multipurpose frigate 4,900 t 2003 (UK:1988) Valparaíso
Almirante Condell FF-06 United Kingdom Type 23
Anti-submarine frigate 4,200 t 2008 (UK:1991) Valparaíso
Almirante Lynch FF-07 2007 (UK:1997)
Almirante Cochrane FF-05 2006 (UK:1990)
Capitán Prat FFG-11 Australia Adelaide-class Anti-aircraft frigate 4,100 t 2020 (AUST:1993) Valparaíso
Almirante Latorre FFG-14 2020 (AUST:1992)
Almirante Riveros FF-18 Netherlands Karel Doorman-class
(M class)
Multipurpose frigate 3,320 t 2007 (NED:1993) Valparaíso
Almirante Blanco Encalada FF-15 2005 (NED:1993)

Fast attack craft[edit]

Ship No. Origin Class Type Displacement Comm. Homeport
Angamos LM-34 Israel Sa'ar 4 class Missile boat 450 t 1997 (ISR:1973) Iquique
Chipana LM-31 1980 (ISR:1973)
Casma LM-30 1979 (ISR:1974) Punta Arenas

Patrol vessels[edit]

Ship No. Origin Class Type Displacement Comm. Homeport
Cabo Odger OPV-84 Chile OPV-80 class Offshore patrol vessel 1,728 t to 1,810 t (variable per unit) 2017
Marinero Fuentealba OPV-83 2014 Punta Arenas
Comandante Toro OPV-82 2008 Iquique
Piloto Pardo OPV-81 2007 Talcahuano
Piloto Sibbald PSG-78 Chile Taitao class Coastal patrol vessel 510 t to 533 t (variable per unit) 1996 Puerto Williams
Aspirante Isaza PSG-73 1994 Punta Arenas
Contramaestre Ortiz PSG-72 1993 Puerto Montt
Contramaestre Micalvi PSG-71 1993
Iquique LSG-1624 Chile Protector class Coastal patrol vessel 110 t to 125 t (variable per unit) 2004 Iquique
Puerto Montt LSG-1623 2003 Puerto Montt
Chiloé LSG-1622 2003 Castro
Quintero LSG-1621 2003 Quintero
Talcahuano LSG-1620 2002 Talcahuano
Punta Arenas LSG-1619 2002 Punta Arenas
Valparaíso LSG-1618 2002 Valparaíso
Puerto Natales LSG-1617 2001 Puerto Natales
Coquimbo LSG-1616 2001 Coquimbo
Arica LSG-1615 2001 Arica
Antofagasta LSG-1614 2001 Antofagasta
San Antonio LSG-1613 2000 San Antonio
Caldera LSG-1612 2001 Caldera
Concepción LSG-1611 2000 Talcahuano
Corral LSG-1610 2000 Valdivia
Aysén LSG-1609 1999 Aysén
Ona LSG-1625 Chile Coastal patrol vessel 110 t 2011 (Private:1992) Punta Arenas
Alacalufe LSG-1603 Chile Coastal patrol vessel[3] 107 t 1989 Puerto Williams
Hallef LSG-1604 1989
Grumete Hudson LPC-1823 United States/Israel Dabur class Coastal patrol vessel 40 t 1995 (ISR:¿?)
Grumete Machado LPC-1820 1995 (ISR:¿?)
Grumete Salinas LPC-1816 1991 (ISR:1970) Iquique
Grumete Díaz LPC-1814 1990 (ISR:1970) Antofagasta
Curaumilla LSR-1708 United States Coastal patrol boat 17,9 t 2001 (USA:¿?)
Guaiteca LSR-1707 2001 (USA:¿?)
Queitao LSR-1706 2001 (USA:¿?)
Chacao LSR-1705 2001 (USA:¿?)
Arauco LSR-1704 2001 (USA:¿?)
Pelluhue LSR-1703 2001 (USA:¿?)

In addition to the units on the list, the navy has patrol boats that have no names and are identified only by their pennant number. These are:

  • 26 Archangel class patrol boats (Type LPM and LSR) and 16 Defender class patrol boats (Type PM), purchased from the US company SAFE Boats International and incorporated into the navy between 2006 and 2014.
  • An indeterminate number of patrol boats Rodman 890 class, built by the Spanish shipyard Rodman Polyship and delivered to the navy in 1996.[Note 1]
  • In the last months of 2018, 5 boats of the Defender class were added, of a total of 15 new boats of this type that will be acquired from the company SAFE Boats International.[4]

Transports and amphibious ships[edit]

Ship No. Origin Class Type Displacement Comm. Homeport
Sargento Aldea LSDH-91 France Foudre class LPD 12,000 t 2011 (FRA:1990) Talcahuano
Aquiles AP-41 Chile Troopship 4,760 t 1988 Valparaíso
Chacabuco LST-95 Chile BATRAL class LST 1,409 t 1986 Valparaíso
Rancagua LST-92 1983
Elicura LSM-90 Chile LSM 780 t 1968 Punta Arenas
  • Along with the LPD purchased from France, three smaller barges were incorporated to support the transfer of personnel and material: LCU Canave, and LCM Fuentes and Reyes.[5]
  • The navy also has a small general service barge called Guardián Brito BSG-118. Of local construction, it was acquired in 2010 and is based in Talcahuano.

Replenishment vessels[edit]

Ship No. Origin Class Type Displacement Comm. Homeport
Almirante Montt AO-52 United States Henry J. Kaiser-class oil supply ship 42,000 t 2010 (USA:1987)
Araucano AO-53 Sweden oil supply ship 26,000 t 2010 (Private:1984)

Research vessels[edit]

Ship No. Origin Class Type Displacement Comm. Homeport
Cabo de Hornos AGS-61 Chile Oceanographic vessel 3,068 t[6] 2013
Corneta Cabrales PSH-77[Note 2] Chile Taitao class Patrol vessel / hydrographic vessel[Note 3] 532 t 1996
  • There is also a hydrographic boat of the Defender class acquired in 2015 to perform functions at low depths. It is identified with its pennant number LH-02.[7]

Maritime signaling / rescue vessel[edit]

Ship No. Origin Class Type Displacement Comm. Homeport
Ingeniero Slight BRS-63 Netherlands Maritime signaling / rescue vessel 1,210 t 1997 (Private:1978) Puerto Montt

Patrol vessel / hospital ship[edit]

Ship No. Origin Class Type Displacement Comm. Homeport
Cirujano Videla[Note 4] PMD-74[Note 5] Chile Taitao class Patrol vessel / hospital ship[Note 6] 530 t 1994

Fleet tugs[edit]

Ship No. Origin Class Type Displacement Comm. Homeport
Lautaro ATF-67 Norway Veritas class Tugboat 1,800 t 1990 (Private:1973) Punta Arenas
Galvarino ATF-66 1987 (Private:1974) Valparaíso


Ship No. Origin Class Type Displacement Comm. Homeport
Grumete Pérez YFB-116 Chile Ferry 165 t 1974 Talcahuano
Buzo Sobenes YFB-113 Chile Catamaran 147 t 2013 (Private:1991) Talcahuano
Grumete Luciano Bolados YFB-112 Chile Catamaran 145 t 2016 (Private:1994) Talcahuano

Training ship[edit]

Ship No. Origin Class Type Displacement Comm. Homeport
Esmeralda BE-43 Spain Juan Sebastián Elcano class Barquentine tall ship 3,673 t 1954

Historical relic[edit]

Ship No. Origin Class Type Displacement Comm. Homeport
Huáscar RH-139 United Kingdom Ironclad turret ship 1,180 t 1879[Note 7] Talcahuano

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  1. ^ The navy bought 15 of these patrol boats, but it is not known how many are currently in active service.
  2. ^ Prior to its modernization, its pennant number was PSG-77.
  3. ^ Originally, it was a ship designed for functions related to patrolling, but in 2000 it was modified at the ASMAR Talcahuano shipyard so that it could also provide hydrographic functions.
  4. ^ Since its construction until 2006 it was called Aspirante Morel
  5. ^ Since its construction until 2006, its pennant number was PSG-74.
  6. ^ Originally, it was a ship designed for functions related to patrolling, but in 2006 it was modified in the ASMAR Talcahuano shipyard so that it could also provide medical assistance functions.
  7. ^ It is the year in which was captured in the battle of Angamos to the Peruvian Navy, during the War of the Pacific. At that time he began his service in the Chilean Navy, without prejudice to his previous service in Peru since 1866. After several years of service in Chile, the Chilean naval authorities transformed it in 1952 into a historical relic, remaining active with that status.


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